It is criminal to include Dinesh Karthick in the current Indian ODI team
The current Indian ODI team is too low on experience and too many youngsters who never won matches vs Australia. It is criminal to include Dinesh Karthick and Gambhir over V...

OT: NYPD detective accused of pimping teen By MARCUS FRANKLIN, Associated Press Writer 25 minutes ago NEW YORK - A police detective and ...

Future Australian captain
BO's ordination as the next Aust captain took another step forward today when the judge investigating Monkeygate questioned the veracity of his statements. --

Aussie liars and sissies exposed by Justice John Hansen Symonds unsure if the term 'monkey' was used Insufficient evidence against Harbhajan - Hansen ...

Predicament of Andrew Symonds
Judge Hansen slams Andrew Symonds' actions in the Sydney Test. Interestingly, Symonds said after the Sydney Test that he stood up for Brett Lee, who was bashed by the bat at his backsi...

sorry andrew
harbahajan is an innocent victim of a villain called symonds. as many people pointed out here the judge also thinks there was nothing wrong about harbhajan's contact with lee. the judg...

symonds to sue icc?
he didn't like what the judge said it seems. aushitralia's turn now

Singh racial vilification charge
What the fuck is the Indian cricket team playing at now? They have got Singh off the racial vilification charge and now they want Symonds charged with abuse. and they had a private pla...

Money & CA
They reckon ESPN could sue CA and cost them a fortune. My question is why could not CA sue the BCCI and players like HS if India went home ? Surely they would be entitled to substant...

Australians can't take it when sledged back - Arjuna Ranatunga Ranatunga, a former Sri Lankan captain, called for a ban on sledging and hoped the Australians would learn th...

Accept Australian Sledging In Good Grace
In Australia, more than a quarter of all births are out-of-wedlock. Is it any wonder then that "bastard" is a term of endearment among Australians rather than an abuse? Indian cricketers mus...

Gilchrist and Healy Stats
WARNE Healy 74 Tests, 49 Dismissals, 34 Catches, 15 Stumpings (1.51) Gilchrist 70 Tests, 59 Dismissals, 39 Catches, 20 Stumpings (1.19) Emery 1 Test, 1 Dismissal, 1 Stumping (1.00) ...

Song for India
When Worrell's Windians left Oz in 1961 they were accorded a civic motorcade and farewell because of their performances and the way that they played their cricket. The only thing missing in ...

Saun Tate
Gives cricket away because of emotional and physical exhaustion.

Sachin Tendulkar - Australian Idol Australian idol Just what is it that endears Sachin Tendulkar to crowds and cognoscenti alike Down Unde...

it's not cricket
going by a news headline in the abc site, india is still talking about boycotting the one day series. they could say that they would consider their options, including an early dep...

Clang over and out
Given he recently declared he wanted to play on until 2009, the obvious conclusion is he got a tap on the shoulder from the selectors. Funny the media hasn't mentioned the possibil...

Clang for the odos?
Just a thought. Would the Oz selectors be justified in saying, "Thanks for everything Clang, but we'd like to have a look at a couple of options behind the sticks in the odo series. By...

Bad MotM choice?
Whilst Tendulkar played a great innings, the man who saved India was Sewag. He got them off to a good start in the first dig and single handedly held together the second innings.

andrew the chuck
don't you reckon this bloke chuck? lots of my mates do. geegee

gillespie was assaulted yesterday
unfortunately, the australia day has become an attacking spree weekend for the drunken brainless men. i reckon some of those naughty baoys got hold of him, and attacked the mixed-...

What are India thinking??
The ICC table is run off series wins not game wins so by India playing this test the way they have they are going to lose and not even have a chance of drawing the series thus not helping ...

IIf Australia Weere to Get India out soon......
Be nice to think Gilchrist would open.

Adelaide and Sydney
Over the past few years it seems to me that Australia generally dont play very well at these two grounds, they really struggle to bowl teams out regularly, and always look a lesser team at t...

'We won't have niggers in this hotel' - by Martin Williamson 1943 'We won't have niggers in this hotel' Martin Williamson Learie Constantine was one of...

It's so very tense.
Not the boring Adullaide Test. Not seeing if Clang can clang any in his last Test. But whether Australia's Greatest Ever Fast Bowler, Best Bloke and Model Metrosexual Brett-Lee can fin...

What the Hell is Clarke doing in the slips???
Yet another catch goes down. The guy obviously can't catch under pressure. Banish him to the boundary.

Simon Katich
I'm not about to select him as Australian captain but he must be wishing he'd played like this when he was in the Test team. David Morrow used terms such as imperious and dominant to descr...

So who will replace Gilly behind the stumps?
So who will replace Gilly behind the stumps?

Do this mob of whiners ever give up?
This mornings paper reports that India still "may" consider a boycott of the rest of the tour if the racial judgement against Harbajhan is not reversed. I wish they would pack their e...

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