31 Aug 2007 09:14:15
Peachi Pete
Nottingham One Dayer and Fun-Dango dates

Hi All,

Just wanted to post some potential dates for one dayers over the next
10months or so:

1) Oh No! Not Another Juggling Convention - NAJC3 - 1st March 2008
Nottinghams third main one day convention held at the Universtiy of
Nottingham once more.
We usually have the first Saturday in March slot so thats consistent.

2) Tribe of FunDango - 2nd March 2008
So the one dayer is a sort of two dayer really.
University of Nottingham Ballroom again

3) Tribe of FunDango - 21st October 2007

4) Tribe of FunDango - 11th November 2007

5) Tribe of FunDango - 9th December 2007

See you all there more details to follow.
Cheese, PEachi