Jugglers' Ages
I often wonder the ages of some of my favorite jugglers, partly out of curiosity, partly out of the hope that I may be able to be as good as them when I reach their age. Anyo...

5-3-1 Festival ending show comments. (Long rant)
I took a bunch of mostly non-juggling friends to see the ending show at the 5-3-1 Festival here in Helsinki. Here are a couple of comments. Act 1: Circo Aereo - Baby Dough. ...

finally (after 4 and half hours)
well i actually did 2 things in 4 and a half hours. 1-i made my new site, so far not that great as i havnt made the videos of records page yet, but check it anyway www.diaboloclips.cj...

Newsflash from Finland!
In Finland we have this system where the State gives grants to select artists. It's kind of like a state paid salary to support the artists and give them more freedom to explore their art. ...

Promo format--VHS vs. DVD
Hey y'all, I'm about to update my promo and I'm wondering if agents, bookers, and the like have made the change to DVD or if I should stick with good ole VHS for a while. Ob...

What did Ignatov every day?? :-o
In the article here http://www.juggling.org/jw/90/4/ignatov.html Sergej Ignatov writes that he practiced 9 HOURS every day sometimes. Can you imagine such a practice?? Keep ...

what age to start?
My partner and I just had a baby (boy). Reading in Kaskade about an 8 year old who can do 4 clubs and 2 diabolos (not at the same time!) set me to wondering how early I can introduce my

Children's Tightwire Book-Philippe Petit
I found a book in the Elementary Education department of the local college library this evening. It is THE MAN WHO WALKED BETWEEN THE TOWERS by Mordicai Gerstein, published by Roaring Book...

new Dave and Wes clips
hey, there are new clips online. Watch them. http://lutkus.com/dave/index.html later Dave ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Sascha G. is your mail working?
Sascha is your mail address working? Sascha funktioniert deine Mailadresse? Reto ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

barnesy bags
does anyone sale his barnesy bags? i'm intersted thanks ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

JUGGLE vs Kaskade
Which should I choose?? I'm interested in juggling, unicycling and contactjuggling. ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Quad Cities Jugglefest 10/31-11/2
Less than a week away. If you need info e-mail me at [email protected] Or call me on my cell phone 309-737-0160 Dusty If all the world is a stage, where ...

siteswap puzzle
I looked in that 491 patterns book again, I found out where I struggle to translate Proberts notation into the modern one: On page 4-3 I found two patterns called 4b cascades. The rule...

devil stick weight
I've finaly gotten good enough with my kiddie set of flower sticks to purchase a REAL set of sticks. I'm debating between a 6.5 oz and an 8 oz. My question is, how does the differeence in ...

juggling while masturbating
hey jugglers!! i just thought about a really nice and difficult trick... 2 or maybe 3 balls in one hand while masturbating with the other hand. the difficul parts would be to keep juggl...

17 new videos
Hi all, there are 17 new videos on our website.. make sure to check "the 10 ball flash" by Stefan, "Day In The Supermarket" and "The Truly Amazing Ring Trick" of course you might...

1-hand 3-ball cascade (video)
Well, I just got an iSight for my Mac. Here's a video clip I recorded of a 1-hand 3-ball cascade: http://homepage.mac.com/ocb123/videos/1h3bc.mpg It's a little blurre...

Wierd ebay item
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3633559010&category=2017 Someone makes money from this stuff too....

a 10 ball flash
A ten balls flash Mentally tired from last period’s troubles and university stuff, I was recently practicing some of my juggling skils in an station of the underground. After som...

New Homepage
hello, there is a new homepage on the net. www.NTJuggling.de.ms a lots of videos and photos go for it Fabian Lenz ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==---- ...

Cirque du Soleil on Leno
Tonight (oct 24th) on Leno Cirque du Soleil will be performing if anyone is interested. it is a rerun so you may have already seen it.

Replacing wick on torches
I have been using the same wick with my Dubé torches since I bought them nine years ago. Surprised? Don't be. All it yields is a poor flame and waste of fuel. It's time to replace the wi...

async and sync 4b showers
Are they both possible and what are the siteswaps for them? -- Chris

Donald Grant at London Juggling Convention
Updated details of Convention show are below - including special guest appearance of Donald Grant. 75 people have booked so far out of the 200 capacity so get in quick if you're planning to...

learning curve
I havnt learned a new trick in ages, but in the last week i have learned loads(ish) -615 (and my version) -6451 -4 ball reverse shower -4 ball mess(same day as above) -5...

video formats
why do people insist on either: 1)making videos as windows media player 9?! so many people cant get it. 2).Avi its poor quality, theres no slow-mo, and once again, loads of peop...

Selling clubs/rings
Im selling some of my older juggling equipment that doesnt get much use anymore. Anyone who's interested check out 7 Todd Smith Juggling Rings http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayIS...

Airflite Balls
I have been thinking about purchasing balls for my HighSchool's juggling club. It would seem that Dube's Airflite balls are the only ones I would be able to get by the case... Pretty ...

buffalo prop competitions
There will be four individual prop competitions held on the convention stage in Buffalo. They will be 3 balls, 3 clubs, 1 Diablo, & two person 6 club. Each event has a two minute time limit,...

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