30 Jul 2005 05:26:22
New 3ball video at Cardboardlogic


This video features a lot of borrowed, stoled and semi-invented material,
and some of my new favourite tricks. It also has a kind of semblance of a
plot, but you can ignore that if you just like 3 ball stuff.

One warning--it does contain skinny pasty skin and a few harmless swear

For those that are keeping tabs, there are a slew of multiplex tricks
here, 441 and box with penguins, a couple neat pirouettes and various body
catches and throws, etc.

Check it out at www.cardboardlogic.com/juggling.html -- and feel free to
explore the site.

Also, for anyone who cares, the devilstick section has been updated with
instructions for a lot of tricks and clips of others.

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