The inherent problem in the genes and blood of Aussie and England cricket fans
The malady, disease and the inherent mutation problem in the genes and blood of Aussie and England fans is clearly evident from the way jzfredericks wanted Indian cricket fans to go down on ...

india vs south africa first test day 5 live sopcast links
watch india vs south africa live sopcast links for final day of first test at chennai at

'Sehwag's is the best Test match innings I've ever seen' - Mickey India v South Africa, 1st Test, Chennai, 3rd day 'The best Test match innings I've ever seen' - Ar...

A potential nasty episode was forgotten due to Indian tolerance and
This is my comment per request from Dave (SA). Generous and forgiving Indians let Brett Lee get away with a nasty beamer that hit their God Sachin Tendulkar. Wha...

Bouncher and McMillan went after Australians racially abusing Makhaya March 2006 Boucher: 'No love lost, just respect' Cricinfo staff February 20, 200...

I have lost respect for a few Australian players - Mark Boucher South Africa in India 2007-08 'You shouldn't overstep the mark' - Boucher Siddhartha Va...

OT: This is who he is; this is why I will vote for him This is who he is; this is why I will vote for him Ramesh Thakur Barack Obama's sp...

Cops: Massachusetts Man Killed Over Loaf of Bread,2933,340770,00.html Cops: Massachusetts Man Killed Over Loaf of Bread Sunday, March 23, 2008 SPRINGFIELD, Mass. - Police are investigat...

Insecure Geoff Boycott is a waste of space - Steve Harmison Spat between Boycott and Harmison Harmison hits out at Boycott Cricinfo staff Marc...

Australia's sledging and mental disintegration tactics days are over Sledging ICC calls for improved player behaviour Cricinfo staff March...

Bikini Cricket Contest in Australia
Bikini Cricket Contest in Australia -- posted via - Fastest downloads from $4.50/month !

Darell Hair admits he is stand-offish and vowed to improve his communication Hair wants to work on better communication Cricinfo staff March 20, 2008 Darrell ...

Arjuna Ranatunga views on IPL and Hair - what is he upto?
A recently agreed ODI series is about to played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in late April. Pakistan has been busy negotiating with her neighbours to fill the gap created by the postponed...

4 wickets for the match but on the SCG that's an average return. Did anyone see him bowel? Should he be straoight back into the Test team? Congrats to the Blues on their win. T...

Aggressive tactics against Australia was premeditated - Dhoni Dhoni made it clear that the aggressive tactics against Australia were premeditated, going so far as to ensure ...

GOD DAMN AMERICA Rev Jeremiah Wright
GOD DAMN AMERICA Rev Jeremiah Wright

MOM in Final
Alvey put the kiss of death on Victoria and for this effort he wins player of the match Thanks Al

Weather to destroy Victorias chance of victory
Needing only 533 on the final day with 8 wickets in hand it seems that Victorias chances of winning the SS will be ruined by rain.

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Where is Al and Co
Hope you are enjoying the final Maybe Lee will get his maiden ton ( with the bat that is )

Change the rules
5 day final and the only advantage the team should get for finishing first is the home ground advantage. In other words to win the Pura Cup / Sheffield Shield you have to win the match, if...

"Some Cricket Yarns" by Alfred Gibson
For the historically-inclined, in the hope that we can make a long-winded discussion out of it: ********************************************************************** If we...

RIP, Bill Brown
Of all the deaths that we have had over the past year, this one saddens me most. Bill Brown was a delightful cove, benevolent, bighearted and benign, a raconteur more giving of his time a...

Haydens replacement scores century in PC Final
Time for Matt to call it a day and give this young fellow a chance

NSW 350-400 ahead should be a winning total
Should win. Day 3, 40 overs to go, 260 in front, they should bat them into the ground and bowl them out over 5 or 6 sessions. Hey rain doesn't matter a draw is good enough An...

IPL money makes Mathew Hayden offer olive branch to Harbhajan Batsman prepared to offer olive branch after spiteful series Hayden seeks talks with Harbhajan Cr...

NSW on top in final
Still a long way to go but with the Vics batting last on this pitch NSW is on top.

Ladeez & Gennelmen!: An Historic Moment
I can't ever recall supporting the Dics in *anything* prior to this season's PC Final. Go the Dics! alvey

Where did they come from?
While searching for another book, I found a copy of the Wisden Book of Cricket 1876- 1978, plus half a dozen ABC Cricket Books dating back from the Australian Tour of England in 1975 to En...

Play weak teams for world records, top ranking (from
(From The best, and the easiest, way to record books (and also to give a perfect launching pad to fresh blood) in world cricket these days is to play a ...

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