Live Video RSA v WI
Anyone know where to get this?

UATCV2: T4 WI v RSA, Antigua, 28Feb until the WI batting collapses.
Apologies for lack of updating for T3. Soon. RSA for moi. alvey

Poll: Cricket's Top 10 cheats
Over in another thread I posted a link to an ESPN poll result on baseballs top 10 cheats (Oddly the Chicago White Sox throwing of the 1921(?) WS didn't feature.) and pondered on who'd be i...

Corked Bats and all that
Can someone a little bit technically minded please help me out. I see in the news that corked bats are a bit of a no no. As I understand it, they have some wood removed or replaced which m...

Re: UATCV2: WI v RSA T3 - Enries 'ere (21-25Apr, Barbados. Mon)
Change to RSA. -anil

Series scores at the moment ?
What is the current series score between WI and SA and NZ Vs Sri LANKA ?

Punter's bat...
What's this I hear about the poms whinging that Ricky's bat has an illegal coating and is damaging the ball? I also heard that his bat has too many fluoro colours on it... LOL! How many ba...

Port working hard to be known as the biggest sooks in the AFL. Colin Kynoch

AlveyTV P2P Upadate: 19Apr
Grouper Invitations just sent out (19:30 Briz time). They *may* take some time to arrive. I'm interested in feedback on what sort of speed you get on the d/l. Apologies for lack of cha...

UATCV2: WI v RSA T3 - Enries 'ere (21-25Apr, Barbados. Mon)
Obligatory Firefox text.

Exciting New AlveyTV! P2P version hits the internet! Stock market
Living on the edge, ie. trusting that if CiL can get it working then it must be pretty fucking easy, Sidecast Industries is releasing a P2P version of AlveyTV to elite members of rsc/asc r...

more statistical tomfoolery
I thought I'd take another look at the list I produced for Vinay of recognised bats who had low instances of being out in single digits and try to produce an MVP list from them. T...

Fun and Frolics for Aussies in England
>From the econd division game between Yorkshire and Surrey ... a bit of heave ho ..

Vinay's Ideal Scratch Batting lineup
Just for fun, and some of the "old retainers" ... a list of current ODI players ranked in ASCENDING order of their tendency to be dismissed in single figures. (qualification = 20 innings, at...

Ganguly's Over-Rates
With reference to the ban imposed on Ganguly, I tried to collect some data about the time taken by Indian bowlers in the last about 15 ODIs (under Ganguly's capta...

Durham Go Australia "C"
Ashley Noffke, Callum Thorpe and Mike Hussey. hmmm... Interesting. FRAN

IND vs PAK highlights??
Is IND vs PAK highlights on foxtel at all??? I want to see Shahid.. Thanks..

UATCV2: Standings after spineless Lankans give match to Kiwis
1. An outright leader emerges from the logs! Anil KY Gell. Obviously a flash in the pan and won't stay the distance. No threat at all. Bastard. 2. And a Special Mention to AG Wolfe & ...

UATCV2: Standings after useless Windies collapse against Nitwiti
Anil K Goel 11 Colin Kynoch 11 Jason Derby 11 Michael Seth 11 Mike Holmans 11 Geoff Muldoon 10 Kimon 10 Uday Rajan 10 Alvey 9 Andrew...

Look at me!
My nick is funny. Sir Jean-Paul Turcaud

NZ test
Hi i wondered why kiwi's don't go to the cricket ! all those empty stands. then i watched a bit, gawd it's boring..... no wonder crowds are non existent !! cheers, A.

aussie women
Hi well done to the Aussie womens cricket team, taking out the world cup final against india. see belinda clark was in the runs again (still holds record for highest ODI score), ...

AlveyTV update: 09Apr05 - Breakthrough!
Huzzah! I can transfer from Fox iQ box to AlveyTV! We're back on the air boys! Warm up a fresh weathergirl. However, the inital quality is fairly poor as all the old AlveyTV tech ...

UATCV2: NZ v SL T2 - Wellington - 11-15Apr - Tips here
"Life is a moderately good play with a badly written third act" Truman Capote

English Cricketers Take Wisdens Top 5 Cricketers of The Year Awards
Andrew Strauss Ashley Giles Robert Key Steve Harmison Marcus Trescothick -- Holy crap!

UATCV2: WI v RSA - T2 - 8-12Apr - Tips here
"It lacked atmosphere." Movie critic reviewing 'Apollo 13'.

UATCV2: Scores upyadate - After T1 WI v RSA
First up; OraWiz Vezper Yeskay Chako Prabu77 Madhusadan Singh Toby Briggs Mr Raphes Karl Raphael are all goners. No free ticket to the end...

New Poll- Who Does Alvey Dislike Most?
1. Steve Waugh 2. Bargearse 3. Harmlessone 4. MacGill 5. Ken Higgs 6. Anyone who doesn't shout in turn? --

Ashes Squads announced
If the URL for the announcement wasn't so god awful, I'd quote it, but it is so I won't. Australian One-Day International Squad STATE AGE MATCHES ...

AlveyTV poll: Broadband v Dialup
Curious to know what percentage of us have what. The results may effect the next incarnation of AlveyTV (Alvey Does Digits), due soon(ish). Aley V in...

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