Pittsburgh Fest
Does anyone have the details of the Pittsburgh fest? Like date, location, etc. Thanks if you do.

Pittsburgh Fest
Does anyone have the details of the Pittsburgh fest? Like date, location, etc. Thanks if you do.

Renegade Juggling Clubs agen
If you would like some renegade juggling clubs undecorated 95mm tapered handle or 85mm, please e-mail me at [email protected], as i really need how many to order if it goes a...

Worlds Tallest Unicycle Ride
The tallest unicycle ever mastered is one 35.00 m (114.8 ft) tall ridden by Sem Abrahams (with a safety wire suspended from an overhead crane) for a distance of 8.5 m (28 ft) in Pontiac, MI ...

Henrys Pirouette Trainer Club
I'm getting some Henrys Pirouette Trainer Clubs and wonder if anyone would like any -- Kathryn www.firejugglers.34sp.com

PassingDB.com: down or just slow?
All, Last year I found out about http://www.passingdb.com/ and glanced at it once or twice. It was a slow site but informative. Still, I wasnt quite ready to really delve into it ...

The passing of Charlie Willer
I have sad news to report. Charlie Willer, the co-founder of Jugglers Anonymous, the Fort Wayne, Ind., IJA affiliate, died of cancer Tuesday at the age of 49. There is a service S...

Bouncing Balls : Dubé or Spotlignt
I have to buy 20 new silicone balls but I hesitate between dubé and spotlight. Do the spotlight ones glow under black light ? Dubé don't.

Xscreensaver's Juggle
I was surprized recently when I went into my office only to see my computer running a juggling program I hadn't installed (and a cool one to boot). I quickly realized that it must been one...

Sean Diabolo Video #1
Hi all, I've put together a short diabolo video, partly inspired by the great Thomas Dietz videos Schani has created recently. It's about 3 minutes long and was a lot of fun to ma...

Renegade Juggling Clubs
Would any one from the uk, be interesting in some renegade clubs if i get some? -- Kathryn www.firejugglers.34sp.com

Forehead/chin balances whilst on any unstable apparatus
I joined a circus class this week that meets twice a week, and picked up the rolling globe this week (the skill, not the globe itself ;-) My balance is ok on it at this point, I need m...

Email from Jason Garfield!
This morning I got my first email from Jason Garfield! Of course, it contained the MyDoom virus (so I didn't open it) ... but it's the thought that counts, I always say. garrett ...

Video quest: how many MBs per minute?
I wonder what other video makers used to have good juggling videos at the end? My Sony camcorder works well and the software "ImageMixer" offers a few possible video formats. How ...

unicycling tutorials??
hi, I would like to know anything about unycicling tutorials or easy tricks in the internet; because i have a 24 inch uni and i want to learn new tricks. thanks bye ----== p...

Devilsticking.org community site launched
If you spin devil sticks, please visit http://devilsticking.org/ and join this new community site. There are several other devil sticking websites, of course, but unfortunately ne...

Siteswap Siteswap Revolution
A few months ago someone posted a game called Juggle Juggle Revolution. It was fun but lacked two essential features of the game whose name it had borrowed - music and rhythm.

Juggling Equipment
Can any of ypu tell me, which juggling clubs sell the best, and any other juggling euipment? Thank You -- Kathryn www.firejugglers.34sp.com

This Saturday
Hello all, Just a reminder about the weekend! Its our bradford uni club's first convention on saturday. Just follow the open day signs for the university! The day is ki...

Mediacircus Siteswap DVD
'Available late 2003' It's very late 2003 now, does anybody know anything about when the siteswap DVD box set will make an appearance? I have emailed mediacircus, but no reply.....

Juggling For The General...
Hello Fellow Jugglers! I've been in New Hampshire for the last 12 days working on the Clark campaign and juggling for The General. http://www.clark04.com/ I've been j...

knife dimensions for whoever it was was asking
I got these from Mushy Pea, when it still existed. I think they're Beard. Gold&black wrapped handles, shape pretty much like a quite wide tie - not quite wide enough to qualify as a kipper...

Spectacle circus magazine
A previous post mentioned Spectacle magazine (http://www.spectaclemagazine.com/index.html). I'm curious if anyone has any opinions on whether a subscription is a worthwhile invest...

(CJD)˛: Cornish Juggling Division with Compulsive Juggling Disorder
We have a juggling club running in Goonhavern (Near Truro) it's on on Sundays 5pm -8pm at Goonhavern Community Centre. All are welcome

I need a favour
i have found some new variations for mills mess and the box (new for me) and i wondered if, with description, someone could make some animations for them as i don't know how to make them mys...

Superstar juggling lineup - Toss Up 2004
Hello all, It's been awhile, in fact one year since the last Toss Up Juggling Festival. The stats: Lincolnshire, Illinois...April 23-25...www.tossup.org The superstars...

Need help on language translation for Juggling Lab
Jason Haslam and I have added support for multiple languages to the Juggling Lab animator. Jason has done preliminary Spanish and Portuguese translations; if your system is set to either of...

Club insurance
Just a query to juggling clubs in the uK really. What do various groups do when confronted with venues requiring groups to have public liability. Does anyone know of a decent company and ba...

5 club backcrosses
I've been working on this trick now for a while, and I am finally starting to get some success with it. I'm working on it with both doubles and triples, and I'm curious what you use for thi...

5 club backcrosses
I've been working on this trick now for a while, and I am finally starting to get some success with it. I'm working on it with both doubles and triples, and I'm curious what you use for thi...

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