Players I Think Were Better than Thier Careers Showed
Gary Gilmour- what a shame he never played more often for Australia. I guess the choice was largely his.

What idiot cricketer would wear a name like that, but a show pony?

Shows How Long It Is Since I went to a Test
The tickets for decent seats at Perth are $68! I thought they would be $30 or something.

Who Would Have Thunk It?
The Windies beat RSA in Port Elizabeth. That is a bit of a shock. (Well to me).

Congrats Gilly
New Australian record holder By far the best Australian keeper of them all.

Ganguly and Yuvraj's fielding and Zaheer's no balls are pathetic at MCG,8659,22982431-23212,00.html Horror day of foot faults and fumbles By Peter Lalor December 29, 2007 IF a good fieldsman can make the di...

Viv Richards not Don Bradman is the best batsman ever in cricket history - Ian Botham I regard him as the best player who ever played cricket. Bradman got all the records, but I wonder if Bradman could have adju...

India had one bad day at MCG - Peter Roebuck Champs respect basics Peter Roebuck December 29, 2007

Chuckers, called and alleged
What's say we compile a comprehensive list of the game's supposed chuckers? The following spring to mind immediately: Tom Walker Willes Willsher Alec Watson Frank...

Would Ponting break this trivial record?
This record is held by a top level retired sub-continental player, who is in Australia now. Ponting is at the top among the active players, and two other sub-continental stars are just behi...

Clangwatch 071229
The full Oz clang count so far this season afaik; T1 v SL: Clang, BB, Frog T2:v SL: Punter, Clang T1 v I: I1 Frog(MJ) - I2 Clang(AS), Haydos(BH), Clang(BH) ...

How Dumb Is Ken Higgs...really?
Does Ken Higgs have a history of falsifying information? Does Ken Higgs have a history of patently lying about facts? Does Ken Higgs have a history of posturing? Does Ken Higgs get owne...

LOL - 337 run hiding...Aussies far too superior.
Sri Lanka are a no contest, England are a no contest, and it seems India are too. So even after retiring 2 bowlers with 1270+ test scalps between them, no-one can put up a decent fight...

Congratulations to Australia on a Well Deserved Win in Melbourne Test
Indian team was completely out thought and out played by Australia in almost every department of the game. Tim Nielsen did great work behind the scenes working out strategies to g...

With Symonds doing so much bowling
I can see Tait coming in for the next Test. In place of Hogg. Unless he runs through the tail.

Not the nicest of days to be batting
~39C in Melbourne so about 40-45C in the middle. Looks like Ganguly is suffering from a bit of heat exhaustion, I cant help but wonder if it's such a good idea to be wearing that red hand...

neutral coverage needed
i thought i saw a ball tampering attempt this morning. sturat clark was meticulously picking something from the ball. the camare want to see where tha ball was after dravid's dis...

Did Andrew Symonds chuck the ball that god Dravid LBW
Any one watching Ind vs Aus live comment on Andrew Symonds ball that got Dravid LBW. It looked like a chuck. His arm was still bent at the point of delivery of the ball.

The missed stumping
Clearlt the toes were above the ground when Gilchrist missed that stumping. But, the question is whether the ball was 'in the hand'? Actually it was 'on' the hand. The...

Yep. That's another Gilclang.
1/37 Roy to Laxative. Clang standing up. Down the legside, Laxative misses and struggles to keep his back foot on the ground. Clang gloves the ball badly and then misses the pegs.

MCG: Where's the crowd?
It's school hols. It's a Saturday. It's been a good Test. So where are they? alvey

Harbhajan and Hogg
Harbhajan got 3 for 100ish and Hogg got 2 for 80ish in their last innings. Would Hogg do better than Harbhajan in this innings? By the way, does anyone think at least one ma...

Wicket on a noball
Channel Nine goes to show an ad with yesterday's incident of a wicket off a noball (Zaheer Khan getting Andrew Symonds). The very next ball - Lee gets Jaffer off a noball. Then, ...

Largest number of bowlers
In nine overs, Australians have already used four bowlers in this innings. I wonder what the records say on a number of bowlers used in the start of an innings. I am sure you would see 4 b...

We are not done yet - India in
We are not done yet - India Screams headlines in Aussie newspapers. I love the confidence of Indian team. Right mindset, right attitude and right way to start Second i...

How Dumb is Ken Higgs....really?
Does Ken Higgs have a history of falsifying information? Does Ken Higgs have a history of patently lying about facts? Does Ken Higgs have a history of posturing? Does Ken Higgs get owne...

Funny how Yorker never creates threads here, just redirects them from RSC
nothing suss about that racist kid.

How will Ntini be remembered?
Just looking up his stats I see he has 319 Test wickets at around 27 runs each. That's in 79 Tests. As a comparison Brett Lee has around 250 from 62 Tests at 30 runs. I hav...

I Thought India Was Slow In Batting
Windies against RSA: PL Harris c Taylor b Bravo 9 (100m 68b 0x4 0x6) SR: 13.23 9 in 100 minutes?

Should Aus tour Pakistan in March given light of recent events?
there's riots on the streets all over the country now, pretty chaotic scenes. From my understanding the government cant MAKE Cricket Australia cancel the tour but will give advice not to ?...

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