Looks like I was wrong. Didn't have to see if Hayden would fail. Apparently, the guy who just scored 82 & 100* is an old fart who should be thrown to the wolves in favour of Jaques. <...

"You cant be English"
Will someone please explain how this is a racial slur? I can see how it is thin skinned to be taking offence though.

Cricket in the 50s
Anyone watch it last night? Man was there some blatant chucking, Meckiff off course was one of them, but he was nowhere near as blatant as a couple of others(whose names escape me). S...

Alfie opens WA chapter of the QCC
Quoted after the Brisbane Test; "It's pleasing [his success] and I hope some of the NSW press who keep questioning my place in the team, might remember that next time," Langer sai...

brad Hogg
Why isn't he ahead of McGill in being considered for tests?

Vale England
As a peer of the realm, it grieves me to see England, a once proud nation, continually made to look the fool by our antipodean cousins. Those confounded Australians take great de...

are wombats good?
I'm not really sure whether Wombats are any good. The picture on Wikipedia looks like a horrid little Pig. Quite Obscene. Just not English. 149 ...

Axe an oldie
At the moment Hayden - 35 Langer - 36 Ponting - almost 32 Martyn - 35 Hussey - 31 Clarke - 25 Gilchrist - 35 Warne - 37 Lee - 30 Clarke - 31

where are wombats?
Can someone tell me whether Wombats live only in Australia, or also on other continents? Apart from zoos, of course. We all know that Wombats are to be found in Zoos. ...

Heads up
Tomorrow night(Tue) ABC 9:20pm Cricket in the 50s: Discovering New Boundaries

UATC: T2 selections.
Roll-up roll-up. T2 starts this Fri, some time before lunch in Adullaide.

watson ruled out of 2nd test
magilla in for sure, hopefully for Lee. fuck i'm sick of lee's shit bowling, clark bowled so well, the poms would love lee to be retained. did he improve his figures against england in...

UATC: T1, Time and game.
Rank Punter Current Tot 1 Geoff Muldoon 251 2 alvey 205 3 David Male 202 4 Salil 199 5 Joe Thurbon 155 6 Andy Wolfe 145 7 Calvin 132 8 UQ Rob 99 <...

anyone hear what the official figures were?

9's Hotspot...............
>I/< (@ @) ----o0O-(_)-O0o---- What wonderful innovation the Hotspot is. So informative and helpful. According to the Ch 9 com...

UATC: T1D3 - stumps
Geoff Muldoon + Hussey, Ponting - Cook, Giles 300 Andy Wolfe + Hussey, Ponting - Bell, Giles 261 David Male + Hayden, Ponting - Jones, Average 257 Joe Thurbon + Hussey, Pontin...

Useful collapse by the Dics
Chasing 273 for 1st innings points they managed to go from 0/109 to all out 253. Nice. alvey in briz, going round the grounds and noting that The Frog has failed...

Bung's place in the XI
Why is there no mention of the Fantastic Freckle's recent returns? Crikey! If any normal bowler had these returns then you'd need ear muffs. Maybe that doesn't apply to sub-normal bowlers......

Another indication that 'Hawkeye' is at times nowhere near being accurate, if you believe in '3 tracker'. In Pietersen's dismissal Hawkeye shows the ball clearly missing the off ...

Bowden and Bucknor. An absolute disgrace. Ponting was out on Day 1 to Giles and never given. Pietersen even though he's a fool for not playing a shot should never have been ...

The Sleepover Club
Frankie is running for student council representative, but the M&Ms conspire together to ruin her chances. Meanwhile, Channel Nein in the rest of Australia probably has Mr Nicholas <...

Audio recording of day 2's play wanted
Hi I know I'm cross posting but I need to reach as many people as possible. Does any one have an audio recording of day 2 in Brisbane? I set up my minidisc to record the who...

Prediction: Test will be over inside 4 days

carrying on the innings without declaring
good move ricky, a wagging tail beats an in swinging hoggard, strategy wise.

Tonk a pom game my best was 795m

UATC: T1D1 stumps
Andy Wolfe: + Hussey, Ponting - Bell, Giles 180 Geoff Muldoon: + Hussey, Ponting - Cook, Giles 180 David Male: + Hayden, Ponting - Jones, Average 158 Joe Thurbon: + Hussey, Ponting - Fl...

LOL at Bill
Slater giving Bill some cheek by imitating him as an umpire giving somebody out..."gothim, you outta here...'" Bill, "your beginning to sound like Tong Greig, and it's only your first...

Come on England lets get stuck into the Aussies
Mad Dog anti EU wrote: || Barmy Army, Barmy Army !!! || || 100 men went to bed, went to bed with Shane Warne, 100 Men and there dog, || Spot, went to bed with Shane Warne............

Boxing day tickets
Have 2 tickets boxing day test reserved first day i am in sydney Thanks

Bird's action
Just catching up on the NSW v WA frodo and Fux were doing some slomos of Aaron Bird having a trundle. Hmmmm. Under the correct Laws he'd have been weeded out before U17's, but these days.......

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