Steve Irwin
The Crocodile Hunter should be in the next line-up. He's good at catching stuff and it'll mean that Warney isn't the only fat fuckwit on the pitch. -- http://foxfield-parva.mys...

Bucknor and Dal
What is being done about these two imcompetent cricket umpires? They cant even count the number of balls in an over for phucks sake...

MacGill should have played
MacGill should have played in the last two Tests and should be playing in the last Test. England have shit themselves over Warne and yet have been murdering our ploddlers except for McGrat...

Hayden's new record
Hayden has gone 30 innings without passing 70, and at Trent Bridge passed the record of 29 set by Syd Gregory, who had a similarly lean trot from 1899 to 1903. This is the longest stretch ...

Ponting should just get over it
And worry about his team and not what England are doing. He would not have a problem with it if his side were 3-0 up by now. A good captain should never blame others for his and his team...

Hayden's fielding
During a break in the SBS telecast of the last test, Greg Mathews commented that what really worried him about Hayden was his fielding - he was fumbling balls, Mathews said (or words to th...

Aus 5th Test line-up
* Hayden has to go. Probably move Katich up to open and bring in Hussey. * Watson is getting a mention in the press here but I can't see that being sensible unless we want to play Mac...

racism in sport??
A black match referee fines two white players for complaining about cheating by black umpires? What a funny game is cricket when the cheats control the governance of the game.

Ponting Moaning
Ricky Ponting in my opinion (as an Englishman) is in danger of making a fool of himself on the sub fielder issue, and if he's not careful, being called a bad loser and a whinger which I know...

How to fill 11 places
I see your government has started looking Gonna offer mail order brides for early signups ???

Dingo took me off-stump
muhahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahaha --

what goes around....... Whingeing Matilda Whingeing Matilda You'll come a whingeing Matilda with me and he whinged as he watched and waite...

Salt in the wound - $6000 fine for Katich
if Aleem Dar hadn't had a temporary brain explosion and given away a ridiculous LBW decision then maybe Katich wouldn't have been upset about getting out. $6000 just for reacting the way e...

As an English 12th 13th etc man do you get a cap?
Just wondering if these extra men are considered proper test cricketer If they are, it really demeens the English cap

The Aussies cheated. We agreed to play our comedy wicket keeper, if they agreed to continue to play their comedy bowler. They cheated and dropped him.

When did this 8 minute rule start ?
I remember. When Lillie used to bowl a couple of overs and piss off to the massage parlour. What goes around - comes around

Well done SBS!
It deserves to be said again - the studio team on SBS are such a refreshing change from Channel Nine's tired lineup (I can't even recall who 7 had). Deano might stumble over his words but he...

warnes batting
someone needs to remind him, it's a test match, not a one day'er. bloody stupid batting!! in contrast katich was superb and was absolutely robbed.

Under the Grandstand
One of the better shows in "half time" entertainment. Must say, though. Adam Spencer must be the ugliest person to ever appear on television. ;-)

Seeing Ponting is having a whinge ...
Seeing Ponting is having a whinge ... |||||||||| >From my post of Jan 4 2004 "Congrats to India" I've always wondered why a first class cricketer considered g...

Langer on Ponting
According to Langer Ponting is really sick of being run out -- as being run out is "one of the cardinal sins". I wonder if he's sick of batting with Martyn. He should be. He's done

Hayden Update
Hayden has managed just 180 runs at 22.50 this series and has now gone 30 Test innings where he has not managed anything over 70.

How Many Aussies Would Get Into A World XI?
Here's a hypothetical... Assume England were the No. 1 team and they were to face a World XI in a 6 day Test in October. How many Australians would make the team? On curren...

The campaign to regain the Ashes starts now
For all practical purposes, the Ashes are gone. Yes, I know there is a theoretical chance that Australia could hang on somehow, but I wouldn't be laying any of my hard-earned on it.

Bad loser Ponting?
Martyn calls for a near suicidal run and Ponting gets run out by the sub fielder. Whose fault? His own for not refusing the run? no. Martyn's for calling the run? no....

It's great to see some Ponting AGRO
Im sick of all this friendliness between the 2 teams !! The team needs more Steve Waugh agro, sledging, and fighting spirit. Stick it up the Poms !!

Jaques scores another ton
His 4th and has now scored 1290 @ 64.50 this county season. Will they give him a go in the final test?

Will Hayden emerge from this test series with more runs than Brett Lee?
I'm on the edge of my seat. Roughly 30 more and he'll be ahead of Lee, but Lee still has a second innings. Now that the Ashes seem to be heading north, the game within a game is w...

The March of Folly
Why is the Australian Cricket Team marching onward, seemingly to inevitable defeat in this series without, apparently, any awareness of its predicament - despite the preponderance of evide...

Who would you pick for the 5th test ?
I would drop Hayden, Lee, Kaspa, Katich and bring in Hussey, McGill, McGrath, Symonds Hussey showed promise in the One Dayers. Anyone but Hayden. Hayden has been out of form for a...

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