What is Going On?
NZ beat RSA. Zimbabwe beat W.I.

Greg Chappells slip catch 82/83
Is there one better?

Time for an Australia Republic is ripe now!
The ouster of Howard is a good sign. Now that there are two party leaders who champion the cause of a Republic, it should be incumbent to further this cause: More than 60% of Australians, an...

Someone thinks Lee is worth it
Lee is earning about A$ 3 000 000 this year from his cricket. Wonder how that compares with other cricketers around the world. Good luck to him but it does seem to be an awful lot of money...

He's berry, berry upset
Anyone know anything about what's on my Foxsport's screen atm? "Berry up on four charges". I can't find anything on the CA site. alvey

Does anyone know if he underwent a fitness test before T2? And if so, HTF did he pass it? -- cheers, calvin

Who Are The Most Knowledgable Posters Here?
Hamish astounds me with his statistical knowledge- and he can pick a good player from a Shield level player. Alvey ( despite his one eyed views) can detect flaws and has a critical ey...

'Yuvraj will have to wait his turn' - Kumble
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/indvpak/content/current/story/321422.html India v Pakistan, 1st Test, Delhi 'Yuvraj will have to wait his turn' - Kumble Siddhart...

Bulls set more records
With a record-breaking loss to Victoria, turning a 228 run first innings lead into a 276 run loss. Injuries to 2 key bowelers didn't help, but the batting continues to be a joke. <...

For QCCC Members
Bookies club is relocating to Albion Park.

Aus Vs WI 1995
I'm looking for DVD or VHS tapes of the 1995 tour of the West Indies between Aust and WI preferably taped from Galaxy Pay TV in Australia. Can anyone assist or point me to some websites tha...

Interesting stats comparo - AKA name these "all-rounders"?
Hint 1: Neither bowel more than one boncer in any over. Hint 2: Only one has scored a test century. Hint 3: One is retired one is still playing test cricket. Mat Runs HS Ba...

Rudi Koertzen is now one of the worst umpires - Robert Craddock
http://blogs.news.com.au/couriermail/robertcraddock/index.php/couriermail/comments/time_to_go_rudi_koertzen/ Time to go Rudi Koertzen Robert Craddock Tuesd...

Unrewarded brilliance of Kumar Sangakkara
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ausvsl/content/current/story/321229.html Australia v Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Hobart, 5th day Unrewarded brilliance Peter Engli...

My masters told me to apologise again
To all who haven't kill filed me, As you know I troll these and many other newsgroups. I use many different aliases including cricketleague, ivar, newstoberead, david singh, cri...

David Singh's imposter ran away after I posted this comment
http://groups.google.com/group/rec.sport.cricket/msg/97eaae015a344626 OR Full text of the link above follows. Sociopath David Singh imposter Ans...

When will David Singh stop sexually abusing kids?
I will never stop, LOL! That is what I do best. I enjoyed it as a child, why shouldn't others? I'm an illiterate pathetic troll, nearly everyone with usenet access has kill...

Clark and Kee's bowling to the tailenders
Was crap. Bowled lots of short of a length stuff that got nicely up to waist high ideal for the cross bat slash or followed the batsman as they backed away to square. Whatever h...

When will paedophile catholic priests stop sexually abusing kids ?
http://www.katu.com/news/local/11562041.html By MARY PEMBERTON Associated Press Writer $50M settlement reached in priest sex abuse cases ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -...

You're good at retreiving all the stats. Can I please have Brett Lee's last four Test matches. Thanks for any assistance.

Sangakkara - was he out or not???
Just saw the decision for Sangakkara, looked pretty sus to me, I don't believe he was out. Discuss -- Posted at www.Usenet.com.au

Clangwatch: 19Nov07
T1 v SL: Clang, Frog, BB T2 v SL: Punter, Clang, Clark, GB, Clang (ro). I haven't seen it all, were there any others? alvey

Do you think you could stop re-posting to the main page and just keep them within the thread you are taking them out of? Not sure what pisses me off the most the Re: or the fact you w...

The Warwick Todd effect
Anyone noticed the similarity between Punter's tv ad for multi-vitamins and Toddy's ad for Fine Pine furniture? alvey

What time is Aus V SL starting AESummerT
Are they still making up time? Couldn't find the starting time for today ( my lack of skills).

New look Aus XI
Is it just me, or does the team have a more laid-back feel to this Summer? Have the laconic Jacques, Symonds, Hussey and Johnson tipped the balance in favour of the non-dickheads? ...

Strike Bowler
Four most recent Tests: 2/36 (Bats 2, 4) and 4/47 (Bats 1, 5, 10, 11) 3/78 (Bats 1, 7, 8) and 3/39 (Bats 2, 3, 8) 4/26 (Bats 2, 3, 7, 10) and 4/86 (Bats 1, 6, 8, 10) <...

Have I Been Wrong About Jaques?
I really thought the way his form has been the last few seasons, he may have difficulty cutting it at test level. Now he comes out like Bradman against Sri Lanka. Okay- it is ju...

Murali admits
admits that Legspin bowling is harder to bowl than offspin on channel 9 live at 3:15pm Aus time, says that he started bowling legspin when he was younger but went to offspin as it's easier...

I am a typical hypocritic losing Aussie Sissy - Greg Chappell
http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/india/content/current/story/319671.html Former coach lifts lid on turbulent tenure Chappell accuses Indian board of cover-up Cricinfo s...

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