wedding at home just log on to
wedding at home just log on to

cricket admin
from a fox sport article on the NBL... I did not realize this twat came from the pitty pat, yank my doodle game... Then NBL chairman Malcolm Speed predicted that by 20...

Name this spearhead
Q. Which golden-haired bowler, who's allegedly had a "golden summer", and who's rsc nickname features a precious metal, has recorded these figures in his last 5 odos. 10 1 48 ...

Rate the Aussie bowlers
Pace: 1 McGrath 2 Lee 3 Kasprowicz 4 Gillespie 5 Tait 6 Bichel 7 Bracken 8 Clark 9 Harwood 10 Lewis Yesterday Bird and Bollinger showed mor...

Eng Vs Ind on in Aus?
Is the India Vs England test series being shown on Fox Sports? I want to watch England lose again on the sub continent...

Duckworth/Lewis query?
What was the go with duckworth/Lewis method last night? Aus made 229 off 47 and then South Africa had to make 233. I thought the D/L only came into play when the team batting second fa...

New cricket site - - The Home of Cricket Rss Feeds
Hey everyone, Ive just updated my new cricket site with new content and a new layout. Check it out, we have the latest scorecards, news, multimedia and a new forum - please join. ...

Good on you Smith ........and SA
Good to see Smith is finally walking the walk to match his talk

Who is the fucking idiot who picked the Aussie side for the 1st ODI???
Useless side that deserves to lose by 8 wickets.

Well done NSW
Well done winning the ING competition, excellent game

Tony Greig
Is it too late to use RU486 on him? Justin

Symonds out of first ODI
His hip injury hasn't healed. They say he will be back for the second match.

Symonds Absence
Can anyone explain Symonds' absence from the 20-20 match? I would have thought he'd be the first picked. Certainly ahead of Watson as an allrounder in ODI and 20-20 cricket. Or was it simp...

****sake. no coverage of the 20 20?
the 2nd innings has recently started so i put my guitar down, stopped drinking, ran to the tv, turn it on and found no cricket on any FTA channels ... turned to Foxtel sports channels, and...

visit my site for all the latest
go to for all the latest sports news, scores and fixtures. there is a big focus on cricket

Just read in the local paper he has broken Darren Berry's 16 yr old world record for the longest spell in first class cricket without conceding a bye. Before the SA match (just finished) it...

pura cup
About halfway through the season Qld, Tas and WA looked like battling it out for the wooden spoon Now with Qld about to knock SA off (8/200 chasing 500+), the pc is up for grabs ...

Best cricket site
This is the best cricket site ive seen. Its got all the cricket news you could want

Scott Muller on 20 to 01 Greatest Scandals
Did anyone watch the 20 to 01 Greatest Scandals on Nein last night? The Scott Muller incident got in there at around No.13. It was a classic. Everytime Shane Warne tried to call him sa...

Test post please ignore this

Ping alvey
Can you email me at [email protected] Colin Kynoch

ODI in South Africa
How well do we think Australia will do in the one dayers. Also how bad will the south afrrican groud treat our guys considering their palyers coped a whole heap over here,?

When are Australia playing in South Africa
Does anyone know when Aus is playing in South Africa?

Who Am I?

keep cool
new aussie invention $12.95

Meanwhile at the Gabba...
Bowling O M R W Tait 17.4 2 82 2 (1nb, 9w) Gillespie 19 6 40 5 (1nb) ...

The definitive source of "Roy"
Today's Brisbane Sunday Rag has an interview with Symonds in it in which he sez that the source of the 'Roy' nick was an early cricket coach in Briz. Said coach christened him 'Leroy' after ...

Why Drummoyne Oval?
Anyone know why the NSW v WA dodo isn't at the SCG? alvey

dirk nannes
looks good! has pace for sure, looks a much better leftie prospect than Johnson.

Who will be in the ING Cup Finals?
New South Wales and..... Victoria or South Australia? Vicky: [Queensland is getting ready for an ING wooden spoon? Well... I like to see Victoria in the Final. For th...

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