Can someone give Chapman a white stick?
Seriously, who does this guy think he is? Rob Chapman, you suck. You've got to be one of, if not the most divisive, unpleasant dishonest and bigoted posters to th...

While im against it, SA cant be upset if the crowd say racist stuff, seriously you are meant to be professional players... perhaps they have never been to an aussie rules football match......

SA v SL @ Gabba 17/1
Anyone know the crowd figure for this match? thanks, calvin

Get Rich
Take advantage of a great deal

Jammo's Computer
I enrolled in a computer course at the local infants school 3 days ago, and I now know everything about them. I'm going to be working in web design from tomorrow onwards, Calvin has

Godwins Law an adaption for asc and rsc
Many know what Godwin's Law states and the tradition that follows it. May I suggest that for asc and rsc that the words NAZI and/or HITLER be replaced with RACIST ( or words similar ) and ...

Why Boonie is better than Chuck Norris
currently doing the rounds ... --- Boonie's tears don't cure cancer, but they do cure a hard earned thirst as they are 4.9% alcohol. Boonie doesn't shave; his bea...

Why is kenhiggs so racist?
Why is he so anti-Australian?

Wouldn't it be a refreshing change
If the occasional Australian came out and said they were unhappy that racial taunts were being thrown by a small minority of their fans and that it ought to stop. I guess Cronulla...

Hussey club google group rules
I found a thing about that cool other google group "Hussey Club" it's also remember plz check it out and it;'s not mine

Cool as
I found a cool new cricket club called The Hussey Club and it's not just about' Hussey But gives you all the latest results in the cricket with history and facts with great scorec...

Racism the order of the day at Aus cricket grounds
In light of the comments by certain Australian rscers that Larry was lying and they have never heard racial abuse at any cricket ground in the past 20 odd years, perhaps we could have a comm...

Ken Found out to be Right Rev
Note to all, Ken Higgs was found out to be masquerading as Right Rev today by accidentally signing his normal Higgs at the bottom. He was trying to in a much gentler way pretend to tell me...

Bonus point rule
Is it strictly making the winning score in 40 overs or less, or score rate better by 25%? Tie in 40 overs and a boundary in the first ball of the 41st? Vicky:

Bloody Krapich
Dropped three times, despite playing The Bludger role, and gets a score. We'll be stuck with the Abominable Slowman for fucking months now. alvey

Ugly Aust XI
Test players only 1 G. Marsh 2 Wessells 3 Veletta 4 5 Bevan 6 Krapich Buggered if I can dredge up another one. Was scraping the barrell to pu...

Excellent captaincy
Gilchrist with his over rate.... How much of $ on line I wonder. Vicky: [Any excuses from the RSC experts?]

Lee's approach to Lankan batsmen
Radio commentators thought going all the way to talk to Sangakkara through his grill more than once is not acceptable, and Match Referee, Jeff Crowe may have to talk to the fast bowler. ...

Warne: Favourite cricketer and Captaincy
Warne started with Ian Chappell.... Warne said he respects Chappell's approach towards cricket and the way he lead the team/s. It seems, Warne enjoys talking cricket with Chappel...

Time to change channels
News is on so lets go and watch the fashion channel

What's the difference?
Pardon my ignorance, but what's the difference between the way Aussie quicks like McGrath and Lee bowl and the line and length of the "Bodyline" bowlers who were, oh so, unsporting? ...

Dory a super bat
Well why else would you name him super sub ? Another gamble bites the dust

Bill Lawry has lost the plot
talking about B Lee "line and length always immaculate"

Thi ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! Thi

Allan Border Medal
This from Baggy Green website... "The voting period for Australian cricket's most cherished individual achievement includes the past 15 Tests and a total of 30 ODIs." Anyon...

My Australian ODI Team
In batting order: Jaques Symonds Ponting Gilchrist Clarke Hussey Hodge Lee Hogg Bracken McGrath Super Sub: Shane Watson

Super Sub Rules
One of the most stupid rules they ever brought into the game. Anyway to make a bad rule more palpable it should be that each team names its twelve players before the toss then name th...

What is the frame speed for Ch 9's slo mo
and how does it compare to the speeds used in testing for "chucking"? I saw Lee's action in slo mo at a mates place the other day from one of the odi's and it looked like he straighte...

Symonds chucked out
murali gets another wicket with the doosra Come on Larry defend that delivery.

Live cricket on the internet
Does anyone know where to watch live cricket on the internet? I'm in the netherlands and can't receive any decent sports channels... Regards Junior --------------= Posted ...

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