Best reliable websites to bet on cricket ?
Which websites are best to bet on cricket ? I want to bet on India in CB series finals. Paging

Fragile. I wonder how the people who paid so much for Symonds are feeling now?

Poor bugger can't play today. He has had a hard couple of days. So his captain tells us. Perhaps he should go to confession and say ten hail Marys

Conducting an Opinion Poll
With all this uproar about what gestures and words should be sanctionable ICC has created a questionaire for polling opinion on what is offensive and what is not so they can institute the st...

Can anyone really challenge Boucher? cricketlogic now on google
Will any wicketkeeper be able to challenge Mark Boucher's record of most dismissals in Test cricket? More on Cricket fans can now join cricketlogic group on google ...

Myspace Comments
wow, want some myspace comments? check out com

Is cricket becoming a sport for women, and is freedom of speech a thing of the past?
It seems you can't say anything on the field anymore without having the opposition demanding for suspensions and bans etc. It's as ridiculous as it is pathetic, and it makes cricket look ...

Isn't it funny
All the whingers and Gunga Dins and Elephant Boys (that means you StraightDrive and the Good Ole Boy from the US south Cover Point)in here are getting more and more desperate in their unsu...

Remorseless Hayden is a loudmouthed bully per many England players - David Hopps Matthew Hayden has escaped with a reprimand from Cricket Australia after a Brisbane radio interview in...

Australians are cunning sissies and born pussies - Harbhajan Singh
Apparently, Ponting kept having a go at Harbhajan in Adelaide, asking him "to show what he had got" in the middle. Harbhajan, on his part, had then cheekily remarked: "Mate, what...

In England or Australia- Which Team has been the Most Unpopular of Tourists?
Spurred on by Alvey's comments previously, I was trying to think of a really unpopular team. Jardine's team here of course (but that is another topic). I really think this Indian team...

Good on cricket Australia
Although I personally agree with Haydens comments I feel it was totally inappropriate for him to utter them publicly. Good on Cricket Australia and Australian cricket for trying to uphold ...

Is it a bad thing?
With all the 30 plus players leaving- there are far more opportunities for younger kids coming through. Maybe the IPL is not a bad thing after all.

FBI n NSA psychopaths can use Nonlethal Weapons to Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia By Sharon Weinberger February 18, 2008 | 9:14:0...

Hayden's Penalty.
Is to carry around a Zero Weeding Wand.

Aussie criketers girlfriends - HOT!!!!

Lee wins Border Medal
I can just imagine the look on Alveys face and some of our other QCCCCCCC's members. Life just cant get better :-)

Player who has contravened the ICC CoC the most
Hayden mentioned it was Singh but in one of the threads it was claimed this was incorrect. Does anyone know off hand who has racked up the most breaches of the ICC CoC? It would be great i...

Border Awards............
I got most of the results. But can someone tell me who won 'sledger of the year'? TIA.

Aussies have turned lying and cunning into an art form - Dhoni 'It's an art and they (Australians) are good at it' - Dhoni Nagraj Gollapudi in Hobart February ...

Cricket Madi
Hi Folks, Check out this site You can chat with friends while watching the score. Enjoy madi, Cricket Madi Team ...

One 50 and columnists start singing hosannas to Uthappa
Uthappa's last 10 matches - Avg 20.25 47, 11*, 0, 19, 1, 5, 0*, 18, 10, 51 Uthappas last 15 matches - Avg 26+ 41, 0, 30*, 45, 44, 47, 11*, 0, 19, 1, 5, 0*, 18, 1...

ICC's Malcolm Speed was critical of BCCI's failure to exploit cricket's commercial power in India Malcolm Speed: ""There are several possible benefits that may emerge from IPL. I have been critical in...

What I would like to see
Sri Lanka beat India tomorrow. On Friday, Australia field a very weak side and lose to Sri Lanka so Sri Lanka get to the finals ahead of India. Be as good as winning lotto. ...

So he gets a 15% fine of his match fee. The Indians complain about Australians provoking him. How does this work- how do you provoke a bowler who has just taken your wicket?

19 yr old know it all back chatting smart arse. enjoy your 15% pay cut now ya can whine. -- The only reason I would take up exercising is ...

Whats this about Dhoni and illegal gloves ?
Didn't get to see yesterdays match, so my knowledge is only from what was reported in the Age today (online i might add) As i have been told so many times (in this newsgroup) it...
Is IPL a bubble waiting to burst? Have your say, cast your vote on

Tonights Game
It does not seem to suit spinners. So why no more bowling from Hopes- or even Symonds?

Just a quick query- is he in your view as good as or better than Harvey as an all rounder? That's Ian, not Neil.

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