Stefan & Yves: The Video (part 2)
Hi all, Here's the second video As part 1 it also contains 3 ball trickery, siteswaps, pirouettes and some duo stuff.. The video itself is 15MB, 5 minutes 17 seconds, .wmv Her...

Stefan & Yves: The Video (part 2)
Hi all, Here's the second video As part 1 it also contains 3 ball trickery, siteswaps, pirouettes and some duo stuff.. The video itself is 15MB, 5 minutes 17 seconds, .wmv Her...

Webrings - urgent for Webmasters!
The Webring scene is virtually dead! The RingMasters are unobtainable by E-mail and the servers don't know the E-mail contacts for them.... There is many possibilties of increasing traffic...

Retothejuggler: video 3
This video shows some mm variants: 3 ball clawed mills mess 3 ball synchronous mills mess (no idea about the notation) 4 ball 552 mills mess 4 ball mills shower 4 ball f...

new video
Hawaiian Vaudeville 2004 trailer is up at: I got back 2 weeks ago from the best festival in the world. 50 members gave a festval for 9 full paying conven...

Leapforg Steal
Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could explain how you do leap frog steal? Thank You -- Kathryn Gill

Juggling Patches! Embroidered Juggler Patches!!!
Check these out! Ive complained far too long about how these sorts of things arent available... so i took it upon myself to bring them to the world... enjoy! http...

french acrobat crossing niagara falls...
hello i'm trying to find some info about a wire-walker/acrobat who crossed niagara falls in 1859... his name and career..? thanx in advance jim (paris,france)

Walter Beals
Hello everyone. Does anyone know him, or have any contact info for him. Thanks guys. TJ

Review Please
I am not looking to start a fight about the "best" way to make cheap juggling balls - just take a look at and suggest ways to make it understood by mor...

IJA Discussion forum: Online video hosting?
I just saw this in the IJA's discussion forum and I thought some of you might be interested in the topic. Scott, I think ...

rubensteins revenge
I've been trying to learn rubensteins revenge for a while but I could still use a few pointers on keeping it going. If you have any good suggestions please help me. Thanks. ----...

ball juggling survey (not for 3b freaks ;-)
What`s your favorite number/trick to work on if you`re trough the basic 3 ball tricks and don`t like to puzzle out dozens of three ball variants? If you`ve 2 hours to practice, what do... March contest -- juggling photo
Ok, convinced by the thread I started yesterday, I'm holding another contest -- a juggling photo contest. E-mail your photos to me at lutkus at juggler dot net. I haven't determi...

Dimensions of cigar boxes
Does anybody of you know the dimensions of cigar boxes? I'm not going to buy them for a bunch of money when they are only pieces of wood with glued pieces of paper. :-) Thank you ...

1.5" Juggler Buttons... fun fun fun fun fun fun!!!
Ebay auction for some juggling buttons. theyre cheap because i wanted some juggler buttons for myself... had to place a large minimum order... and now im just trying to make my money...

The date today...
.. is 534. I haven't juggled much for a couple of years now, but after seeing todays date in a flash of geek I felt inspired to post here. Mark -- [email protected]

contest ideas
Having just finished running one contest, I thought I'd ask for suggestions on what the next one should be. (I'm not saying that I will have another contest, or that it'll be any time soon,...

Failure..........What Now
For some, dropping a ball, club, ring etc. can be embarrassing and humiliating during a show. (Amateurs) Now when conducting a show many people come up with their own method to make fun ou...

Juggling makes your Brain bigger!
Proving that new stimuli can alter the brain's structure... the whole article is here: Keith!...

1 Actual Flash and 1 backcross of a high number
I've been spending a lot of time with the circus I'm involved with lately, but I did get a chance to practice some numbers over the weekend. I successfully flashed 5 ball backcros...

Siteswap of 3 ball reverce cascade in one hand
What's the siteswap of 3 ball reverce cascade in one hand? I'm just curious. Thanks David ----== posted via ==----

Review of new FKB show
In case you haven't heard, the Flying Karamazov Brothers have just started a new show called "Life: A Guide For the Perplexed". It's in Seattle from now til March 21, then they go...elsewhe...

Diabolos and stuff on eBay. dirt cheap
im trying to clean out my closet by selling a bunch of stuff i dont use. as much as i like diabolos, i never got around to breaking these two in, and are up for bids. also are a ...

Stage Lighting Problems
I recently signed up for my school's talent show after many many long rants from friends and relatives. After trying out today i found out that every throw i make, will be directly into the ...

Stefan and Yves and Luke at Convetion Ieper
Hello. I went to belgium and had a fantastic time at Convention Ieper. It was great to teach dead hard stuff in advanced workshops plus dead new stuff in creative workshops...

juggling pains
ive been working on alberts and treblas a lot, and when im done, if i only work on one, my back hurts. accordingly, for whatever reason, if i work on both, my back doesnt hurt. ...

workshop photos
I am preparing new publicity at the moment and am working on my workshop section. I have found a problem. The current data protection act means that to take and then publish pictures of chil...

and the winner is
Ok, my February contest is over. Schani took the prize, and you can watch the winning video here: Note, as an experiment on bandwidth use, the fi...

Dave Finnigan info
Hello, I might be going with Dave Finnigan to teach juggling next summer, as you may have read in his post looking for teenaged jugglers. However, there's a few obstacles, one of...

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