My television show
Hello Some time ago I did juggling show for the television here in Holland. The act had been split up in three pieces, and each piece had been send out in prime time on the first ...

Jay Gilligans weird arm trick?
Can anyone here do Jays weird arm trick? and if you can, how did u learn it and will being able to do it affect your juggling? Any info will be appreciated, Cheers, Jon...

nordic convention
hello: does anyone know when is the nordic convention and who is going to be performing there? do they have a web page? thanks! martin. ----== po...

when balls take over bags
now that i am on the very fringe of solid five ball juggling. Biq reverse cascade and many other patterns. I find that i like to juggle my filled tenhnis balls more and more. Balls giv...

Six Ring Pulldowns, the worst few weeks of my life
Two wednesdays ago I learned to do 6 ring pulldowns. I did it three times in one evening, Then I did it at juggling club next wednesday. I spent most of the BCC learing 6 rings, then failed ...

If you are going to the IJA fest or the EJC...
If you are going to the IJA festival or the European Juggling Convention this summer, why not tell everyone you will be there? All you have to do is go to the right page on JuggleWiki ...

7 ball shoulder to cry on
I need some encouragement... are there any sources sitting around on the web dealing specifically with learning 7?

Travel to the EJC from Berlin
Hello Everyone, I will be flying into Berlin a couple days before the EJC and would like to travel with some fellow jugglers to the convention. If you or someone you know will be...

20 NEW diabolo [VIDEOS]
Yes my weekly update of diabolo clips is upon u again. Mainly just suicides this week. But also a few new other tricks. Some more advanced stuff on its way next week. For now just got...

Card Manipulation Workshop BJC
for those who followed my card manipulation workshop at the BJC in Derby, or other people just interested: see the "magic hands" vi...

Hey Beinn Muir...
Sorry, but i lost your email address... Can you send it to me again? I have two cube manipulation videos up that i can send you links to. ----== posted via ==--...

Picture of several people on a unicycle
For those of you who care or are interested. In today's copy of 'The Sun' there is a picture of some Chinese girls on a unicycle. Before anyone who knows me starts taking the p#ss.. the 'pap...

Marden117s 3b mplex video (faster dl)
Hi It`s here,2x)2333.mpg Hope that helps Reto ----== posted via ==----

Nightclub promotion in Bath
A company called “Tangerine Promotions” has asked me if I could find some jugglers for a promotion, they will pay so you will have to work out the terms with them. This is the email I receiv...

Whole Earth Festival - Davis, CA
This weekend, May 7-9, is Mother's Day weekend, which means that once again the UC Davis Quad is hosting the Whole Earth Festival. (35th annual) A celebration of Spring, Earth, and all...

Last chance for 70$ giraffe unicycle
Ok everybody heres the scoop i have a savage giraffe unicycle and it is in very good condition It has some scratches on the front of the seat and on the pedals (normal wear and tear from...

3 ball multiplexing trick...
Hi there... I've just got a couple of short videos of two tricks I made up (though one of them at least, I'm sure has been done before)... but i still gave them silly names...

RIT convention - Rochester, NY this weekend
Ok, probably a little too late to be useful for most, but in case you'd been hoping to go, and just almost forgot... The 27th Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In is this Weekend - May 7,8,9, 2...

From X to X-1 Rings, with pancake transition pulldowns
I saw Jay Gilligan perform this trick at Toss-Up 2 weeks ago, and this also deals with a topic I was discussing here a while back, about split-trajectory tricks, such as ass-catches, etc., w...

Todays, not so challenging, 3b challenge
Hi all, New challenge. Not tough but should keep the 3b fanatics happy. Site swap is 6(2x,2x)2333. Although it helps to begin 3336(2x,2x)2

441 with penguin catches?
So how to do it? I want to do 441 so that I penguin catch the 4's. I can catch 4's with penguin, but I don't have time to turn my wrist to passing position for throwing 1. Or is there a some...

Cascadia - May 14-16
Just want to make sure you haven't forgotten about Cascadia, a very fun juggling festival in a very fun town! Lots of cool stuff will be taking place including our first rendition of a vari...

Double box
I tried the double box for the first time today and got what I "think" was it straight away. Does anyone have any good/clear vidoes of this, ideally with 3 different balls so I can see it or...

OWD- 2 new movies and a links page
Here's my 'Video Links' page: - As well as all the old stuff there's two newbies- urban29.wmv a night time ...

Mike and/or Pete can I get your email adress?
At Mike’s site I found two pictures of a guy named Pete doing very nice spinning ball stacking. Since at the moment I ‘m writing an...

Video of 645
Does anyone have a video of 645? ----== posted via ==----

The Season is upon us
I just got 3 calls in 1 day for gigs. 1 of the is a community free-bee. 1 of the paying gigs wrote up a contract and I'm actually their featured juggler on stage with 5 shows dai...

Beer and juggling.
Dont worry this isnt a prop idea. (Although come to think of it...) I remember a while back reading on a juggling webpage about someone who measured his juggling ability throughout the...

Why is there no competition during games at conventions. It's not that I don't enjoy 3 club gladiators (I do). But Why not have more games that involve juggling skill and require...

Photos of "Juggle Jam" (Jugheads' annual show in Edina, MN)
Here are some photos of the Jugheads' (youth juggling company) annual show in Edina, Minnesota, on May 1, 2004: It was a gr...

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