Carpooling to Cornell Festival...
Hi Everyone, Would anyone be interested in carpooling to Cornell with me or letting me ride with you? I'll be driving up from the Baltimore area and if there is anyone kind of on...

9-ball passing?
All, I spent some time looking through a google groups search of old posts. I did find a few articles on high-ball-count passing between 2 people. However, I didn't understand any...

Just got Rubensteins somewhat solid, while I am happy I can do it now, I realised, its not all that nice a pattern. What do others think? Paul ----== posted via www.jugglin...

2 new-ish 4 ball tricks
People have wondered and posted many a time about 4 ball burkes barrage, we have come up with 552 and 642 among others. Well i decide that fake mess, takouts, maybe even burkes barrage wer...

movies of cigar boxes ++
Is there a place to download movies of cigar boxes, shaker cups and the other types of juggling that are not so popular. -- Anders Rustad Trondheim, Norway

I noticed there was someone filming at the shows. Where can I get that video? ----== posted via ==----

a bit OT: webspace and costs?
How much webspace do you have for your websites? Especially those with lots of videos on it ;-) And do you know if we can have such webspace from another country as well? Sw...

the couleen jugglers website
I used to get the patterns for the bean bags that I make off a site made by the Couleen jugglers?...I think that was their name. It seems that their site is no longer and I was wonderi...

Caught Clean video available
This should be the last of my "im selling this posts"...or second last...we'll see Heres what now for sale The ever so hard to find Caught Clean video http://cgi...

Hand and shoulder position while juggling?
Hey. I was wondering about where your hands and shoulders should be when you are juggling. I watched Jon Brady and his hands are kind of low on his body when he juggles, and his shoulders ...

UK question
Can anyone tell me when the Reading uni juggling club meet up, and whereabouts on campus. Also, are there any decent, cheap, huts/halls available to rent on an 'ad hoc' basis? A friend of mi...

juggling lectures
Hi, I was in 531 last week end and the whole saturday afternoon was dedicated to lectures. I mean everybody was driven by bus to a special location and everybody had to sit an...

Jugglers vs. Comedians: Good Show or Bad Audience?
The other night I was watching a program about the perspectives of some of the top stand-up comedians....Very interesting, and everything they mentioned about working the crowd, the feeling ...

markthomasonlines and anthonyjuggles sites seems to be down, sadly. And this one is no more useful: Sadly2. Reto (Switzerland) ...

fire chain...bolas
Hi........ abody knows were I can find some free video of juggling in particular on kiwido,bolas or fire chain.... thanks a lot Rudy

3 new clips (especially for ice)
Hey there jugglers (probably Icecold) I have made three new video clips, the first one, actually requested is: swap cascade (6x,2)(2x,2x)*, swap box (6,2x)(2x,2x)*, and swap shower (6...

Selling Clubs/Rings
For anyone whos interested. Just a reminder that Im selling some old clubs and rings on ebay, and that theres just over 2 days left in the auction. 5 Todd Smith Clubs :

Numbers Practice Ideas/Techniques
I'm currently working on (and have been for quite a while) the 6 fountain and 7 cascade. Wondering if others working on numbers have any favorite practice techniques? I do some of...

12 ball flash. No video, no proof
Well after over a year of trying I finally flashed 12 balls (clean, asynch fountain, 80g Barnsey bags, anything else?). No video though. I hadn't tried it for several weeks after getting my ...

Funny to non-jugglers
Have you ever been talking about juggling, and using maybe some tech jargon, only to notice that someone close is giving you wierd look becuase of what you are saying. The best i have is.....

Haggis Mcleod
Does anyone know of an e-mail address i can contact him on, as i used to know him when i was really young and havnt seen him for about 10 years. Can anyone give me an e-mail address for hi...

1up2up or columns
I kno that british jugglers, that started anywhere from 20years ago to present day tend to call "1up2up" columns, i personally do, Icecold does, my mum even does (but she learned to juggle...

New Trick - 3 ball Infinity
Maybe some of you have done this before, it not terribly hard, I stumbled across it last night. I tried to get it on one of the simulators... but to no avail. Do a 1 up 2 ...

Haunted Trails
My current (unpaid volunteer) juggling gig is Haunted Trails, a haunted-house-writ-large that starts in Davenport Village (12 stations) shopping center, then a bus ride (1 station) to Wild B...

new site
I have finished (well for now anyways) I have made all the pages, all to do now is to continually add new pics, videos and records (and anything else people want to see). w...

new trick (Karas will like it)
Hey there jugglers (probably micheal) I have made an animation on jugglewiki of what i have decided to call 615box, check it out at.

534 (4 balls)
Periodically during the past 4 months I've been trying to do 534 with 4 balls. Prior to today, I'd managed at best 1 "cycle" (using that term loosely here, as I am referring to me throwing ...

If i flash 10 before i'm 15 will i be the youngest
I was just wondering who is the youngest person who has ever flashed 10 because i managed to flash 9 last month and i know i am not the youngest to do that (damn gatto) but if i got a flash ...

[video] 2 many balls Some of the best jugglers met them to do this...I thank them... ----== posted via ==---- ...

[video] 2 many balls Some of the best jugglers met them to do this...I thank them... ----== posted via ==---- ...

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