Australia's all time XI
Andrew Symonds? Hmmm.... Vicky:

All-time Oz ODO XI
Picks itself IMHO: Waugh M Gilchrist Ponting Chappell G Roy Bevan O'Donnell Warnie GB Lillee McGrath Notes: 1. ...

Jimmy Maher - Lord of the Rings
Qld - winner of the Frodo Cup

World Cup Tour
Thought I may look at a tour for the World Cup in the Windies as I expect to have a bit of time in April. Holy crap- the prices- the first tour I looked at was around $20,000 for three wee...

Paul Kelly on Warnie Vid

Super 8 Tix vs Sri Lanka
Have four tickets for this thriller in Grenada on April 16 vs Tom Moody's Lankan XI.

Lee out of World Cup
Clark is replacing Lee. Is Gillespie still playing. It has nothing to do with WC but curious

Thoughts on ODI as a game
When I first started posting to this ng I was very interested in ODIs as a form of the game, in fact I think one of my first posts was asking for a score after I had got off an o/s flight....

Current World Cup odds
$3.25 - Australia $5.50 - South Africa $8.00 - Sri Lanka, India, West Indies $9.00 - England, New Zealand $11.00 - Pakistan $301.00 - Bangladesh $501.00 - Kenya, Zimb...

Hussey upset on being lost the series ...
A demoralised Michael Hussey has admitted it will take him a while to recover from his Chappell-Hadlee Trophy experience. Hussey, the stand- in captain, was expected to guide the side easily...

Hey alvey
Haydos didn't score quickly enough. How stodgy is that!!!!! CDK

Cricket World Cup Tickets:-Super 8s ,Semi and Finals Tickets --
Cricket World Cup Tickets Following Pakistan Throughout Tournament inc Semis and Final (=A3500 each) Reply to: [email protected], Ron +447017426990 (no texts plea...

The two forgotten Stuart's ......
There's two Stuart's floating around in Australia that take wickets by the absolute truck loads and Australia aren't bowling teams out. Both these Stuart's have outstanding records for Austr...

Australia need............
Some advice on how to defend high scores? From someone? Anyone! FFS this is getting ridiculous. Teams are gonna be lining up to put Oz in and let them score 300+ , therefore becomin...

Enough is Enough
Except for Hayden and Symonds can we please stop picking f***ing Queenslanders? They can't step up to the plate. Whether it be Johnson, Myth, Can't Bowl Can't Throw, Law, Maher, H...

The sh!te they write Where are all those who made comments to this article now?

worst bowling ever
Hi the aussies batters have done a great job again, posting a huge total. the bowlers needed only a few tight overs in a row, so what do they do ? bowl short, wide rubbish that says "h...

Voges get a bowl? what da?
That really was a stupid move by hussey, you have White who as much as hasn't done anything is a bowler of some sorts and Hodge would roll his arm over more than Voges. Not to say it would...

multiple choice
some questions to ponder has mcmillan got the fattest arse in world cricket ? a) ever b) since steve waugh c) since ranatunga why do they play such old music...

Welldone, neighbours
Kiwi boys never gave up. Fron few dozens to the top order, the local boys kept hitting. I feel sorry for Hussey. I thought this one was in his pouch, but! Now, as they say...

Lost again :(
Sigh.. another close match, another lost.

the highest individual score by an Australian
Hello Cricket crazy, After overcoming from foot injury, Mathew Hayden posted the highest individual score Runs: 181, 11 fours and 10 sixes) in one-day internationals in the third...

Caribean Cricket Mali Richards, son of the Windies' highest-scoring test batsman Sir Vivian, looks at the history of West Ind...

Australia need...
Some advice on how to defend high scores? Perhaps from the no.1 side in the world? I've been laughing for a while now about "expert" commentators bemoaning the lack of competiti...

Some thoughts on the Aus ODI performance recently
May I first mention that I haven't actually watch the recent games so my comments are gleaned from TV news cricinfo and the papers 1) both England and NZ deserved to win they were the...

NZ wins 2nd one day
hmm, what a finish. Interesting that 46 overs were bowled by WC bound bowlers. NW Bracken 10 1 66 2 6.60 GD McGrath 9.4 0 50 0 5.17 SW Tait 9 0 64 0 7.11...

Frodo cup: 4 bowlers in top 5 from Qld - Vics will be up against it
Hopes, JR QLD 19 19.79 25.4 0 0 4/38 Magoffin, SJ WA 15 23.20 32.2 0 0 3/43 Simpson, C QLD 15 28.20 35.7 0 0 4/34 Hauritz, NM QLD 14 23.86 33.4 0 0 3/23 ...

Mr Cricket
What a great cricketer that man is. Just needs encouragement that's all. LL

Since Watson has been back
How many ODI's have we won ?

Bond, Shane Bond.
He seems to be the best ever performer against Australia in ODIs. In his 10 matches, he took 33 wickets @ 13.12 runs, with a strike rate of one (plus) wicket every 3 overs. ...

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