England start as favourites
After today's effort by the Aussies in the field against Bangladesh, it's clear England start as favourites for the finals. Now let's see how they respond to the pressure of expectatio...

Kaspa's bowling well...
considering the knives that ITB and Saddam have put in his back. Jaysus, are they getting paid by Team Buttocks or what? And after those lengthy efforts, these NSV stooges still had t...

Higgsy's whingeing starts already
Cue tape cheers, Calvin

Australian whinging starts already
I do find amusing the Australian complaints about the Jones/Hayden incident and the calls for Jones to be banned. We have had various incidents in the past involving Australia where th...

Lucky Boy
Symonds is very lucky, he should have been the one out there, he was clearly closer to the stumps when the bails came off, Hussey knew what he was doing diving and then quickly walking off...

Botham Is A Total Wanker
What a one eyed dickhead! He's a lying, hopeless, biased as all hell, fuckwit of a comentator. Martyn given out caught, replay shows ball hitting the ground. Pietersen's finger was cl...

When cricket is played here in Australia they over do the unbiased angle to the point of being pro visiting team, then we have to listen to the English commentators crap on being very pro ...

Can Someone Identify this tune for me
It goes: Dum dum dum dah dah dah dum dum dum. Any help appreciated.

Fixing the lop-sided one-dayers
One-Day Cricket can be exciting, or dull and shortened. For example team A bowls out team B for 100 runs in 30 overs, then makes the 100 runs with no risk in 15 overs. End of game after 45 ...

Ponting: Symonds still a test chance
http://www.smh.com.au/news/cricket/ponting-pushes-symonds-for-test-chance/2005/06/26/1119724526754.html 1. Lee is useless in the role of the stock bowler trundling down 20 overs a day...

Stupid News
They are discussing on the cricket that they are trying new regulations where you can use a substitute. You can at any point substitute any player, the player taken out can not return, but...

Whats The Song They Play @ The One Day Cricket There...Dunanana nanana Dunnana nanana...?

Gripe #2
Watching the Australia and Bangladesh game last night and Australia, early on, were clearly on top. Enter Mohammad Ashraful. I know very little about the Bangladeshi players. Immediately t...

Gripe #1
Does anyone know how to get rid of that bloody annoying music that is now played on Cricinfo (apart from turning the speakers down). I think it is some advertisement for ringtones. ...

What a champion 5 for 18...Bing Who?

Aslam Buster # 88: New record for Brett Lee?
Aslam, In odo 2254 (AvBD), B Lee, let me repeat that name again in case anyone missed it, especially those who posted in reams when Kaspa had an expensive over. Where was I? Oh ...

Warne splits with wife
http://www.theage.com.au/news/cricket/warne-out-by-the-scandal/2005/06/26/1119321949280.html or http://tinyurl.com/7utrn Warne and wife separate By Chloe Saltau Manchest...

Ricky Ponting looks like...
Pauly in American Chopper. All he needs is the facial hair

England hasn't qualified yet
I'm sick of all these journalists saying that England has already qualified for the final, when they really haven't. The current points are: England 17 Australia 8

End of the English era? ;)
Well they played three good games (after 16 odd years it was bound to happen), but is their dominance now over? Is English cricket now in turmoil, as Australian cricket was supposed to be?...

Things Are Looking Up
Australia should just about win with England requiring 165 from 20 overs and already five wickets down. Doesn't seem a lot of batting to come. From the stats it doesn't seem a pitch that i...

Cricket betting
Is there a site that has betting for cricket based on spreads (I think that's the right term). For example, I do rugby league tipping in a comp that has predetermined "starts" - like Bronc...

Leve Ballesteros Arnold Palmer Jack Niclaus Nick Faldo
Leve Ballesteros Arnold Palmer Jack Niclaus Nick Faldo Your chance to get these 4 Ready To frame Prints http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7164389750 ...

Get real....
This little losing by the Aussies is just nothing at all in the whole scheem of things.When the tour is over the losses will be long forgotten. I suppose the poms need something to smile abo...

Warney. What a team player!
Australia deep in trouble. The batting, the bowling. Losing games to BD. Symonds getting drunk. Warney steps up and produces another "scandal" to distract the press. What a f**k...

Warne totally amoral
How can this man bowl with his pants always down around his ankles??? and they want to send Andy Symonds home for having a few drinks to many!!

End of an Era?
Aussie dominance over England in ODIs--- 1989-2004? Really, Pietersen's tremendous and it's hard to see how the Aussies can match it with them at the moment.

Michael Kasprowicz
Is this useless article really considered an international class bowler by the Australian selectors? Cheers, Jeff.

Even if England win this one-dayer ...
... one victory doesn't mean much in the overall context of the history of the game. Start winning nearly ever game _YEAR AFTER YEAR_ as Australia has been doing - on home and foreign soil...

Aust V's POME's
Looks like we may have a decent 'testmatch' series for the first time in many years.....

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