"Amateur" winners of the IJA Championships
The recent threads on IJA championship trivia got me thinking about the question of whether any "amateur" (or hobby) jugglers have won the IJA Individual Championships. Of course the line b...

Parachute balls.
Is there any rule against fixing parachutes to balls. If not, im sure it could be done in such a way that the parachute would not effect the ball until it begins to descend, making it much e...

Any pro jugglers had LASIK?
Have any professional jugglers had LASIK eye surgery? I want to find out how it affected juggling and vision with stage lights, and recovery time. Thanks, Jack.

How do you juggle 4+ plates?
I tried to juggle (plastic) plates today... I managed 420 catches with 4 and tried 5 without success. How do you hold 3 plates in your hand to start to juggle them? Tr...

rec.juggling FAQ
These are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the rec.juggling newsgroup. If you are new to the newsgroup or are unsure about what it is acceptable to post, please take a few minute...

IJDb Monthly Announcement
------- IJDb Monthly Announcement ------- The Internet Juggling Database (IJDb) announcements are intended to share information about juggling events and developments. You can find f...

100 catches with 7 balls!
I finally broke trough the barrier with 102 catches today :-) Keep on juggling Reto (Switzerland) ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

This is really great , but if they fall on the ground, my dog will eat them

amazing, but not juggling? (interesting question)
If you were to do kickup 2 in one hand (what i mean by this is, one on yer foot and one in yer hand, then kick up the club and drop the held one onto your foot, catching the kicked one and...

Residing in England
For those of you jugglers that live in England, I was wondering about how much I would expect to pay for living in Bristol while I go to school. About much will an appartment cost me? Am I ...

The Ferret, has something to show you.
This popped up at www.contactjuggling.org The artist is Matt Hennem. The video artist is Howie Bailey I am most impressed with this video, but I am more impressed with...

Challenge for ass-catchers
While working on 3 ball ass catches today i thought of something that might interest those of you that have this trick down pretty solid. I was thinking that a neck catch before the ass catc...

any1 live in hampshire?
is there anybody in the winchester area? id like someone nearby to pass clubs with! ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

4 ball flash a good practice for five balls ?
Hi everybody, my 4 ball fountain is nearly solid now. I am now planning to go into five balls and have tried a five ball flash a few times now. I have difficulty in holding three balls...

Photos from the Venezuela Circus Convention.
Check them here: http://www.convencioncircove.org/ ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

How long do you hold your semi-solid tricks?
Do you have some run length you want to manage with a pretty solid trick in your (daily) practice before you go to another trick? (number in gap is what I try to do): how long do ...

How do you kill off a circus?
Go for the Juggler... .. . . ah well, i found it funny enough to spill some coffee over myself as i read this joke... confirmin...

passing 7 siteswap
I am finding it near impossible to building a siteswap for a standard 7-pass (2 people) using the notation i am familiar with. that is: <3p|3p><3|3> = shower 8 doubles...

refillable torches
A while ago I was searching on the internet when I saw a torch that the head came off and it had a refillable chamber. Does any one know what that is, where I can find it or who makes it?

Anyone from Washington D.C.?
Hiya, I'm just trying to get in touch with a guy I met last year. He went to Uni in Sheffield, England (where I live) for a year out. His name's Colin, and I think he goes to the ...

six ball tennis
I dont know all the numbers terminology for juggling but I was wondering if someone was doing the six ball tennis pattern and whether they had any tips!I have been able to go back and forth ...

This is my first message on this forum so here goes.I was always told that if you lose your hearing in one ear that you lose your balance.I recently got a spark in my ear from a welder and i...

Siteswap Dancing...
During one of my rare bouts of insomnia last night, i got to thinking about siteswap and how clever it is. I then hit upon the idea; surely the theory could be applied to something oth...

looking for Jim Koschella
Please send me Jim's email privately. I have a homemade DVD for him. Thanks, David Critchfield

Hi - I would like to ask some questions to the author of Joe Pass about his software, but the address he puts on the web page doesn't seem to work. I tried another one a friend gave...

Circus Schools???
On 25 Nov 2003 18:56:50 -0800, [email protected] (Clarky) wrote: >Hey. I have been wondering, what exactly is circus school? Do they >just teach you how to perform the thing ...

Circus schools??
Hey. I have been wondering, what exactly is circus school? Do they just teach you how to perform the thing that you do,(juggling, acrobatics, ect.)?? Do you go there for a few years, or i...

Chops are hard..!
Chops are harrrrrrrrd! So yea, that's pretty much what I'm getting at, here. I've been able t'do 'em with balls, but that's about it. If I'm lucky I can get -one- in with clubs but only just...

juggling as exercise
I was wondering, obviously its good for toning (if you do alot, or heavy wieghts). but does anyone know any sort of calorie burning info, on how much for how much or whatever.. ...

Calling all friends of Bob Nickerson!
I'm writing a profile of the Jock-ular Juggler for JUGGLE magazine, and I thought it'd be nice to pepper the piece with short quotes from anyone who has known Bob, or been influenced by his ...

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