W.G. contadicts himself
Grace (according to legend): "When you win the toss, bat. If you are in doubt, think about it - then bat. If you have very big doubts, consult a colleague - then bat." - Ash, Russell, and Mo...

Threat to internationals @ Gabba next season
Gabba facing international axe over sponsor row Cricket Australia (CA) says it is hoping to resolve a sponsorship row which could see Brisbane's Gabba ground miss out on international ...

Losers Convention in Full Swing in WA - NZ prove dumber than England
Watching England (the perennial losers) being defeated by New Zealand (dumb arses) tonight was the most frustrating event I have seen in a long long time. Just wait until New Ze...

Qld quicks dominate at the Gabba
Unfortunately the most successfull ones were playing for WA. Qld's third successive outright loss at the Gabba according to CI. We should consider a move to ABO. alvey...

Is Katherine Trimble an envy racist bigot?
Is Katherine Trimble an envy racist bigot? A person, mistakenly think that she's in his friend list. However, rather than denying it, she'll simply give a friendly reply. &...

Gilchrist believes Hayden is the right partner in World cup ...
At last gilly has found a right partner, which proves to be the best opening pair for the Aussies. Gilchirst is in top form since Hayden started opening with him. http://gosporty.blog...

Great fightback by Oram couldn't stop the Aussies ...
Australia held on to beat New Zealand by just eight runs in a high- scoring tri-series One-Day International featuring three centuries at the WACA on Sunday. Ricky Ponting and Matthew ...

Bracken in men's changing room?
My sister used to wear an Alice Band in her hair just like Bracken's, a big worry! As for the Black & White Minstrel Show, words fail me.

Cameron White?
Does anyone know why White didn't have a bowl against NZ last night Australia only just won in the end but I saw the White didn't bowl at all and he would be one of the bowlers? Wouldn't b...

Am I Invisible?
Hi there Can anyone other than other Bigpond customers see this post? I suspect the Bigpong news-server has been isolated from the rest of the world for the last couple of days...

Cricket Online Community/Jamoja.com
Hey wasup, I have come across a nice new website for all Cricket lovers. www.jamoja.com. Its a brand new site. The site has only been up for 3 weeks. The great thing is that you can upload...

"Arthur Shrewsbury in Private Life" by Dick Lilley
I had cause to browse through Lilley's book the other day, and this is=20 by far the most interesting bit in it: "Arthur Shrewsbury in private life was a man of many distinct=20 p...

Latest rumours on the English ODI team
Hick, Gooch, Small, Hollioake and Gough to be recalled to the one day side....

NSV in action #N07P-82B
SMH on-line after the Adelaide massacre. (Send England to Snowtown while they're in the vicinity?) "Matthew Hayden was unbeaten with a scratchy 30, and Ricky Ponting was the other...

Pick a quick
As the odo series splutters on it's lop-sided way one thing that it's not helping to clear up is the most interesting WC selection issue, namely; Who are the bowlers going to be? The stats s...

the one day series needs a 4th team in it
Perhaps the return of australia "a" to the one day series will at least make it competitive. They did that a few years ago with England and Zimbabwe here. I would like to se...

How To Make the Poms Competitive
Give them an extra innings.

New Team Wanted
Get rid of these fuckers....most hopeless bunch of twats ever let loose on a cricket field. I can only imagine what Freddie will have to say about it.

Freak decamps to Acrtic settlement
Ian Harvey joins Derbyshire Cricinfo staff January 24, 2007 Derbyshire have signed former Australian international Ian Harvey who will be considered a British national courte...

Stewey Gets Gong (And a Great Sledge)
Sledging at country level raised to an art form. Check the second sentence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Law on Austr...

Any idea....
Who holds the record for the most catches by a non-wicketkeeper in an ODO? I'm thinking it must be Ponting, considering his versatility?

World cup final?
Aus V sri lanka for the world cup final in barbados.. The Sri Lankans seemed to have been the only team that have played good cricket over the past year. Thoughts?

Poor Hussey
It's all on his shoulders yet again. Hayden, get out - you're not up to it, dog in the manger. Gillie, Ponting, finger out lads. Clarke, good game, Symonds, good game. Swap Gill...

Advert from the SMA
"Stress-free Binga hits the high notes January 21, 2007 His sporting career at the summit, Brett Lee is singing all the way to the bank, Daniel Lane writes. TEN YEARS a...

Chappell Believes
That you should take a skied catch 99 times out of 1000. Seems rather poor ratio

furrows in the pitch
The grounds staff have been drag racing a tractor on the pitch, by the looks of it. Batmen are batting woefully. The umpires are having a shocker. A rathe...

Martyn's interview this week with ACA
Should be good. Can't wait.

Geometry for stupid umpires
Dear stupid international umpires, We all know the rule that says, 'if a batsman is hit on the pads outside the line of off stump and he is playing a shot he CANNOT be given out'.

Johnny Walker Trivia: Timed Out
A Johnny Walker trivia question on Nein's telecast today was 'How late must a batsman be to be "timed out"?'. The answer they gave was 3 minutes, although this is clearly incorrect. The ...

England misery- but Flintoff, Pietersen and Co are still world No.2
The simple fact is that the suffering tourists are not as bad as most people think - it's just that the Aussies are in a different world to the rest of cricket. http://www.sportin...

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