Top 10 run scorers in this world cup
This is the list of the top 10 run scorers in the ICC Cricket World cup 2007 ML Hayden GC Smith RT Ponting JH Kallis SB Styris MJ Clarke BC Lara Imra...

The West Indies Game and a bit more
Just watching the Australians bowling now. The pitch seems pretty flat and the Australian bowling very tight. Two of the Windies wickets so far are out to poor shot selection. Chanderpaul ...

Who for you,are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cricket ?
Irrespective whether anyone named is still playing cricket professionally, is now retired, or is now deceased, who for you have been and are the worst or most notorious chuckers in cric...

resumption of AUS V WI Super 8 match
Does anyone know what time the resumption of play of the Aus Vs WI WC Super 8 match will happen(over night only the Australian Innings occured - the WI weren't able to bat due to rain)? ...

Fox Sports - Aus Vs WI Super 8 match
Does anyone know if Fox Sports are going to screen the rest of the Aus Vs WI Super 8 match tonight(Only the Australian Batting Innings was able to be played last night before rain interrupte...

(TV) on-screen graphic...
It's not quite large enough... I can still see some of the cricket behind it.

The Comments of Clive Rice
They seem a little weird to me- regarding Woolmers death ad match fixing he is alleged to have said: If I revealed names I would think that I could be in quite a lot of danger." ...

Guide for the 2007 World Cup (update)
TV: Nine Network and Fox Sports Radio: ABC local radios (live match commentaries) Internet: Web: Official World Cup website: ...

Australians to secure World Cup records?
McGrath is in with a chance to pass all time wicket-taking record of Wasim Akram. He is just 4 short of Akram. Australia will play six more natches for sure, and most likely to play the se...

Super eight schedule
Now the action shifts to the super eights with two top teams out. In fact its going to be super six Download the super eight schedule here

We won but!
The worrying thing is that SA were 1-160 of 20 overs? Plus Hussey hasn,t fired yet? Plus Symonds isn,t ready yet.

Semifinal line up
Who could be the semifinalists this time around? With super eight being shortened to super six (with bangladesh and ireland moving ahead), australia, south africa and new zealand would...

Now there is a new way to REWARD Cricketers you have come to hate . . .
. . . perhaps we could arrange for the likes of Mike Breirley, Ian Botham or Sarfras Nawas to get short stints as a coach of the Paki cricket team? Any other suggestions?

Update on the Sammy Jones run-out
A while ago, I opened a discussion on Usenet about W.G. Grace's infamous run-out of Sammy Jones in the 1882 "Ashes" Test and received a great deal of feedback and information from numerous p...

Radio/Stream/Free anything for tonights IND/SRI game?
Is there any coverage anywhere? This is a HUGE game. The winner will most likly ensured of entering the super 8 carrying in points.

Coach Bob Woolmer Was Strangled - Pak Cricketers Fingerprinted, Told To Remain In Jamaica Pending Investigation Police: Pakistan Cricket Coach Strangled By HOWARD CAMPBELL The Associated Press Th...

Why do you enjoy seeing England's cricket team get beaten?
Irrespective whether you dislike or even admire England's cricket team, why do you enjoy seeing them get beaten in cricket tests (whether they're Ashes related or not) ?

Invitation for you
Hi Cric fan, I invite you to join my group and make some activity there. The group is in the need of some smart persons like you. Come and talk here everything about cricket. ...

What do you think cric fan?
Hi cric fan, What do you think who can win this 2007 world cup? Can Australia retain the World cup? Can Australia performance will be same as it was in 2003 World cup? ...

India vs Srilanka: predict what will happen?
Hi crick fan, Tomorrow is the day when the second final of cricket world cup 2007 to be played. Confused, don't worry I just telling about India & Srilanka matches. Everyone...

India vs Srilanka: predict what will happen?
Hi crick fan, Tomorrow is the day when the second final of cricket world cup 2007 to be played. Confused, don't worry I just telling about India & Srilanka matches. Everyone...

Bob woolmer dead under mysterious circumstances
Bob woolmer dead under mysterious circumstances

Woolmer murdered? What now?
Not posting this to rsc because its a bit inflammatory but if Woolmer has been murdered as the evidence to date is apparently showing, then one presumes it must have been a more than irate f...

Tassie in the Box Seat
In contrast to Tassies rearguard action that boosted them to a more than handy 340 after being 5/90 odd the New South Welshman have imploded in the face of tight bowling to go from 2/90 to b...

Who will be the winners?
Assuming some results against minnows, the real contestants should be the following: India Sri Lanka Australia New Zealand RSA West Indies In...

who won overnight ?
so who won in thecricket overnight ? -- Aaron Meadows Switchboard Operator Email: [email protected] Phone: 1300 666 330 Fax: 1300 552 649 Dodo Aus...

Flashes of Light on the Faith
In this article of mine, the believer will find incontestable historic- archaeological support to his Faith, the undecided one will perhaps be capable of making a decisive step forward to li...

What a Stodgy Effort eh alvey
123 off 89 I know it was only a minnow, but still his was the second highest strike rate for the Aussies. CDK

World Cup Website
What a shockingly bad website - slower than the second coming! Doesn't scroll properly, and one would expect some sort of acknowledgement regarding the Pakistan coach - http://cricke...

Tell me how good I am no really
Go Ireland.

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