Foxtel picking on Kiwis
Turn on the box to discover that fog has delayed play in India. Foxtel, displaying a rare sense of good timing, have decided to put the thong into our cuddly trans-Tasman neighbors by havi...

The Cricket Australia site
Has anyone else given up on the Cricket Australia site at I reckon that 90% of the time it is down or is experiencing problems. Fucking hopeless! What I can't ...

Gillespie's bat riding stunt
Good, bad or indifferent? Fun as it was I think it was bad with hindsight. If someone from the opposition tried it they'd be shouted down as gloating, showboating poor sports. ...

Well done Tassie...
Looks like Tasmania got the deal of the century in Bevan. I heard today on the ABC that he scored his 4th century in 10 days today. Plus, he is also spending a great deal of time coaching yo...

Umpire lookalikes
Did anyone here O'keefe on grandstand the other day when he said bucknor looks like Morgan Freeman and the other umpire Aleem DAL looks like ??????? Cant remember.

New Zealand vs McGrath/Gillespie
Should New Zealand be embarassed that they were outscored by a McGrath-Gillespie partnership? Kieran

NSV Myth Dept. in action
Turn on the box and the first thing I see is BB drop an easyish catch at gully. NSV mouthpiece AWG immediately swings into damage control and informs people with memory retention problems ...

Gabba pitch disappointing
I've never seen the Gabba pitch crack like this before. It's especially mystifying given the deluge Brisbane had prior to the Test *and* the fact that all of this Test has been played in c...

Looking to the Summer Ahead
A good solid performance from Australia first up. The batting of late has had a bit of role reversal. For a long while it was the top 3 (Langer, Hayden and Ponting) that set up the big...

McCullum's Dismissal
Don't want to actually comment on it. I was watching it when it happened but I can't recall if Bucknor actually raised his finger or not. Did he or did McCullum walk? Regards,

We've been robbed!! .....
........ of 1-1/2 days viewing But what a marvellous victory!!! -- The Aussie Bomber Carn The Dons!!

McCallum's decision
You can give and take LBW's since the umpire has a quick look and I don't think hawkeye is reliable. That McCallum decision however is something else. Amazed that Gilchrist appe...

They're still Bunging
Meanwhile, over at the BaggyGreen site the current poll is; "Do you think that Brett Lee should have been picked for the 1st Test?" [And let's ignore the pedantic fact that he *was* pi...

Kiwi Ed
Heard on the ABC yesterday that a Kiwi had rang / text a message that he would burn his passport if McGrath got a half century. Well just hope that when he burns it he is back in NZ :-) ...

Warne 100 Catches
Most Catches for Australia: 181 Mark Waugh 157 Mark Taylor 156 Allan Border 122 Greg Chappell 112 Steve Waugh 110 Bob Simpson 105 Ian Chappell 100 Shane Warne <...

McGrath missed record
What a pity McGrath didn't reach the world wide all time record score of 68 for a number 11 batsman! -- The Aussie Bomber Carn The Dons!!

LOL at MEW "Lee must play the second Test because this was the area in which we wer...

ABC Grandstand question today
Did anyone catch the ABC Grandstand question today? If so, pls post!

Highlight & Lowlight of Day 3
3 highlights to take your pick from : 1/ Gilly and another great ton 2/ Clarke made looked so easy on his tom 3/ McGrath on his 50 . Nothing like rubbing Kiwis nose in...

McGrath 50 - What was the bet?
Anyone know the details of the bet about McGrath not ever getting 50? Was it Mark or Steve Waugh with someone one else or with McGrath himself? How much dosh?

Channel 9/Glenn McCrath 50
Honestly, Channel 9 should have the broadcasting rights for cricket taken off them immediately. This is second time that they have gone to news or alternative programming when history has b...

Fucking Nine!!
McGrath is just off his Maiden half century and they decided to switch to the news!! Probably one of the best partnerships i have ever seen! Good on 'em

McGrath 50
Geez, Nein could have stayed off the news for 5 more minutes to let us see this moment in sports history.

Hayden and Langer out of 2nd Test!
They will be replaced by McGrath and Gillespie! ;-}

Clarke & Gilchrist (or BB & Clang as our QLD friends call em)
How about that. Two of the most hated Australian players in Queensland both get centuries at the Gabba and there's barely a man and his dog watching it live. We've seen three aw...

Alvery, Moby, Clavin & co won't be happy with the crowd chanting Clarkey, Clarkey, Clarkey :) 100 in his first innings in a home Test and first innings in an away Test. Cla...

Clarke will fail in Australia ( prt 2 )
Remember my words, well with some tomato sauce and a cold can of beer they don't taste that bad congrats Clarke on scoring debut tons ait home and abroad

Have many batsmen.....
Been given out handled ball?

Hartley ING wickie?
Is Seccombe the wickie only for PC now??

Brilliant idea for a lunchtime video tribute at the Gabba
Why not show a tribute to Michael Slater at the Gabba during lunch? Yes, it really happened! Even funnier, I detected a small except in the tribute of his infamous clash wi...

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