28 Sep 2006 06:48:21
Good 'Ol Times

Hey anyone out there in the Long Island/Manhattan area,
I just got a copy of 9-1 Nordic Objects and I have to say, it's amazing.
I'm pretty sure not a lot of people in the states have a copy yet and a
few of my juggler friends at college want to get together and watch it.
If anyone's interested, I could reserve a spot in my Gym and Student Rec.
Center on a certain day. We could juggle for an hour or two and then all
crash in the Rec. Center and watch 9-1 and some other videos (bring
whatever you want) on the big screen. Also there are free pool and
foosball tables, too.

Just want to see a show of hands if anyone is interested in something like
that. If there's a healthy turnout (7 people or more) I can see about
getting a bunch of pizzas and pop (sorry, no brewskies. dry campus).

I'm in Huntington Long Island at Five Towns College (http://www.ftc.edu).
If you can make it or just want to call me an asshole, please reply to
this thread with what dates may work or why you think I'm an asshole. :)

Many happy days,

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