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Good finish to the PC this season.
Current table after 8 games: WA 36 Qld 34 (Crappy quotient) Boos 28 (excellent quotient) Dicks 24 Round 9 games: Vic v Qld WA v SA Tas v...

MacGill gets the weekend duffer award
with NSW struggling to keep out the bowling, Packman hgitting the ball reasonably well, Williams about to be spelled in favour of Edmondson, Macgill, desperate to get away from the bowling, ...

Damien Wright -- Opinions?
Has bowled well (especially to lefthanders) and batted pretty well (450 or so) this season. Future in ODI ..? Fran

Terry Alderman to run naked around the WACA?
if Michael Lewis gets a spot on the Ashes tour. Stacky had recommended Lewis get a spot ahead of Tait who had "just not done enough". Now there's something to look forward to. I wonder...

Has Hussey moved ahead of Krapich in the ODO pecking?
I'd say yes. He has more power as a batsman, on yesterdays showing he can bowl neat little seamers and is a comprehensively better fielder. I was surprised that Hussey didn't ge...

Re: Classic Sledges !!!!!!!!!
or do you know of any good websites that may have sledges listed ? "Shane Myers" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:... > Peoples I have a semi final to play nex...

Where are they now? #51
Who? The battalions of Kiwi's that posted in here a couple of seasons ago when Oz missed out on the VB finals to RSA & NZ? Shit there were alot of ém. al...

Classic Sledges !!!!!!!!!
Peoples I have a semi final to play next weekend against a team of talker's that require some clever one liners thrown at them, can any one assist with some clean but classic sledges that wo...

Poor effort WA.
Declaring at 8 fer with MacDill only 19 shy of a double ton. MacGill 36/4/181/0 Something to be recalled whenever braying NSV nitwits blow smoke on how terrific MacDill's ...

Fleming averaging a massive 2.33 for the series, what a massive return for the best batsman of all time. Of yeah that's right averages don't truly reflect how good he is, what is it again ...

Should have been out
The worst run out decision just made, Bat was clearly still in the air, they looked at it once and gave it not out, the com's even said it was in the air, and then said oh but that's after...

Mystery: One Fine Day at the Gabba
On a clear blue day on a third day pitch, South Aust managed the following. Amazin...

Hussey still can't get an average...
...Champion performance, today.

Brendan, Brendan, Brendan
I guess the lights weren't on when you chose that excuse for a shirt Colin Kynoch

Katich: The New Bevan
Left handed bat. LH wrist spin (allegedly) Boring as a month of Adelaide Sundays. Ugly to watch. Runs people out. alvey

UATCV2.0 - RSA - Zimb
T1 - Capetown - Mar04 T2 - Centurion - Mar11

UATC.... It's bacckkkkkk. Sort of.
RSC's original and best Tipping Comp is not back. Awwww. But UATC 2.0 is!!! Yayyyy! Mug Punter: So what's UATCV2.0 Uncle Alvey? Uncle Alvey: It's a tipping competition idiot. ...

Clarke - 6th
Katich seals opening berth Michael Clarke's stunning success as Australia's VB Series opener has been overlooked in favour of giving Simon Katich a chance alongside Adam Gilchri...

3 Strikes Where are you
Oh please don't hide while your team is slaughtered

Replace Gilchrist with Haddin!
It's time to go Gilly, you are too old for one day cricket. Bring in Haddin.

Gilchrist has to go!
I can see it already... two or so more low scores and some of you will be calling for blood... so fickle...

Foxtel's PVR has been designed by MEW
I wrote tóther day on how Fux's PVR was going to help rsc/asc significantly. I was wrong. I was wrong because it was incomprehensible that Fox could be as stupid as MEW. They've achieved t...

So how'd Haydos bat for his 114 today?
Didn't see or hear any of it meself. Opinions?

Matt'a Back!! Billy Bowden has to go!
Way to go Matt!! What the f**k was that call Billy????? Buckling under pressure??

Well played Hayden
Well played Hayden. Excellent century.

Hayden 50 again
Currently 57 not out of 60 balls. 5 4's and 2 6's Clarke better put some more runs on the board today or he may be "rotated" So I would say, that Hayden had a form slump that he...

Selector & State Issues
Here's an idea I thought of. The six most powerful people are the four selectors, captain and coach. There's also six states. Each state should have one representative whether it be c...

7th Grade out of 10 7TH GRADE OUT OF 10 (21/02/2005) The Penrith Gaels 7th Grade have been outstanding this season. Finishing the preliminary r...

Clarke: Time's Up?
Trevor Gatt 21 Feb Another game, another failure. The confidence which once marked Micheal Clarke's batting has now gone the same way as his scores. Rock bottom. Even...

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