Liverpool convention
I had a brilliant time at the Liverpool convention over the weekend. the convention had a new venue due to the old one being rebuilt. I liked the new venue. it was light, high, and good un...

Stefan Sing Video
I'm looking for a video with Stefan sing and two other 3 ball jugglers jamming at an EJC convention. Anyone know where to find it? Thanks, Louis ----== posted via www.j...

Retothejuggler: video 2
I just finished my second video, there are a few shaky transitions I`ve no idea about :-o but this one is better edited, I hope. Some tricks: 801, 5 to 6 ring pulloff (ring ...

5 balls tennis
I need help with this trick. Mostly I end up juggling 3 balls with the hand I first threw the ball over the top. I have only once managed to throw the "tennis" ball back again. :( ...

One Up Two Up......Toooo long to Describe
This is just a brief question on a different variation on basis of one up two up. (OR my personal favorite name elevator shafts) I wanted to animate this variation which I describe as one ...

UIUC Illini Juggling and Unicycle Club's semi-annual festival
Hello everyone, I would like to remind/inform everyone of our upcoming festival. I've read a little bit about it already on here and would like to set the record straight. Here ...

Island of juggling women...?
Remeber that article that popped up here som time ago about an island (in the pacific I think) where most of the women can juggle and juggle quite well, showers with 6+ objects if I remeber ...

Juggling festivals in 2005?
Does anyone know where and when the EJC and IJA Juggling festival will be in 2005? I know the are a long way off, but if anyone knows if they are set yet? It would be great. Cheers Terr...

music routine, juggling to music
There is already a similar posting, but this is something different. I like to juggle to music. I have never performed to a big audience, but i make small "routines" at home. That is, i pick...

THE VAUDEVILLE PROJECT March 20, 2004 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM Howard County Arts Center Lockheed Martin Black Box Theater 8510 High Ridge Road, Ellicott City, Maryland 21043 ...

Hi folks! Laura Greene the Juggling Queen, where are You?
Help Laura, I lost your phone number and e-mail! I need your help if possible (or just your prayers and support) for a project that I'm working on. Mandy Dalton [email protected]

my every day juggling training
hi i wanted to share with you my juggling trainig... i start to train with 5 balls and do many cycles of these tricks (5b tricks). i wanted to know wick sitewaps do you think i h...

poi/juggling communication invitation
From onewheeldave of Sheffield. I'm into skills, used to be mainly juggling and related (devil stick, diablo etc). Got heavily into spinning (poi, meteors)...

bjc pre reg
time is running out if your thinking about pre reg for the british juggling convention. today is a very good day to do it -- ...

Looking for mirrors of Thomas Dietz Videos 1-6
I missed the boat on the Thomas Dietz videos when they first came out. Now that I've gotten around to watching #7-9, I'd like to see the previous ones. Unfortunately, I can't get the...

I know I almost have it (7b qualify)
[1]Hi all, some time ago, about 10 months, I was trying to master 5 balls. I was trying to have a one minute cascade (I had 100 catches average run) and at the same time I asked...

Please, order the following tricks ...
Hi !! 1- 5 ball cascade 2- 4 ball shower 3- 3 balls in one hand (dominant hand) I cannot do any of them, and would like to learn all of them !!! I am currently wor...

uk - durastilts for sale, nearly new
Hiya, I have some Duras for sale, Adjustable height large size 24-40" I've used them for 2 hours. I'm asking 250GBP plus P+P, but I'm open t...

Stefan & Yves: The Video (part 1)
Hello there jugglers! Stefan and I have been shooting some tricks over the last couple of days... So now we have got two new videos of which the first one is online already. It's nothin...

I'm in the research stage of a juggling project and I have a few questions that I know recdotjugglers can help me with. 1. Who was Matt Henry's partner in the renegade show at EJC 98 /...

Juggling with a balance
Hi all, I'm currently attempting a chin balance whilst juggling with... well... anything. Not having much luck to be fair. Everytime I throw a club or a ball the ...

new trick............or so I hope
I possibly have found a new trick, but the odds are it has been created prior. It is a variation on 915 and "Under the Arms" with 5 balls. Anyways, if you wish to see it, look at the Wiki ...

BJC question...again
I'll just reel them off. 1. Will there be any power sockets for public use? 2. How secure would my tent be? 3. I haven't received confirmation to pre-registration. How will I know ...

Naptown videos with four different editors
Well, I know there was a thread a little while ago on how there is interesting video editing being done in the yo-yoing community. I thought I'd share a different kind of example that just h...

Liverpool Juggling Convention
Greetings all, I'm sure you're all very bright and don't need to know this but since I've had a number of confused phone calls about it, I'll spell it out here. This y...

juggling videos
wich 5 videos wich you choose if you wanted very high level of ball juggling?? peapot 3b different ways. thomas dietz videos. and what else... marco ---...

music routines
which do you think are good songs for juggling routines?? i mean no electronic music (except is very good), for example sasha or the chemical brothers are very common... the one i use ...

3 ball jugglers
who do you think are the best 3 ball jugglers???? ----== posted via ==----

Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Panama
Hello, I'm thinking about doing a foreign exchange program next year instead of going to college. I want to go to a spanish-speaking country, since I've studied it for 6 years. ...

7 ball reverse cascade???
can somebody in the world do this? 7 b Reverse cascade? maybe anthony gatto or J. Garfield, maybe Vova??? ----== posted via ==----

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