Whatever happened to the kiwi dickhead who said that Fleming was as good as Bradman?

UATCV2: RSA v WI T1 - Tips here - Starts 31Mar
Cos alvey forgot. Series: RSA T1: RSA

UATCV2: NZ v SL T1 - Tips here - Starts 04Apr
"Remember that as a teenager you are at the last stage of your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you." Fran Lebowitz

Where is our Kiwi mate
I guess he is sitting is some dark corner crying and wanking himself at the same time. Come on boy, show some balls and admit your assessment of cricket was totally wrong

Hayden Fails Again
Stupid runout which was his call and his complete fault

Hayden run out .....
....... so whose fault? Anyone out there heard? -- OzBo

NZ commentary
Hi anyone noticed how optimistic and positive the NZ guys sound. Lots of speculation like.. "if we can get a couple of quick wickets and get Gilly cheap...." see how they ho...

Clarke Flops Again: Streak now nudging double figures.
And don't give any pissy excuses about him being run out. It was his own fault, he was fairly badly dropped by Fleming 3 runs before, scored 22 off 70 odd balls, *and* most relevantly, bat...

What's going on with the Aust fast bowlers?
Anyone noticed that McG, Dizz & Kaspa have been swinging the ball all over the place in NZ? This is not entirely a surprise for Kaspa, (although his outie is rarely sighted these days) but...

Australia's first cricket Test against England this year is at Lord's. Australia has not lost to the old enemy there since what year?
Australia's first cricket Test against England this year is at Lord's. Australia has not lost to the old enemy there since what year?

Why Ponting
Any special reason why Ponting bowled an over before lunch? -- Terry

Where is Jason Derby?
Haven't seen a post from him for a while.

How to get video of McGrath's superb batting innings ?
Does anyone know how i might be able to get a video/dvd/whatever of McGrath's superb batting innings? (61 not out i think he got) Many many thanks in advance

UATCV2: NZ v Aus - T3 tips here (+ don't forget Ind v Pak)
some text.

[OT] Free International News Server
As a potential replacement for News.Individual.Net Seems to work fine.

Thought on PC finals
Over the decades a couple of players have got The Nod after big performance in the Final. The two that spring to mind are Holdsworthy (sp) & Veletta. Any others? Aside: I think ...

Foxtel iQ
Thought you'd all like to know more about this device. For sportsfans it's The Absolute Must Have Essential Toy of the century. You've all seen the ads so you know what it does, but y...

Underarm Again???
Can the Australian Cricket Team please bowl underarm again to give New Zealand a chance? Ta. Sally The Dumptruck PS Better make it outside off incase Fleming misses it....

MacGill stays with NSW,8659,12621045-23212,00.html After becoming part of NSW cricketing folkfore on Sunday, MacGill ended speculation he may pack up his kit and head up...

Ashes Squad. Your Thoughts?
Ok maybe this has been done before but i always like to see what people would do if they were a selector My Team would be (17 man squad) R.Ponting (c) A.Gilchrist (vc)...

Come back Al, we miss you
Actually we dont but would just like to rub your face in it

Congrats NSW
One of the great Moo Cup Finals, unfortunately not a ball of it seen on TV. This is another in a series of disappointing finals losses for the Bulls. It's happened too often not to be ...

Michael Slater: I felt that every day I was going to die. Every day was my last day
+++++++++++ ANDREW DENTON: So at this time, around the time of that incident, as I said, things started to unravel, and the separation from Stephanie. You were seen in a lot...

Where to rank Gilly?
I was reading today that Gilly was considering retirement following the 2007 World Cup. I'm not sure when this happens, but assuming it's roughly March 2007, if Gily sticks with this, and as...

NSV Tactic #5 : WIN
Go the Blues

Most enjoyable Pura Cup win ever
Thank you Al. You make my enjoyment so much better. I guess he knew they were going to lose and *plonked* me yesterday. Hopefully others will give this Queensland arsehole the respect...

pura cup final
NSW collapsing with victory post in sight this is now advantage queensland with 8 down, 22 needed and tail batting. unbelievable. super game of cricket.

Gilly passes Healy's test runs
In Ian Healy's fine test career he scored 4356 for his team at an avg of 27.39 it took him 182 innings to get those runs and as we know he saved many tests for us in that time. Ad...

Australia's tactics from here
Ideally, assuming that play can resume after lunch, Australia would declare. Much as I'd like to see Gilly swat another century, the first priority has to be those ten first innings Kiwi wic...

wha sappening ?!
Hi is it raining again ?? no cricket this morning, and of course, Pox Sports don't announce ANYTHING !! thanx, A.

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