Toss-Up 2004 Diary
It's few days late but he's my diary of the Toss-Up 2004 festival. I spent only Friday and Saturday and missed Sunday. I was looking forward to this festival for a long time. I had a friend,...

Juggler Birth Announcement
I just wanted to let anyone who cares know that my brother, Scott Cain, and his wife, Janet (not to be confused with my wife, Janet) are the proud parents of a baby girl, Elizabeth Macy Cain...

BJC Yoyo Championships review
Arron's review here USER=user_114806&ACTION=view&ENTRY=1082324592&mainid=1082324592 or if the line wrap throws you, go to ...

A 2 ball juggling routine video
Hello, As offered, here is a video of a 2 ball juggling routine I performed a couple of times last year. Unfortunately before this afternoon the last time I ever thought abo...

new video
Some of the stuff I practiced this month can be seen in my rtj06 video: 4 ball shower with behind the back passes 4 ball weaves (found in Martin Proberts 4 ball juggling book) (6x...

5 ball sitewaps with b
hi, yesturday i was juggling and thinking about high sitewaps and about b... the only sitewaps i know with b are: b633633 b535353 b4a33333 b444444 does ...

Performance/Audience Particip/Hack-Trick Help!
Well then. I've got a gig lined up for this Saturday. Performance thing, rite? I've got the gist of what I'm gonna' do, but I'm looking for some good audience participation ideas... Sure, I'...

Siteswap help needed - urgent! :)
Hi. It's 3:23 AM and I should get some sleep before tomorrows 11 AM juggling session, and I'm stuck at thinking siteswaps. I've spent all evening doing stacked siteswap loo...

to you bounce jugglers think this maybey
i bounced juggled when i was a child juggler before i quit for 15 years. back then, with tennis balls, i could bounce juggle through corners, off walls,and this... put yourself in a room w...

17 new NON-suicide diabolo [VIDEOS]
Told you it would be soon. 17 new diabolo videos, some nice stuff, some boring stuff, i dont know, just have a look. Also for anyone that missed it there are 17 new suicide videos on ...

I whipped out my bouncy balls last night, just to have a quick play with some bouncy things while i was waiting for my tea to brew. I've noticed that not fiddling with them for ...

Props and Numbers Training
Props Any bounce jugglers have an opinion about their preferred size of ball for bounce juggling? (2.5, 2.75 or 3.0 inches) I've only used 2.5 and can see where a sligh...

Humboldt Fest Workshop Leaders
The Humboldt Juggling & Unicycle Festival now has pre-scheduled almost 20 workshops. And we still have several open slots for a variety of workshops. As with most juggling festivals, many o...

Hey there once was a neat two-ball video...
Does anyone recall what it was and where it might be now? It had a man dressed all in black, never saw his face, only juggled two balls. I really enjoyed it, and would like to see it a...

17 new diabolo suicide [VIDEOS]
From easy to advanced. A variety of different suicide based tricks (for those newbies or diabolo virgins, a suicide is where you let go of one or both of the sticks) Some nice stuff there,...

Full Moon Performers - Jago Promo
Damn cool, in my opinion. <windows media video 8, 7.3mb) But maybe I'm biased... Ryan Mellors ...

RIT Juggle In
For those of you who don't know the RIT Juggle In Festival is going to be on May 7th and 8th 2004 at the RIT campus in Rochester NY. I haven't seen much posted about it lately so I thought I...

Dates on Peapot's Next Releases?
Does anyone know the release dates for the new video's from the Peapot crew(4+, Cubical, and Peapot Head)?

Video Technical Question
Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but I'm a novice at using digital video. I have a few technical questions. How can I compress my video files? I just saw (on someone else's si...

Performing outfits...suggestions
Anyone know some good websites/stores ect...where I can get an outfit to perform in. Right now I'm considering two themes, either a jester or something more formal, similar to what the cock...

Number juggling
Hi, What goes wrong when you cannot juggle a given number for a longer period of time or for that matter for more catches ? I am trying to find out.. Is it the width, the height of the...

bar flair course
whilst browsing for bar flair clips and moves i found this woundering if anyone had been on any of these or similar courses and have any f...

4 Ball Mills Mess
I've been juggling for a little over a year. I'm fairly good with 5 (3 min runs), okay with 6, and getting about 10-14 catches with 7. I want to be be able to do a 4 ball mills mess but I ju...

Humboldt Fest Dirctions now posted...
Hello everyone, Just a quick reminder of the upcoming festival this weekend in Humboldt. We are all geared up and ready to go and quite excited to have you come visit us up/down/...

Toulouse Convention: 19-23 May
Hello, The Toulouse Convention (South of France) will happen from the 19th to the 23rd of May. This is one of France major convention (no national convention here) for ...

unicycle purchasing
I'm looking for a good first unicycle. Two of my friends recently purchased torkers off of ebay. The one that has his seems to like it and so do I, but is there a less expensive unicycle t...

More Skateboarding/Juggling Videos
Taped a few more tricks today, including some with 4 and 5 balls...and a few more 3 ball tricks. Just added the video to my site so check it out! Dave D

Albert Lucas 13 rings
Where can you get the video. I realy want to see it. ----== posted via ==----

new paper on juggling transitions It discusses how to quickly find transitions between two landing states using pattern matching, and includes a formula for computing ...

Kölnvention Pictures.....?
Hello, im searching for pictures of the kölnvention 2004.... so i hope you know some places and are able to post a link. bye fabian ----...

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