Fixed Matches - A List
It came to mind just now that it could be very interesting to gather up a list of top-flight matches through cricket history under which legitimate doubt was or has been cast. A small number...

The debacle of the World Cup Ending
I wonder if Darryl Hair may have had a better grasp of the rules than the five officials involved? Or Simon Taufel? Interesting comment from Crash Craddock about Bowden yesterday- nee...

Looking Ahead
For the upcoming season CA has scheduled 2 tests against SL and 4 against India. This seems to be a cricketing and marketing mistake. There is no way any of the tests against India will go a...

System for next CWC
Start with 4 pools of 4 Week 1 Pool games 4 venues, teams to play every 2nd day Week 2 Top team in each pool rest week to gallivant around in bars and make prats of thems...

Where is Huggies?
As true cricket lover I would have expected him to be one of the first to congratulate the Australian team on winning the CWC just as he was when Australia regained the Ashes ( oh that's r...

Congrats Ozzers
Too daym good!

Lots of talk of McGrath going (and fair enough) but Buchanan is also off as a winner. He coped no end of flak for preparing the team for the WC at the expense of the NZ ODO tour and the 3-...

We are the Champions of the World !

Cricket Forums
Hi all, I just wanted to let everybody know that I have started a new cricket forum and would love it if you would come and check it out. We don't have many members yet and are trying to g...

The match referee and umpires are sorry (happy now?)
.... for inviting Sri Lankans to bat those three overs. But, the captains made a good decision to play it out, rather than arguing.

Australia win the World cup twice
Do we get two trophy's for winning it a second time in 10 minutes? What a joke the final has turned out to be!

How long to we have to wait before Aus is declared the winner? eom

Well done the Aussies
Better team on the day and the best team in the tournament won but what an awful way for the game to finish

Sri Lankans need to match Gilly
Need 149 runs in 99 balls. That was what Gilly did by himself. Hard, but.... Then, rain also threatens..... Vicky:

Why do people 'hate' Aussie team
Look at what Ponting did. After playing a ball, he ran along the middle of the pitch, about 8 or so paces. Steve Bucknor gets mad at Ponting and gave awarning. Then, Clarke...

Not Gilly, his gloves, stupid.
Reaching the triple figures, Gilchrist raised his gloves and pointed someone. He seems to have acknowledged the contribution of that person who must have modified the palm of the gloves.

Well, when he's hot he's hot, no one can come near him, not Ponting or Hayden or Symonds or Hussey or <insert any other ODI batsmen here>. Good to see him shine like no other ca...

Will put a big show for everyone
Is that what Ponting said? Are they playing in a final to win or are they there to put a big show? Vicky:

Weather @ Barbados and winning the toss...
I read somewhere (The Age?) that showers could interrupt the World Cup final at Barbados. Actually occasional rain was the forecast for Friday and Saturday, it seems. But, no other sources...

So, Who Will Win Tonight?
I will go for Australia naturally. I think they have more versatility and don't rely so heavily on a few players.

Perth and WA website seeks cricket clubs, groups and contributors
Hi all I'm involved in a new West Australian website called Loconut Our focus is on local news, stories, people, clubs, groups and interests....

Mahela guilty?
Talking about showing up late for the photographs here. I do not think Mahela or the team management would have done this intentionally. I would give him the benefit of the doubt.

OT Sheep Poodles and the Japanese ( on topic for NZers as sheep are involved )
I just find this very funny Japanese sold sheep instead of poodles April 27, 20...

Predictions For Tonight?
Again, few seem game to guess, so I will stick my neck out a little and say Australia- without being pressured too much. Some tight spots maybe, but overall too much versatility. <...

Richie our fav commentator
from a recent poll 1 Richie Benaud 3022 2 Kerry O'Keeffe 2171 3 Bill Lawry 1441 4 ...

And the award for class after a loss
Must go to Stephen Fleming for his interview after the loss to S.L. It is a shame he is stepping down an NZ one day captain.

And, the winner is.......
.... Simon Taufel. ICC Elite Panel umpire, Simon Taufel win the White Cane Awrad for his performance in the first semi-final played in Jamaica between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. ...

Getting to the finals from the semi finals ...
Ok so you have four teams ranked 1 to 4 after the group stages and all that, and at this stage when there's just 4 teams left there aren't too many options in regards to the format, but is...

Shane Keith Warne
After watching this . . . It is still hard to accept that we're never gonna see this bloke bowl again for Australia and he's still got ...

ABC pays out on Simpson 'Hurt' Watson proving his worth Shane Watson has admitted to being hurt by criticism from the likes of former Austral...

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