34 Juggler's World Magazines for sale
I have 34 issues of Juggler's World Magazine for sale. The issues range from 1981 to 1992. Some of these issues are rare ones. I will have them at the IJA Festival is Buffalo. If anyone ...

David Blaine Magic secrets revealed, Check out this site!!!!!!!
Click here to reveal David Blaines greatest magic secrets: http://mysite.wanadoo-members.co.uk/davidblainemagic

South West UK Juggling
Hello I've just started contact juggling, I already juggle - but badly. I was trying to find a club locally - wiltshire/bath but they're mostly all on Monday nights when I can't get to ...

Fees? If gig is cancelled beforehand or mid-way.
I have to get back to somebody this week with my fees if a gig in September is cancelled due to a rain delay or cancelled mid-way due to rain. I don't have experience along these ...

Performing for Adults
Hey all, I have a gig coming up at a friends party. Well actually my friends parents party. Anyways, I've never performed for a group of adults before and I'm looking for some tips, ideas...

From Paris to Carvin (July 24)
Hi, as was obviusly there are people going from Paris CDG to Carvin the 24th of July. I'd like to meet you and do the travel together. Whoever is interested coul...

What's s name or siteswap for this?
Hi, I downloaded Java juggling simulator in my phone and there is a siteswap whose name I can't figure out. It is 5 ball ss and looks like 5 ball cascade with only 2 balls throwin...

Online business
Hi, I'm wanting to start an online juggling equipment shop business. And i'm wondering if any one can give me places where i should start on how 2 do this. Thank You Kat...

New project...........>>>>>>>>
This video is a Trailer for the brand new Yo-Yo DVD straight out of the UK. It features the UKs top players busting the very best that Yo-Yoing has to offer. From Traditional to ground break...

My first time
After over a year of solid juggling it finally happened. The other day I was minding my own business juggling my balls down at the local park when these kids who would have been about 6 or 7...

4. European Jolleystick Competition
Hi rec.juggling Devilstickers ! During the EJC in Carvin we will have the 4th European Jolleystick Competition: Wednesday, 28.07.2004 at 2 pm Informations and the jolleystic...

Circus space - article in Guardian
Hi all, There is an article in todays Guardian (UK broadsheet newspaper) about the course at Circus Space and likely changes to it, entitled "Life in the top". The full text is av...

Diabolo videos
I have found this page with a lot of good diabolo videos, but some of them is supposed to be downloaded through eDonkey, have any of you done it. http://franceyoyo.free.fr/championnat...

Hello everyone Some time ago i learned how to do firebreathing from a friend.And now I was wondering about how to get bigger fireballs.IS there anyone who has some helpful tips?I ...

Unicyclists wanted for Atlanta 4th of July.
I just got this message on my E-mail from Unicycle.com: _______________________________________________________________________________ Greetings! We're sending this invitation ...

If I were the best -- Revisited
I changed my mind. A lot of remarkable things have been happening this juggling season. If I were the best juggler in the world, I WOULD quit my day job. I'm not even looking to be the be...

Is there anyone who's going to Carvin and will take the train from Brussel or from Antwerpen? I need someone to travel with.

Taking orders for LB Beanbags
Hello all, I am now taking orders for those beanbags that I make. Be quick if you want a set because I don't exactly have all that much time on my hands. Meet me at chocfes...

JuggleML, fact or fiction
I've seen people refering to juggleML in posts here but googling for juggleML doesn't return any results. Has anyone developed, or is anyone developing a juggle ML schema yet.

Retothejuggler is complete!
Hello www.retothejuggler.ch is finished! I`ll update the site this week, some minor bugs are still lurking around on the site but the rest works... :-) ...

world's most successful juggler?
from http://www.jugglingcompetition.com: "...we'll also have the world's most successful juggler live in person and in action. This star of stage, film and television will be hosting o...

Tim Nolan bounce videos
I've put 6 Tim Nolan bounce videos on our video site, two of which are World Records (11 ball flash and 8 ball force). http://www.bouncepage.com/videos.html

Any clubs in or around Asheville, NC?
I'm going to be moving to Asheville, NC in August. Anyone from that area? Any good juggling clubs? Any devilstickers in NC?

best portable surface for bounce juggling?
Hello, My name is George Wood. I was wondering if I could get some advice on what all you bounce jugglers think the best portable surface is. I have taken my ball bouncing up to 5 but...

Brunn Finish
Can anyone tell me what Brunn did in his famous Brunn finish? Thanks, Jonathan

weighted balls for 5 ball cascading
are heavier balls helpful with 5 ball cascading? i was thinking 1 pound balls

WJD 2004 winners
The winners of the giveway for World Juggling Day 2004 have been announced on the WJD web site: http://wjd.juggle.org Email notifications have been sent to all winners, wi...

the state of my hands
woke up yesterday with cuts all over my hands and my chin. something to do with a road, not really sure. it wouldn't be so bad but i can't juggle anymore without it hurting. this really gets...

does anyone know who all will be competing at the IJA festival in buffalo, ny, this year? only 16 more days, wow. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Nine Ball Flash
Hi, I have been flashing and juggling seven balls for around three weeks, and I can do about eleven throws, having progressed quickly. I have been working with five exerballs, and...

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