T-shirt ideas
Hi All man! Maybe it's a bit OFF-Topic, but anyone have some ideas for a phrases to print on the t-shirt i use while i juggle ? It's for personal use, i am not going to use the idea for...

Jason Garfield Kick Movie
There are several references to a vidoe clip that was on Jason's site called kick. What is the trick? and is the video available anywhere?

EJC T-shirts?
anyone know when we can expect to receive EJC T-shirts if we ordered them after they ran out? Aidan. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

juggler crash space near Savannah (Georgia, USA)?
Rod Kimball and I will be driving from Orlando to Charlotte for the Hurricane Hugo festival this weekend. We're coming up 95 through Savannah and continuing west on 26. Is there a...

New transition generator
Some time ago I wrote a transition generator that generated all possible transitions between 2 siteswaps up to a given period and maximum throw height. It was very basic and I lost the sourc...

Messages re: jugglingdb.com
Dear All, My apologies to all the rec.juggling peeps for making an IJDb specific announcement on this NG, however there seems to be confusion in the air! The IJDb (jugglindb...

Hard siteswaps!!!
I know these siteswaps are supposed (?) to be easy but when I am juggling 5 balls I can never get these ones to work: >75751 >757515 >8444 >94444 >777222 <...

Preordering the EJC 2004 video?
Hi all Who knows where to preorder the EJC 2004 video? The site seems to be down. Thanks Reto ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==---- <...

WJF Judges, prizes, and world records
I have several questions. Who will the judges be for the WJF competitions? What are the prizes? Medals, trophies, money? Finally, what world records are going to be attempted to be broke...

Portland Intl Juggling Festival
Anyone know of a place to stay down there? I may be able to get down there, but I'm on my own for the weekend so I'm needing a place to stay and some wonderful person willing to driv...

Hi, I know www.jugglingdb.com went offline for a spell, but has it returned yet fully? I sometimes seem unable to make contact? Cheers.

For Sale: Set of eight 2.75" white multi-panel beanbags
Before I put them on ebay, I thought I'd try here. They are a little heavy for me, and I'd like to move down to a smaller size. Quantity 8 White ultra-leather multi-panel ...

Jugglers in Dominican Republic?
Hello again, I havenīt been reading or posting on RJ much lately, due to my adjusting to a new country. Iīm spending a year in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republi...

Barnard Castle Juggling Convention [video]
Hello Thanks to all who came to the First Ever World Barnard Castle Urban Juggling and Circus Skills Convention. For those who couldn't get there, you can see the video here: ...

sync to a-sync siteswaps
What would the siteswap be for the transition between sync and a-sync patterns? Perhaps between the two 4-ball fountains? I tried to work it out, but nothing seemed to work. ...

EJC Photos
Took a while to get round to publishing these... http://public.fotki.com/ukdavek/ejc2004/ Comments welcome - if you recognise you - say hello. ----== posted via www.ju...

Luftgarten Trailer and 5 Clips [VIDEOS]
Hey all! I just returned to college and spent my first two hours in the dorm with my ethernet connection uploading videos onto a new page on my site entirely devoted to my new v...

Bounce Dicks 16 balls almost - video
No two people have ever passed 16 objects. Here's our latest and best attempt - 62 catches, just 2 catches shy of doing it. So close.. http://www.bouncepage.com/videos/16b62c.wmv ...

Looking for wedding routine
I am looking for a 3-ball routine to perform for a wedding rehearsal party. I know that these "marriage/wedding" routines exist. They start with two balls, a boy and a girl, etc etc etc. ...

Lucas 14 rings almost-video
I know that Albert don't want people to see the vid of him flashing 14 rings (if it is one) before he does in public. But apperantly he did try to flash it (haha, very funny) on british tv, ...

IJDb Translations - Any volunteers?
Dear All, Just incase you didn't know already, the Internet Juggling Database (IJDb) is a juggling resource which has been serving the juggling community for 3 years. h...

Diabolos questions!?!?!?
Hi there I've ordered henrys carbon handstick from a web store, in the firt months of use it was rigid, like it was discribe at henrys homepage, but after that it become mor and more e...

Cheap Three Ring Tricks II
Finally got one of the tricks - double color change - in an animated gif. It is only 75k as opposed to a 3m movie. I used this one because I think it is the most difficult to put into word...

longer (48second) trailer [VIDEO]
Well the last 'trailer' was only 23 seconds, and people complained that it wasn't a trailer, more just a 'teaser'. So here you go, a 48 second trailer. I hope this one is long enough ...

juggling montage from 'ostroda fire festival' in Poland
this is link to 18MB montage from ostroda http://dropsy.art.pl/mov/ostrodamix.avi we are waiting for your comment Piniu

4 to 5 ball kick up
I can juggle 3 balls and then kick up to 4 balls, but I cant do the trick where you kick up from 4 to 5 balls. Is there any easier variations etc. That i could try? Thanks Jacko

Stageballs OR Beanbags
I'm just wondering what type to get because that have a sale at Juggleart 75gm stageballs for $9AUD each, i was wondering which do people reckon is best because I have a set of 9 beanbags an...

4-ball rubensteins
I've heard through friends there is a way to do 4 ball rubensteins with no multiplexes, but i cant find a video, anyone got a link to one? and what is the site swap ----== posted ...

Dietz WJFrecords
If you look at http://www.bogleg.com/records/members.php?juggler=393 then you'll see that Thomas' 9b record is 50c, rigth? But if you like at http://www.thewjf.com/competitors/tho...

lefthanded showers
I find it easier to shower "lefthanded" (clockwise) than "righthanded" (anticlockwise). The reason for that is that I can't do fast passes (throws with almost no height) with my left hand, s...

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