Shout out to Bent, and Jared
Hey Guys. How is it going. in case you are wondering this is Sean from the Ija. I was just wondering how you two are doing? hey Jared hows Nicole?;) any how. So what are your guys plans for ...

joepass and 2s
I notice that in joepass, a throw of siteswap 2 is done as a low throw. Is it possible for joepass to do a 2 as a hold instead? Thanks, Kylie.

new video clips
hello jugglers here are a few of my latest video clips, the links to the other new ones are in the other 2 posts by me. first off the 4 ball box (6,6)(2x,2x) www.geocities....

new machine/robot/factory (with video)
a new (4,2) or 42 i doubt it really matters, another mime trick is probly a better way to describe it. 1) do 2 ball columns in yer right hand 2) mime up and across like machine

Shower: sync or async, passing or throwing?
For some reason I always had the impression that a 'proper' (always a dangerous word ;) shower was synchronous, with hands remaining separated and each hand throwing either up or across (hen...

95mm renegades 4 sale
For Sale Six- 95 mm Renegades with Blue foil decoration, White trim, Black rubber, Longhandle clubs... Pretty much best offer (plus shipping) takes em' ...

New 11 club passing record validated
The JIS committee on numbers juggling has vaildated the new eleven club passing record by Vova and Olga Galchenko. Congratulations to both of you! 124 passes were caught in a 2-...

new trick
as with every trick anyone tries to invent its usually already been done, well i am going to ask this question to all you r.j.ers out there have you ever done this. 1) do 2 ball...

Rec.juggling meeting on EJC 2003 in Svendborg (DK)
Hi folks, some meeting planed on the EJC? Thanks Peter

Re: More evil nastiness: Oh Ellie, come into my web....
The ballots that Martin Frost rejected were all in the same handwriting. There are three witnesses to this. Also, the torn up ballots were fished out of the trash can so it's easy to validat...

Re: More evil nastiness: Oh Ellie, come into my web....
ELLIE: Why do you think this is a final message from Ellie? I am still a member. I am still concerned for the welfare of our children and fellow jugglers. Your heading isn't accurate. ...

balancing and juggling
Hello. I am new to "rec. juggling". I am trying to learn to juggle while balancing. I can occasionally qualify 3 balls while balancing a club. I balance the club on my chin. when I am doing ...

Different weights between different clubs
Hello everybody. I have Renegade 95mm clubs and they are very heavy, (270gr). At the Kutztown jugling festival I juggled 3 Beard euro clubs and they felt soooooooooo lite compared to my 95...

Teaching/Learning 2 Diabolos
I have taught beginning 2 diabolos for this the fourth year. One of the things you read about learning 2 is to run one diabolo around the foot and exercise I have never found particularly ...

6 ball "qualify" ?
Greetings. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Thanks for the wisdom liberally dispensed in these pages. QUERY: Do the events described below count as a six-ball juggle??

Festival T-shirts and Mementos
I've finally gotten around to archiving my juggling mementos and thought I'd share: I was having a hard time remembering all the...

Headroll with Glasses?
Hi you all!! I love headrolls, I was starting to try to learn the headrolls but I had some problems... I use glasses, and I almost never take them out. So this is my problem, i can't st...

IJA 2003 Photos
Hey, After a very long hiatus, the GONZO JUGGLING site has been updated with 2003 Reno photos. See: I will update again...

HB Vegas Juggling Balls
Anyone have any experience with the HB Vegas Juggling Balls (200g/2.75in) or the HB Vegas Flyers (110g/2.5in) sold by Higgins Brothers? I've had problems with the outer fabric on ...

Todd Smith Americans for sale on eBay
Thanks to my Digital Camera Possessing Coworker and my eBay experienced friend, the Todd Smith American Clubs are up for sale on eBay. There is a Buy it Now Option available as well. ...

Reno diary
Thanks Katje for the posts about the convention! Sandy

Juggling hair style
I'm thinking of having my hair restyled in juggling style for the upcoming EJC. Has anyone done this before and have some examples for me to give to my hair styler ?

EARN$$600week downloading free software We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but its REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded.

Brothers From Different Mothers
Anyone heard of them? There's these two cool jugglers, Alex and Matt, based around Seattle (Washington, USA). They do club passing (pretty well), diabolo (very well), hacky-sack/footbag (very ve...

Can't diss Mini on the discussion board, so...
You thought South America and North America were the same continent, but (North) Americans are the parochial ones, hmm? -- Grip consistently; begin with higher throws; weight tra...

Can anyone do (8x,4x)(4x,8x)
i was messing about with six ball patterns in that java siteswap simulator and came across a really nice 6 ball pattern Has anyone managed to do this or no of anyone who has because it looks...

famous jugglers?
hi, i am posting this message because i have a doubt; does anybody know any famous juggler? (of course by this i mean a famous movie star or a famous for something else that not invloves jug...

And people don't understand juggling? (OT) repost
Besides being strange and unusual (which jugglers like), this post has little to do with juggling except that, for me, it answers the perennial question, "Why do you juggle?". I juggle becau...

And people don't understand juggling? (OT)
Besides being strange and unusual (which jugglers like), this post has little to do with juggling except that, for me, it answers the perennial question, "Why do you juggle?". I juggle becau...

Cleveland Clubheads
I am looking for information regarding the "Cleveland Clubheads" like meeting time/location. so if anyone has any useful info that would be great.

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