Jugglers on Long Island, NY
I was wondering if anyone is from long island, ny. I currently live here and i am looking for jugglers or groups who are from around here? Let me know if you can...thanks!

lutkus.com contest - advertisement
To anyone interested, I'm running a contest for June 2004: Create an advertisement that uses juggling to sell any real or imaginary product, or an ad for a juggling related product. P...

Torches -vs- Knives
The other day I was in a local juggling shop trying to decide which to buy, torches or knives. I am mostly a performer and I am looking for whichever one looks the best since I really don't...

Francis Brunn died
Today I got a phone call, and I heard that Franciss Brunn died two days ago. Does anybody knows, is this true? I cannot believe a legend never dies. http://www.juggling...

Sprucing Up Clubs
Late November last year, a few short days after first picking up a club at my local circus skills group, I hopped on a train to Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire (UK) and made my way to Beard Ju...

thomas dietz videos
I know these were knocking about before, but I didnt download them all and know they were moved - does anyone still have copies of them anywhere? Thanks

bounce videos
two new ones: jump rope http://www.bouncepage.com/videos/jump%20rope.wmv & johnny quest http://www.bouncepage.com/videos/JohnnyQuest.wmv lots of bounce videos...

plate spinning
i have a little book with some really old circus type drawings, of people spinning a plate on their finger. I was wondering if anyone knows how to actually spin a plate on ones fi...

Clubs 2: The revenging vengence of clubs
Well this is a follow up to my previous posts on clubs. It was my birthday the other day and I went shopping to oddballs in London and tried out a few different types. In the end I went ...

Learning 6
Hey, Last night I qualified 6 for the first time. I've been working on 3 in one hand for a while and I probably could have qualified it before, but I haven't had much time because ...

Six 56lb. cannon ball juggle?
I am a bit confused, as i recently read "Strange Feats And Clever Turns" and it describes (with a picture, or illustration, i really cant tell, must be my eyes in this old age) that a Mr. Pa...

American Football Tricks
I've seen Josiah Jones spin and curl a football - very cool. The other day at the beach I had some success with heading an American football. I'm not a great header (got maximum 6 boun...

5 ball instructional [VIDEO] here
A load of the main patterns that i think help with learning 5 balls. only 2.5 seconds of each trick. But hopefully thats enough to get an idea of what to do. Also has the siteswaps wr...

5 Ball Mills Mess. Argh!!!
I love this pattern. It looks truly beautiful even when juggled badly in my oppinion. I have been trying to learn it for months now and can't get much further than 2 sides. The <...

Any others staying at the Buffalo Hostel?
Just wanted to know if any other rec.jugglers are staying at the Hostel in Buffalo? ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

rec.juggling in OE: too much to follow!
I switched to OE newsgroup mode recently to follow rec.juggling. But, LOL, if I go away for a day- WHAMM I`ve to check 200+ postings the next day! How do you manage this? Re...

showers clarification
I was wondering if someone can help describe the difference between a synchronous shower and an async shower. and which one is better(3ball) to practice (both ways of course) for the 5 ball...

juggling perl programmers needed!
"Eric Bagai" <ericAToreworks.com> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>... > I would be interested in how many responses you got, along with an > indic...

I had someone tell me today that they couldn't view some of the videos on my website and I wanted to see if the problem was on my end or theirs. Would someone please test and see if they ca...

performer's nightmare
Hi, I recently arranged to perform at a garden party that a society in my university is having. The pay isn't that good, but it's experience and also this is a new area for juggling...

Sergei Ignatov
I just read that article about Sergei Ignatov and am carving more info and video footage. Is there any? This guy is the man... if you have not read this artile i suggest you do ( ...

new video
hey guys i just put up a new video-JuggleBoy video 2. lots of piros, some 4 and 5 club tricks, and 7ball tricks, 10 rings, 11 balls, plus one trick that only i can do(so far at least) here...

POLL: Juggling and Spelling
Hiya everyone! Is there a link between the ability to juggle and the ability to spell? Disclaimer moment: can I just say that this thread is not meant to criticise anyone on...

juggling perl programmers needed!
Hey Jugglers, If you have good perl/unix skills, and are interested and able to work in Vancouver, BC, send me an email. We have several jugglers in our office, and we are lookin...

Name for this trick
Hi, please have a look at this trick: http://www.zongluj.wz.cz/juggle.php?page=milsmess My fellow juggler called it Mill's Mess but it is not Mill's Mess. I could be ti...

The Buffalo Experiment
This is an experiment I am going to attempt on the first day (Monday) of the IJA Festival in Buffalo. I need others to make it a success. Your cooperation would be awesome. ...

controversial thead
Why do people feel the need to learn to flash numbers before they make runs of them? If you're attempting a very high number of objects which you doubt that you'll ever be able to run ...

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has advice for showering balls in patterns up to five. Thanks, Tyler ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

It was all going so well...
This month started off pretty well. I broke all of my numbers records with balls, and even managed to learn a 5 ball trick or two. Then I attemped 5 clubs. After a week and a half...

My Dilemma
Just over a year ago I qualified five balls which was the greatest juggling feat I've met yet. My friends have told me to start 7 and screw 6. Recently I visited that six ball juggling sit...

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