Warne Announces Retirement!
Effective today, April 1st.

steve bucknor and aussie success
how much do you think steve bucknor's bias/incompetence/problems with eyesight have contributed to (meaning 'have been a factor in'; yes aussie fans, i have had to define this term for the b...

Gibbs bowled again
What are the odds of that happening?

Glenn/Jane McGrath update - sounds promising
Sounds good for Glenn, they dont mention anything about Jane's progress though apart from "Things are going well at the moment (with Jane). I can't say great because we won't know for a few ...

Is there anyone in the top 20 test batsman........
Apart from Langer and Hayden who don't play one day cricket??? It is amazing the number 2 batsman in tests can't get a ODI knock anymore.... http://www.sidlothian.com/crick...

deja vu
Did G.Smith wake up this morning to the tune on a radio: "I got you babe" ??

Visit my cricket site
Hi everyone, Visit my cricket site and tell me what you think... my site aggregates information found on the most popular cricket sites on the net, ie. cricinfo, bbc, cricmania, i...

Who would win the 2007 Cricket World Cup?
There is a hot poll just started on the net on who would win the 2007 cricket world cup. This is an international survey.So go ahead and vote your team. Also recommend your friends to v...

Books on Cricket for sale.
Books on Cricket for sale. Books and memorabilia on different towns and places throughout Australia. Some of these may be of use to people looking to track down family histor...

Live scores and all Best Cricket websites
Please check http://www.itsmylinks.com/cricket/ here you can find all best cricket websites and Live scoreboard

Who will succeed Punter?
At a bare minimum Punter should be good for another two years. This would mean that by that time the following would almost certainly be gone. Haydos Alfie Marto Clang <...

Vic guide to best Private accommodation for your needs. School, work or play. New business and migrants see below.
Footy and sporting fans do it easy, where the footy grounds are, trams, trains, horse racing, sports venues. First look up this page for an assist in finding out exactly what is best <...

Hartley's grab in the PCF
Anyone see his snare off 1st slips laces in I3? Corker. I'll record Fox Sports News later tonight and see if thay show it. alvey

do u think ricky ponting is the best?
do you think ricky ponting is the best in the world?

abc radio
Some bird was reading the 7o'clock news on ABC radio "Qld scored 6/900......Watson made 2001 retired hurt and Perren 173.... yada yada" ffs you don't even have to be a cric...

Gilly out?
The ABC local radio broadcast took about 30 seconds to change their mind from Gilly hitting a 6, to Nel catching his wicket. Anyone with a clip of this, or memory of the vision to tell me...

What is with Ponting?
Haven't posted before, but I guess I belong to the 'camp' that believes that Ponting is a fantastic batsman but a substandard captain. Obviously the plan was for some quick fire runs befor...

900 up
6/900 you can say 8 down, = Watson injured and Noffke sick I think they should all have a chit-chat tonight and call it stumps on the match hmm looks like ...

Mick Lewis is having a shit of a month
First he goes for over 100 in an ODO and now he is part of a bowling "attack" that is being done over big time by Queensland He will be involved in two records that will take some beat...

Question for the Vics...
The fourth new ball is due soon. Should they take it? Discuss. cheers, calvin

Will Queensland make it
As a Victorian I hope not as Victoria hold the record. Given that Queensland don't have to win the match, I wouldn't blame them for having a crack at one of the older records on the bo...

700 up
3/711 and only 2 wks have fallen to the bowlers With still almost 5 sessions to go, 1000 is def a chance

Congrats to Queensland on winning the carton
Colin Kynoch

Is S Clark Injured?
He only bowled the last over of the day, and only 2 balls at that. Is he injured or did Ponting fuck up again?

Pollock & Co bowling the Brisbane Line

PC Final 2006
I just thought someone should mention it. alvey in cool and autumnal Brizbane.

Sorry guys. The spam stuff was not my intent. I do oppoligies and won't happen again. I have never been on newsgroups before and not sure how to work them. I hope you guys can forgive a b...

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Books on Cricket for sale.
Books on Cricket for sale. Books and memorabilia on different towns and places throughout Australia. Some of these may be of use to people looking to track down family histor...

Smith talks the talk and get fined!!!!!!!!
I thought only Australians were rude to umpires

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