so whats up with India?
if you check the other cricket-related forums youll see a lot of debates regarding Ian Chappel and Sourav Ganguly. For those of us who haven't heard anything about Indian cricket in the last...

Rumours abound
May not have been a very hapy Ashes tour from what my sources say. Several disenchanted players, FatBoy siitting Punter on his arse with a right hook and various players (especially BB) o...

England stamp on Aussies, Bradman found wearing clown outfit
England to stamp further misery on the Aussies By Charles Randall (Filed: 29/09/2005) The special issue of postage stamps honouring three England cricketers from ...

New rsc award: Jernalist ot Month.
As stream of drivelled in another thread; how about we have a monthly rsc award for 'Jernalist of the Month'? To culminate in the prestigious JotY. As part of the unglittering ceremony copie...

ICC One dayers FULL coverage?
Are channel 9 in Melbourne showing us the ENTIRE matches in melbourne or only the first two hours as is usual for one dayers in the state they are played?

British Culture
A UNITED Nations report has labelled Scotland the most violent country in the developed world, with people three times more likely to be assaulted than in America. Eng...

OT: The NSV in action other sports
The Oz rah-rahs have been concerned for some time about how there's nothing for Oz players between the Super 69 comp and club clap'n'kick. The disparity in standards is perceived to be a ret...

Broadcast Rights for ICC Silly Series
Hi there Does anyone know who's broadcasting the ICC one dayers and the test? Jeff

As you Aussies are sending us dodgy cricket jokes...
Q. What do the Aussie wicket keeper and Michael Jackson have in common? A. They both wear gloves for no apparent reason Q. What is the height of optimism? A. An ...

Martyn out thru no other choice
My guess is that it would have been Hayden rather than Martyn but because they want to get Watson into the side without making to many changes Martyn was the only one of age that they could ...

OT- joke
Just heard this and thought it was rather droll. Q: What do you call the compulsive talkers' self-help association? A: On Anon Anon ...

Email received re The Ashes
Someone forwarded this email to me its purportedly a letter sent to Wisden. Its good for a laugh: ------------------------------------------------------- The Ashes Amus...

Autralian Rules Football question
Aussie rules was supposedly a game invented to keep Cricketers fit during the winter. With the Final coming up I was wondering ( not knowing anything about Aussie rules ) how many 1st grad...

Hartley in for Haddin, Seccombe retires
Hartley has been called up to the Australia A team after Haddin broke a finger. A lot of faith shown by selectors since he has only played about 6 matches, though a hundred on debut looks p...

Big dirty secret of cricket
Hi there, As most of you have probably already observed, there is a big dirty secret that really ruins test cricket. This is that even though they love giving you stats about pr...

Future of Australian Cricket
Here's some stats. One guy was dropped and the other is the future of Australian cricket. last10matches 428 91 30.57 0 2 last15matches 792 141 36.00 1 4

Martyn is ta best =)
I think dropping Martyn is a bullshit desicion from the selectors after coming off being the test cricketer of the year last year. It also isn't his fault the umps need contacts and hearin...

Axes out for team to play World XI
Martyn, Gillespie, Kasper get Test axe September 20, 2005 - 1:25PM Damien Martyn, Jason Gillespie and Michael Kasprowicz have been dropped from the Australian Test Team for ...

Martyn dropper from Tests, Hayden from OD....
Suppose it had to happen. Not certain who replaced them.

England without Jones and Flintoff and Australia without McGrath and Warne
Some comments have been made as to how England would fare if Flintoff or Jones (or both) were missing, as opposed to how Australia have fared when Warne or McGrath are missing. I'...

is there anyone waiting in the wings
I was just wondering . . .given warnes age . . .his obvious value to the Austrailian team if there is anyone with the potential to live up to what is probably the greatest spin bowler to ...

Some nice car pics - not for modem users The cars are nice eye candy and the quality of the pics is stunning. Anyone know what sort of gear they'd be using? I love the pics showing the ...

Poms wont swing the ball in our hot dry summer
Schedule the first 3 tests in the driest cities with the most spin friendly pitches and the Ashes will be ours again !!

WG Grace cashes in on Ashes win with online game ..... Especially like the WG Cam. Bring It On!

25 to 8 is not fair
poms can gloat all they want but 2-1 wasnt a genuine result with 25 decisions against 1 team and 8 against poms. and no it didnt hurt like hell to lose because they didnt genuinely lose th...

Australia needs to
Not look at past glories, but look to the future instead. Its no good looking at who has done what in the past, they must concentrate looking for the future players. I think if they dont...

ICC Super Sideshow
So, who would be your Aus XI for the Super Sideshow Test? Not being Australian, I'd pick: Langer M Hussey Ponting Clarke Jaques (or possibly Hodge) Wats...

Another one.Snigger
Who was the last english person to fuck an Aussie and bring back the ashes?

Reverse Swing - why late?
Can someone explain why reverse swing occurs later in its flight than the normal swing? Regards - JW

cricket photography
Anyone here take photos at cricket games? Where, local, SCG, WACA?.. I was wondering what focal length you use. I see(i think) that most of the pros use canons and with hideously expensive...

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