28 Sep 2007 18:49:52
Mark Adams
Recent trip to WDW and Cirque du Soliel - La Nouba

The family recently took vacation Walt Disney World in Florida and while
there we caught Cirque du Soliel - La Nouba at Downtown Disney. Some
folks don't like anything that gets near Cirque. That's fine, but I was
mightily impressed with La Nouba. Anyway, this is an excerpt from my
blog/record of the trip (see it here at http://adamslan.shyper.com/blog/)


We cruised the gift shop at La Nouba after the show. I bought a DVD of a
performance to discover later that the same diaboloists that we saw –
four Chinese girls about 9 years old – where not on the DVD. The DVD has
footage of three older Chinese girls on diabolos. Granted, both groups
are good, but the little girls that we saw were lightening fast and
seemed to have a larger repertoire of tricks.

I also discovered that the shop sells some juggling props and had sets
of balls, clubs and diabolos available to test drop. I couldn’t resist
myself. I did pretty well with the balls – actually bean bags. They
seemed like really good props – just the right size and nice and firm.
The clubs were my real interest though. Unfortunately, their clubs we
something like Dube Airflights – solid shells about 75 mm around and
light. I got them going, but I was doing this in a gift shop surrounded
by shelves full of potentially expensive knick-knacks. I couldn’t shake
the fear of cleaning off some of those shelves with a bad throw, so the
clubs didn’t last long. Alex got a diabolo going, but didn’t really have
a lot of interest – poi is his thing.


Lately I'm still working on the 3-club cascade for doubles. It's coming
along, but my fingers are taking a beating. And Halo 3 is out, so it's
hard to find the time. :-)

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