No comment necessary
Pura Cup, 2005-06, 2nd Match Western Australia v Victoria W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth 18,19,20,21 October 2005 (4-day match) DR Martyn run out 1 http://c...

Simon Jones admits to ball tampering
Simon Jones admitted to ball tampering but disagreed with Bracken's view that English bowlers were using breath mints to make the ball go Irish. |||| Jones said he did ...

How far can you go to change the condition of the ball?
The law about changing the condition of the ball is as follows and is not changed by the standard test playing conditions Law 42 / 3 3. The match ball - changing its condition (a...

TURN $6 INTO $15,000 IN ONLY 30 DAYS...HERES HOW - "paypal.rtf" 12.4 KBytes yEnc
It Will Work… If you do as I have done! Just Do It! follow the 4 steps… $6.00 to $15,000.00 in 30 days! Steps: Follow the Logic, Just Do it and It will work… $$$ in 4 easy steps… 1. Set...

Nice Double from Andy
Nice Double from Andy Bichel 6-80 and 56 ...not bad for 35 .. Go Bichel ... Fran

The most celebrated loser...
With the loss by the World XI, Brian Lara has become the most losing player in the history of Test cricket. For this and more (including Bert Sutcliffe's 42 Test career without a victory)...

Why are the live scores reporting the wrong score for Maher? Says he is 80 in one spot and 129 in another And 66 on this one:

Trivia Question
What domestic cricket event will take place on Saturday for the first time in three seasons? cheers, Calvin

cricket australia website is still crap
live scores from the gabba still have last nights stumps score ffs is this gonna be the go for the rest of season, again!!

The ICC super tourney Speed It was profitable but ....
M Speed and the ICC seems to have changed their minds about the super series . What got up my nose ( and I recommend yo...

and the World 11 vs The best team concept is gone
because of Aus by 250 + in the super test and 3 - 0 in the ODO. Australia the best team in the world can thrash the best of the rest

Do the players Stats count for this Super Series?
Was just wondering if the game stats for each player in this series are counted towards their total career stats?

For the Queenslanders
Matt's 100

Doing his best to show everyone why he shouldn't be selected as an all rounder, and all it took was 3 overs. Pity really because the side looks much better with Warne and MacGill. ...

World XI bowling
I have to say that the ICC must want the Aussie's to win this game with the bowling lineup that the World XI has I mean really is that the best bowling lineup they can come up with the onl...

A disappointment
Oh, if only Ashes had been around last night to tell us all to set the video for something special from Gilly.... Cheers, Mike

Queensland ensnared in the Bracken -- break out the Bollinger
Queensland ensnared in the Bracken -- break out the Bollinger!! I've been wanting to do that pun for ages. Well done NSW in ING. FRAN

Blues trounce Bulls October 14, 2005 UNFASHIONABLE left-armer Doug Bollinger ripped through Queensland's batting tonight to viciously break NSW's one-day cricket drought against ...

Warne sex scandal
Even the missus getting into it now, having a fling with a high profile AFL TV commentator "Bowled Simone"

Aus v WXI Test Weather Forecast
Hi folks Things are looking a bit grim for the 6 day test, with rain forecast for the foreseeable future...

OT Chuckwit's friend has his day in court
Financier in court on bestiality and cruelty charges By Les Kennedy October 13, 2005 - 12:32PM Brendan Francis McMahon, 36, leaves court after appearing on charges of aggrava...

Are Australia still the best? (Yes i realise It's almost a fortnight old) What a load of crap this article is.... I ask you this....

How does Clark hang on to his place?

The world is not enough / Who said it was impossible to hit the roof last year / and my top Aus team
The world is not enough :) Last year or the year before I posted it was only a matter of time before a batsman would hit the roof. It happened twice on Sunday. Hussey ...

A NSV side verses the others Who would win?
Who would be in the 2 teams and who would win? I admit that I don't see enough inter state cricket ( 1/2 a dozen + (( hopefully)) days at the SCG watching the Shield per year doesn't...

Watson and Hussey
The ICC and it's selection policies handed Australia the series on an absolute platter. Instead of picking a team that could beat Australia, they picked a team of the 11 biggest names whet...

Poor White
Was in every game and didn't get to bat or bowl at any stage - looked like he finally might get a bat when Watson and Hussey were in together but they just hung around for the rest of the in...

Crowd Cheer
Muralitharan recieved the best cheer from the crowd for all the internationals when recieving their medals. Thats surprising after everything that has been said in the past about the Austr...

A new ATG combination.
Morecombe & Wise Laurel & Hardy Clang & Fucken

Why the Oz team is doing badly
Ponting says he is happy about 4 dropped catches!!! what sort of a thing is that for a captain to say? Shows he is just there for the money, not the game.

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