Good Grief
Because Brett Lee went for quite a few runs in his first spell, Healy now decides that he needs a few weeks off. It is Perth- the outfield is fast- the batsmen do get a few favours. <...

Man of The Match
I can understand how Gilchrist got it- it normally goes to a batsman anyway. And in Perth with the sentiment blah blah (Mind you there were plenty of shots of his wife- he is a lucky man)....

The guy should bat at number 12 he is hopeless. Phil Tufnell was a better bat than this guy - maybe time SL looked at some net time for their lower order... Sri Lanka might as ...

ashamed of you symonds
winning at any cost, isn't it mate?

Cricket online radio
Guys how you listen to the ABC radio commentary online? i cant find it anywhere on the ABC site.

Symonds took a bump catch of LPC Silva and cheated
Symonds took a bump catch of LPC Silva and cheated Umpires didnt ask for a replay and didnt call back LPC Silva like they did in Kevin Pietersens case. I dont think the mat...

What a bowling performance by SriLanka at Perth
Commentators were expecting Australia to score around 300 runs at Perth and SriLanka restricted Australia to a meagre 236. What a bowling performance from Srilanka restricting Hussey t...

when we were the kings
we had the emperor howard at the top.. we controlled cricket, on and off the field. we targetted atherton, hussein, vaughan, lara, strauss and dravid. we just not targetted ...

If Nine go to the news...
Before Gilchrist has reached his century (well, if) they deserve to be blown up by that Al Quaeda fellow!!!

US army declassifies the existence of non-lethal weapons that exploit the Mind (Working links)
US army declassifies the existence of non-lethal weapons that exploit the Mind 310 mil Americans and 6 bil Non-Americans are NOT AWARE of the FRIGHTENING SECRET TECHNO...

Drug cheat Roger Clemens tells lawmakers Pettitte "Misremembered" Clemens Tells Lawmakers Pettitte 'Misremembered' By ADAM THOMPSON February 14, 2008; Page A4 Confronted wit...

consensual pedophilia is ok
Pedophiles are the new scapegoats, just as Jews were in the past. Pedo philes are innocent if they have not used force, deception, intimidation, or drugs, and if their acts have b...

Official snoopers get extra powers to enter UK homes
http://www.dailymai live/articles/ news/news. html?in_article_ id=513973& in_page_id= 1770 Official snoopers get extra powers to enter homes as 13 new laws '...

When will Greg Chappell say "Sorry" for ordering his brother to bowl that underarm delivery to New Zealand?

Where does Bracken change?
Surely not in the blokes dressing room!

thank you prime minister kevin rudd
you've made all of us proud. glad to miss the self acclaimed cricket traggic and the real traggic john howard.

stupid murali
gives out all his sectrets for the world to see. he even talks about his body movement when he delivers an offie and a dooshra. people don't need to look at the tapes over a...

Usman Khawaja to open for NSW
We have had Chee, we have had aboriginals and now we have Usman Khawaja a Pakistani Moslem immigrant playing ( although him being a Moslem is irrelevant to me ) 1st class cricket. What a ...

Selling cricket books on eBay
Has anyone done this? If so, what were the results? alvey

symonds has been asked to zip it
it's bloody time

Ponting's back
One thing that I've been wondering is how much has Ponting's bad back been responsible for his poor performances this season? If its largely responsible then it calls into question exactly h...

Some Questions.
1.Is Ponting past his best? 2. If the answer to 1 is yes, and Gillie has retired are Australia on the slippery slope? Afterall, the reason Orstrayans claimed was the reason they lost t...

Why do India wear blue?
When their national colours are orange white and green???

indians may lose this one
going into the shell is not a good sign against the aussies. almost 2 runs an over wouldn't help them. couple of wickets will wrap the game for the aussies.

Australia's Brad Haddin walked
Tendulkar didn't. Enough said.

gilchrist's demonstration
it was very disappointing mate.

Incompetent Simon Taufel compensates incompetent Rudi Koertzen
Incompetent Simon Taufel declares Sehwag out lbw to compensate incompetent Rudi Koertzens ruling Gilchrist out lbw. 3.6 Bracken to Sehwag, OUT, this time the umpire gives it! Bracken p...

Obvious Question
How does Clark get the odo gig ahead of Noffers? alvey

Free hits rules?
Sharma claimed a catch on the free hit, it ended up being a no ball also, but wtf he is doing anyway, can you still be caught on a freehit?

Indian Cheats
The lowest team ....poor Gilly

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