Looking for Performers in Houston and Detroit
I've got some folks looking for jugglers for various events in Houston, TX and Detroit MI. If you're interested please tell me the length of your show and what you charge. I thin...

Progression with 6 and 8 balls (10 if ya crazy)
Has anyone noticed this in themselves that after you get to about 20 catches of 6 balls that you dont move at all for months and months on end (even going backwards) I dont know maybe i...

wimpy (4-ball)
Any tips on 4-ball wimpy? It is so hard not to throw them at even heights. Should my hands start the throws at the same level?

Steve Healy
my hard disc crashed and I lost Steve Healy's address please contact me at [email protected] roger Montandon

Cooking Fluff?
Don't get me wrong - I'm a total Peapot groupie and love the stuff they do, both juggling-wise and humor-wise. However, as I watch their videos time and time again, particularly C...

6th London Juggling Convention
Saturday 8 November 2003 10am to midnight, show at 8pm £12.50, £8 for 6 - 15 yrs, £0 for 5 and under Juggling halls (new roof, more light!), videos, bar, traders & the show ...

Forget top 10, whos ya top 3?
I knowq i have asked once too many who your top ten jugglers are and its been a long boring process and i am sure its a damned pointless question So in help for this new survey could you ple...

effect of drugs on juggling?
do some contact juggling while you are high it´s really nice, your sense of touch increase, or at least that happens to me. Juan ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ...

JoePass and 0p
Hi! Why is it that JoePass' causal editor wont accept a 0p pass? 0 itself works just fine there and the siteswap editor and animator itself have any problems with patterns like ...

New workshop; Beaconsfield, Bucks, UK
Hello all. Dean is starting a new workshop on tuesday evenings, starting on 30th Sept. 8-10pm. It's in the scout hall on Watery Lane, Wooburn Green. From Junction 3 of the M40, t...

Fun 2- or 3- Person Ball Passing Patterns?
All, I juggle with a couple of friends who are into juggling balls, but not clubs. So, we try to make up little patterns to do when we are passing. I'm wondering if there is a res...

Rail discount for Autumn Juggling day (Dutch)
Hi all, I'm hoping the Dutch jugglers are aware of the 'Herfstjongleerdag'. I posted a message about it about a week ago. I just heard there's a discount for from the railways. Si...

Portland Juggling Festival
The PJF was a ton of fun! Well-organized, tons of workshops, great show, fun games, everything about it was great! I got to hang out and pass clubs with Vova and Olga (Vova and I had 9 pre...

Dave's juggling video 3 finished!
hey everyone, I finished my video, it came out pretty good. Right now I only have the main really big file online. Maybe if I'm nice I'll upload some smaller ones in the next few days. Al...

Effect of Drugs on juggling?
Hey, I was just wondering if there any studies, scientific or <otherwise>, into the effects of substances, legal and less-legal, on the performance and growth of a juggler?

A week in Wigan!
Well folks, I'm starting out on a new challenge this week. That of producing a little show at the end of a week working with 11-16 year olds at a special school near Wigan. I've a lot o...

Anyone going to Cornwall for charity?
Is anybody going to the "Juggle Till Yer Drop" weekend in Cornwall. All the money raised goes to children ineed. Its from November the 21st-23rd. For more info, go to the events page and loo...

9 from holster?
I have started working on nine rings, and I have improvised a holster to avoid launching five from one hand. I was wondering if this is a good way to learn, or if I should work towards laun...

Bounce balls
I was looking to get some of these and noticed that henry's sells all kinds. Has anyon trid the non silicone ones? Are they any good? while I do want bounce balls I don't feel like paying €2...

RENEGADE in Brazil !!!
Nos aqui de BH ficamos com muita inveja do renegados de SP, e resolvemos fazer a nossa propria festa! Sequestramos o Cézar e o Dú Circo, e copiamos o texto de divulgação deles....

pictures from ejc
Hi, there are a bunch of photos from ejc at http://de.geocities.com/kristiana1988/ejc/ does anyone know who's web space this is? who took the photos? ...

Manchester Convention
Whos going? Whats it like? Im trying to get to at least one convention this year, and it looks like my plan to go to Durham may not come off, so i dunno whether to go to Manchester or Londo...

Little Fluffy Clouds, The Orb
Anyone know where I can download the 'Little Fluffy Clouds' video, by The Orb? It has juggling in it, apparently. == permaculture

Hello I'm crap at pirouettes. When I try and spin around I fly off in all sorts of random directions, limbs swinging wildly. I've managed some pirouette tricks before but it's mai...

Introducing The Nomadic Juggling Festival
The California Jugglers following the orders of the Gods and Goddesses of Juggling, (can you name them?) Are creating a new California Juggling festival! This year The San Diego ...

Autumn Juggling day, Holland (herfstjongleerdag)
Hi, The Dutch Autumn Juggling day will be in the city of Enschede. It's on October 5th. For more information (in Dutch) see the website (in Dutch): www.catchup-enschede.tk or send...

Kaskade is late?
Does anybody knows something about the next issue of Kaskade. Has it a delay now/when will it be published. Niels ----== posted via www.jugglingdb.com ==----

Doubles feast
Here's a passing pattern I dreamed up yesterday for 4 or more people, but not a multiple of 3:) It's what we here in the UK call a headf**k. It's basically a feast loosely based on 4 count. ...

Juggling dreams
Ever since the Belfast Juggling convention (in Northern Ireland) 2 weeks ago, I have had the pleasure of a recurring juggling dream about 5 or 6 times. I'm on an unlit stage, juggling w...

don't go there, video music rights
i think i read somewhere that all the PEAPOT videos use their own composer who they pay for the rights to the music. certainly it can be done to have a LEGAL video for sale. just because pir...

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