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Foxsport's confusing.
Fox sport news website, morning of 30Nov:,8659,17408565-23212,00.html Symonds safe for Perth By Malcolm Conn November 30, 2005 ...

watching cricket?keep cool

Has Bevan retired?
I haven't seen Michael Bevan's name crop up in scorecards this season, has he retired?

Sarwan's dissmissal
I know I wear glasses and they are sometimes dirty but I would like to ask about this dismissal. When I saw it on TV as it happened I thought OUT. Then thinking about it and seeing the ...

Holding's idea, appeals to the 3rd umpire by batsman
Holding ( I think it was ) suggested on the ABC before the start of play on day 5 WI v Aus that the batsman/ captain should have the right to refer a certain number of decisions of "out" ...

Hussey vs Bevan/SWaugh
When Bevan was getting not out scores in ODI's galore we had the QCCC calling him all sorts of names about protecting his average. Just as bad was the selfish calls labelled at Steve Waugh...

I post to the group from time to time ( From N.Ireland). Wondered where Cicero is. Tom Atkinson

Lack of comment
Its surprisingly quiet in hear about how well Brett Lee is bowling. Less overs and more wickets than 2 of the greatest of all time is a fairly big achievement and worth recognition. ...

Clarke 201* for NSW vs Qld
QLD 266 NSW 7/488 declared (129 overs) NSW Run Rate: 3.78 NSW SpeedBlitz Blues lead by 222 runs on 1st innings Current Match Status: Lunch Nicholson 18 27b, 3x4, 0x6, SR: 66...

Aus-WI Team of the Series
1 Langer 2 Hayden 3 Ponting 4 Lara 5 Hussey 6 Bravo 7 Ramdin 8 Warne 9 Lee 10 MacGill 11 McGrath 12th Hodge Player of the Series: Take...

Well done Australia and Lara
A good result for Australia and IMHO they maybe starting to get the right batting combination together ( Symond's is still a big question ). The highlight of the series was of course ...

Cheating - double standards
Reading some of the threads about Latif, Healy & Dyer. People accuse them of cheating for claiming catches that for all we know they thought were fair catches. Yet we have the situation l...

Bulls letting down the QCCCCC
It was a hard fought battle to get rubber man out of the Australian side and now we have the situation of the Bulls doing everything they can to get him back in it N...

Group Photo with cup
There seemed only 11 of the Aussie players with the cup in the group photo at the end of the presentation. Isn't the 12th man included? - JW

Clarke 200
So who's going to be the first one to say how he should be straight back in the side because he's just all that? IMO Great to see but still needs at least the rest of the season...

Newsgroup Creation Proposal I vote YES cheers, Calvin You know it makes sense

LOL @ Alvey
Haven't seen you over in my newsgroup lately pussy. Surely you have got used to watching your shower of sh!t sports teams choke? Or have you topped yourself in shame? ...

The Australian Team
Well still dont think Lee is a number 2 bowler but he can fill the number 3 spot. Would bring Gilly back against SA . I would be tempted to go with 3 quicks and 2 spinners and do away with...

Decisions Going Your Way
You would think that most runs of bad decisions even themselves out eventually. You get some shockers for and against you over a series or year and so on. That said, Australia a...

What a catch!!!
Lara caught by Hayden, what a ripper of a catch

news : Two Minutes of Silent Protest Planned by
Two Minutes of Silent Protest Planned by In case you missed, here is the latest sensational bowling performance by BCCI's selection committee: 0.1...

news : Two Minutes of Silent Protest Planned by
Two Minutes of Silent Protest Planned by In case you missed, here is the latest sensational bowling performance by BCCI's selection committee: 0.1...

adeliade test 58/59
ABC2 digital has this on right now!!! Pure gold. about time they showed some of the old series they have in their archive.

Clang Next To Go?
Dizz Marto Krapich BB Clang's recent batting averages: last 15 inn = 29.8 last 10 inn = 24.2 alvey

OT: Australia's Rugby Coach -- Qn for Alvey?
I know sfa about Rugby and I'm the first to admit it, but what would be wrong with getting that Nucifora bloke to do it? Didn't he win some Super 12 comp with the Brumbies against the ...

He is absolutely useless as a Test player...he's gotta go...

What did the Windies have for breakfast?
Their catching is fantastic today.

Make Money on Trading or Home Party
Make Money on Trading or Home Party Leo

most violent Adelaide Oval day I've seen
No exaggeration, there was some yob on the hill ejected by the police at least every 15 minutes from about midday onward. Plenty of punches thrown in the crowd, at least one all in brawl/p...

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