Re: We *need* a swing boweler
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Successful Return to cricket
Hi all: thought I'd blow my own trumpet here for a bit. Played cricket again on Sunday (only playing the lowest grade of warehouse, so not too competitive). In the first ga...

Chris Hartley
It sounds as though Chris Hartley batted pretty well against WI in the tour game. Dis anyone see his batting or his keeping? Does he have a serious claim to being able to take the glov...

Queenslanders bowlers press for Test selection
A strong display from the Bulls has the pressure on the Australian bowlers to perform or get the boot. And Watson has once again showed his creditentials as an allrounder and will be pushi...

So who replaces Langer?
Indications are that there's a fair chance that Langer will miss T1 as a result of a cracked rib courtesy of todays odo at the MCG #2 ground. So who's on the short list then? I suspect that ...

When Cliches Go Bad
NSW win SoO and Sydney side wins NRL - Aus lose to NZ in Sydney for the first time in 50 years. NSW win Pura Cup - Aust lose Ashes for the first time in 18 years. NSW beat Q...

Anyone else having problems...
getting onto Cricinfo? (And Yahoo mail) I haven't been able to access either for > 24 hours. alvey

Cricket links
check this all cricket links at

Idiotic Selectors
The Australian batting line up is no where as strong as in years gone by. Actually its very brittle but can the West Indians crack it ? So what do the selectors do ? Drop a batsman in fav...

Re: We *need* a swing boweler
So Calvin, you play for Australia, do you?

Left-arm bowlers
To take a leaf out of another's book, consider the following two left-arm pace bowlers. One has been selected to play tests, the other hasn't even been mentioned as a contender. They both ...

Are they trying to say something?
The back page of today's SMA sport section is solid cricket with no less than six pieces. 'Spinner warns of Pakistan pitfalls' - About Ingerlund's tour of Terrorstan, but I don't...

Bracken in for Hodge
Source: Bracken in for Hodge New South Wales left-arm quick Nathan Bracken has been included in a 12-man Test squad to take on the West Indies in ...

Gabba Test
Thursday start again. What's this year's excuse? cheers, Calvin

Comrades I'll be there on Thursday if anyone wants to catch up for a jug or three. cheers, Calvin

We *need* a swing boweler
Yet again the selection criteria are being written to favour a certain NSV individual. Talk about Gabba greentops and high humidity is spurious. The Gabba *Test* wicket is alway...

Victorian Test Batsman
We keep hearing about the "V" in "NSV" but how many Victorians have played more than 10 Tests since peace deal with Packer. I can only think of three in Graham Yallop, Dean Jones and ...

Award Winning British Health Company is Coming Down-under
I'm posting this information here because many sports people (olympic, professionals and amateurs) use 'Bioflow' magnets to help with recovery, pain and healing. You may know someone interes...

What are the most humorous uses of any cricket jargon terms so far?
What are your picks of the most (humorous only) uses so far, of any cricket jargon terms made by anyone (be it by a player, who ever was commentating a cricket match you saw, or someone who ...

No comment required
ING Cup, 2005-06, 4th Match Western Australia v Victoria W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth 23 October 2005 (50-over match) DR Martyn c Siddle b Denton ...

Mitchell Johnson & Dan Cullen
What is all the hype about regarding Mitchell Johnson???? From what I saw on the TV yesterday he is nothing by an over-hyped and over-rated QCCC push to the national team. Much like ...

Cricket Australia site
When you think you have seen the dumbest thing on their site along comes more.... How much do they get paid I'd say there's a few on this newsgroup that would be happy to be paid what they...

World's Dumbest Town?
No surprises here, it's in Ausfailure. WORLD'S DUMBEST TOWN VOWS TO RAISE IQ The people of Cooley, Australi...

The MacDill Paradox
During the Oz v The Rest Flopeanza series every single media pundit opined loud & long that the RoW players were disinterested and unmotivated and how they played accordingly. Yet according ...

Kasprowicz v Ponting
Only lasted one ball. Kasper got him with a corker of a yorker. Even though I'm hoping Tasmania jag an upset I was really happy that it was Kasprowicz who got Ponting. Kasper didn't b...

Dighton is a cheat
There is no doubt that Dighton did nick that ball in the 8th over (ball 8.2). There was a big nick sound as it passed the bat, and Dighton didn't hit the ground or his pads as it happened,...

Cricket Comeback
Today I make my return to the Cricket field. I was hoping it would rain so I see the Cox Plate but not to be. All the important stuff has been packed like the Cool Mints, the Minties ...

Ahh Melbourne, a city full of life... A TOP-LEVEL investigation will examine how the body of an elderly Melbourne man could lie unnoticed in a car for nine days. Hundr...

Jon Moss
What are peoples opinions of Jon Moss? The last couple of seasons I've wondered why his name hasn't been thrown up for the all rounders position in the Australian side given how well ...

D/L Method
Funniest thing ever! The Cricket Australia scorecard for the Pura Cup match of WA vs Victoria says this: WA 142 and 312 VIC 271 and 6/184 Run Rate: .00 VIC Carlton Mid Victo...

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