Lagaan on SBS tonight
Hi all: Just a pointer to y'all that the Bollywood cricket movie Lagaan is on SBS at 8:30 tonight. Cheers, -- ** Matt van de Werken -- Cricket, Unix, Electronics...

The Slater Revelation
Anyone read the excerpt (it was in the Brisbane paper this morning) about how he blames Steve Waugh for ending his Test career? In my opinion he comes across as a sook.

Another Oz player in sex revelation!
Am reading an interesting book at the moment, the title of which escapes me, but which is absolutely chocker with things that I wasn't aware of. I know. I'm as shocked as you are. ...

Who are the new Aussie cricketers?
G'day I know it has been said that England will have no chance of beating Australia after Warne and McGrath retire. Well it got me thinking about when they and others will go an...

What do Geraint Jones and Michael Jackson have in common?
They both wear gloves for no apparent reason.

1989-90 Quiz
Since I took the 1991 Wisden as my holiday reading, here are some quiz questions about the 1989-90 Sheffield Shield season. 1 Michael Bevan made a century on his Shield debut. In which...

What Comes Out Of The First Test?
Australia won comprehensively. England owned about two sessions, Australia eight (more or less). Although Australia won well, there are some areas that need thought. Gillespie i...

We would have "WON":
If we had eleven top class test cricketers or drawn game if the rain had come screw the weather forecasters and the eleven test players that didn't turn up to play, Well done Australi...

Aust win by 239 runs
So the first innings was a struggle for the Aussies, but after that it's been smooth sailing. McGrath and Warne both dominant with the ball with Lee giving good support. Gillespie will be lu...

OT: Fun with convicts

What is the UK weather site so we can see weather images over Lords ?
What is the UK weather site so we can see weather images over Lords ? What is the forecast for play in just over 1 hour ?

Who Would Have Thunk It?
Katich as man of the match?

Things that are really starting to annoy me
Flintoff's reaction whenever he gets a wicket. You'd think he had got Bradman every time.

Pietersen trying to get this game to day four all on his own
Pietersen must be so upset knowing that without him England would have lost this game within two days because on his very own he has scored a very nice 50 to help out the useless English tea...

This cricket tour would be a corker!
Imagine having to put up with Kerry O'Keeffe as a tour guide!

Poms gone
They've only shown stomach for 3 sessions and they look disinterested. Harmison and Jones are 10mph slower than yesterday and look to be going through the motions. Flintoff might be dangero...

English cheats
If England continue to dish up substandard first day wickets and cloudy seaming days while they have faster bowellers than us then I think they shouldn't be aloud to host the Ashes any more....

English bullies and bowelling boncers
It's time the boncer was outLaw'd from the test form of the game. We saw quite a few Ocker batsmen struggle with the boncer and some serious injuries, including a sickening incident where R...

The First Day
I spent a lot of today watching the complete first day. I agree with Harmison- that was not a 17 wicket pitch. The Australians played like millionaires- that's they way they go and it didn...

Move over Lillee & O'Reilly
Glenn McGrath is Australia's best ever bowler. Only Don Bradman and Steve Waugh can lay claims to being better Cricketers than McGrath. Perhaps Keith Miller at 3 and McGrath at 4.

Warne in another UK prostitute scandal!!!
What does Warne have? It's not like he is a good lay according to one of the girls he's been with. ...

What are your fave verbal threats you've heard spoken on the cricket field?
What are your 'favourite' serious or humourous threats you've heard being made out on the cricket playing field so far (while either seeing a match on TV, or in person) and who said it (as i...

Is this man 'A GOD'

Australians - BWAHAHAHA!!
Getting battered at Lords. Also, why do Aussies sport 80's mullets? Bunch of poofters! Come on England. -- ~PMD~ *****

1st Session: A sign of things to come?
Australia being comprehensively OWNED by England? I thought Australia were the best team in the world? Cheers, Jeff.

Tremendous first session at Lords
Anyone who reckons they didn't get their money's worth ought to forget about watching cricket. Who needs all that hit and giggle? Langer was twice lucky not to be run out. K...

flintof is a cheat
knew he bowled a no ball but still appealed. Cheat ;-)

The First Hour
I must be watching a different game. I didn't think the English bowlers were great- too many wasted balls. Even though Harmison hit Ponting and Langer, he looked pretty ineffectual otherwi...

Aussie team weaknesses.
I would have played Kasper for Gillespie and Hussey for Katich.

Final word on brave but always correct predictions
I think it's best summed up by a man who no-one can possibly claim is biased towards Australia when he says (on who will win the Ashes): Australia. Flintoff is out of form, Vaughan is ...

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