Lift from Paris to Carvin?
Is there anyone going from Paris on Saturday to The EJC in Carvin? With room for Three bags full? If so post of email me thanks!:) [email protected] Terry ----== posted...

Lift from Paris to Carvin?
Is there anyone going from Paris on Saturday to The EJC in Carvin? With room for Three bags full? If so post of email me thanks!:) [email protected] Terry ----== posted...

5 ball cascade
I have been learning 5 balls for about 5 months now and i can regularly get about 15-20 catches. However, to get more catches i have to throw higher and i cannot do this without my right han...

IJA competition - names
I am trying to get a list of the people in the IJA comps... specifically, the 3 ball open, and all of the single prop competitions. I've found a list of the winners, but can't find who ente...

Realtime Juggler
May I introduce: Itīs a Java-based Juggling Animation: You can enter siteswap numbers in realtime. Itīs interesting for beginners, ...

Last call for Henry's Underfilled Beanbags!
Hello all, I have now received enough orders for Henry's underfilled beanbags and will relay the order to Butterfingers. If anyone who has not yet contacted me would like so...

History question--early 1800s Signor Antonio ?
Hello, I'm researching online a broadside poster of an 1828 performance in Liverpool, England by a Signor Antonio, or, "Il Diavolo Antonio," who appears to be performing rope ...

Ok I need some help with 4 ball and box...
ok my 2 ball in my right is nice and happy and consistant... what the heck do i have to do to my left to make it throw right??? I cant get it to throw stright up like for colums or out like ...

bounce juggling?
I'm thinkin about trying bounce juggling w/ some lacrosse balls from seriousjuggling, are they good for bounce juggling, and could i use them 2 replace my old beanbags for regular juggling (...

Diabology DVD not available at Carvin
Hello, Diabology won't be available for sale in Carvin, we're the first ones to be sorry about it.. However, the educative and freestyle parts will be shown at the M. ...

position of the fingers and palm
Hello everybody, In weekends I try to update my personal juggling records. Drops frequently occur because my handpalms too open. The ball falls on my flat fingers and rolls forwa...

Eiffel Tower at noon Saturday before EJC...
Hello Everyone, I've talked with some fellow jugglers and we're planning on meeting up in Paris this Saturday, July 24th at 12 noon under the Eiffel Tower. If you're on your way ...

renegade avabile at the ejc 2004??
Hello, you know my question. im aksing because in bremen 2002 fatheads were sold. and id like to buy renegade clubs without pay the whole shipping etc. so does anyone have any info...

Retothejuggler: new videos
I`m creating new videos, they aren`t very stylish or filled with the hardest tricks in the world, but I hope that you enjoy them anyway :-) So far I uploaded 4b1.mpg, 5b1.mpg and 5b2.m...

EJC - Money...
So, this year will be my first ever EJC, and i've got no idea how things like food/drink run. If anyone has a rough idea how much money one needs to live per day, i would be very grateful (i...

Meetings in Iceland?
Hi Jugglers, are there any meetings in Iceland, e.g in Reykjavik? I already checked at, but there was no meeting listed. I canīt believe there is a capital city in Eu...

vova and olga video....Jason 13?
has anyone watched the vova and olga video yet because i think i watched it and garfield either flashes 12 or 13 balls ----== posted via ==----

27-30 August: Cosmos Jugglers at Lower Shaw, UK
Juggling and Circus Skills: Friday 27 - Monday 30 August 2004 Full details: Excellent place, excellent food, good company - a...

Club flourishes
I recently tried to start learning some club flourishes and I have been making little progress. Can anyone give me some advice or instruction on different types of flourishes and how to do t...

Practice methods
Ok here's a hypothetical situation, also lets assume that its good to end a practice session on a good run. So, lets say I'm working on 6 balls. I can get 2n catches very reliably, my record...

6b tennis?
After completely wowing myself with my 6-ball developemnt lately, I've been trying to think of relatively easy, yet aesthetically pleasing tricks with 6b. My 6b async fountain is ...

videos from IJA
I just got back from the IJA convention, and as free time permits will be sorting through video. I don't have a whole lot of stuff, but there are a few things. Most will be posted at ...

4b tennis and 5b cascade
I've been working on my 4b juggling lately. I couldn't really do very much; just async patterns in various rotations and directions. So I decided to learn my first 4b trick. Arbitr...

too complicated?
Just wondering, are simpler patterns and low numbers sometimes better for the non-juggling audience to watch since the audience can better relate to it. Is less sometimes more?

5 ball cascade, quick learners
How long does it take the quick learners to learn 5-ball solid? What is solid? Maybe being able to consistently do the pattern for 15 seconds without struggle.

Buying good beanbags
My set of beanbags recently got ruined in a freak laundry detergent accident, and I'm looking to buy a new set. These were the ones I've had forever, and I haven't bought any since I starte...

clubs for numbers
i want to learn seven clubs i've got 5 pirouettes should i stick with them or would some different clubs work better, if so any recomendations? thanks emmet ----== poste...

A good juggling site I just found
Hiya, just writing to let you know about which I just looked at for the first time. There are some excellent videos of original club, ball and ring work. I...

Promo Videos
ANy Jugglers please post links to your promo videos online. Mine is at Thank you ----== posted via ==----

Comedy Jugglers
Who are the best comedy Jugglers around now a days and what are there websites? ----== posted via ==----

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