stats to date
As of 30/11/2004 Top Run Scorers for Aus inn RUNS av hs 50/100 1 JL Langer (AUS) 23 1,138 49.48 215 2 4 2 DR M...

Richardson wins battle of the slow men Opening batsman Mark Richardson restored New Zealand pride by edging out Darren Lehmann in a charity sprint race at the Adelaide Oval this after...

Gilchrist signs new sponsership deal - amazing
Gilchrist has signed a new deal with Johnnie Walker. Details have not been finalized but apparently if he walks, he will be paid $10000 each time. On the back of his bat he will be the "...

afternoon session
I missed the afternoon session As only one wkt fell, were Nz batting ok or were their stuff ups like Warne's bat-pad that wasn't given in the middle session? Cheers Cas ...

Killing myself laughing
Just imagining the bulging veins in our Qld cousins if they are watching the Cricket Show. Talking about Haddin as the heir apparent in both Tests and ODI's. Glad I am not sitting next to...

Cricket past 6pm Melb ???
Are the heads of programming at Channel 9 all sick and running a fever ???? The cricket is showing past 6pm in Melbourne, LOL

West Indies - May not be in VB Series (ALTERNATIVES ABOUND)
I hear that the West Indies may not send a full strength team to the VB Series in Australia because players are negotiating for higher payments and some may not accept the offers. The lik...

Secret Weapon
Has there ever been a better return from the bowlers than this, after 2 tests the 3 main bowlers all averaging over 50. JN Gillespie 2 2 1 66 54* 66.00 0 1 0 0 ...

Team scores over 500 - stats?
Does this Australian team have a higher than normal strike rate in terms of scoring 500 or more in first innings - than other Aus teams, other great teams? does anyone have stats on t...

$400,000-00 baggy green cap
I see that they have found another baggy green cap belonging to Bradman? Wonder if this 1 will make $400,000-00 at auction? -- Regards Muzza

Lehmann out
Lehmann out and we are down to Clarke and the bowlers Oh well - there is still McGrath to come!!! -- The Aussie Bomber Carn The Dons!!

Langer > MEW
According to the ABC comms yesterday Justin Langer has a higher s/r in Test cricket than MEW. Did someone say "over-rated"? alvey

Langer scores 3rd 200
So Langer now has three double centuries, yet his official record at:- will continue to show only 50s and 100s <...

Gilly in new walking shock
[AS: Ripped from The Bladder] Gilly in new walking shock The controversy over Adam Gilchrist’s walking crusade deepened today when the Australian wicketkeeper appeale...

Seating at the MCG
Anyone know what the new stands are like for viewing cricket ? Thinking of booking for Boxing day ( the rest I will go to the great Southern like I usually do ) in one of the news stands ...

Rate the Australian 11
In terms of who like or admire most first and dislike last: Warne Hayden Gilchrist Gillespie McGrath Kasper Martyn Ponting Lehman Clarke La...

Watched him for the 1st hour and then after lunch . He didnt impress me in the 1st hour but after lunch he started to look like the Matt Hayden we enjoy watching bat. But he still didnt g...

Hayden hmmmm
He doesn't look in good form. More importantly he doesn't look like his head is on straight. He played some strange and over agressive shots and seemed quite frustrated. I wonder if Langer...

Vic 235 & 79/7 v NSW 414
The CA website is buggered AGAIN, but baggygreen simply has this one liner under 'Latest Scores'. Anyone got any idea what is going on? Last I saw (just after lunch) VIC was 53/1 - that'...

Adelaide stats
Most wks(current squad) inn WKS av s/r 5/10 1 SK Warne (AUS) 20 41 28.98 70.93 1 0 2 GD McGrath (AUS) 14 ...

Funny how we never needed one when GB was in the XI. cheers, Calvin

All out for 6
G'Day, Two Weekends ago, In the Wagga Wagga District Cricket Association 1st Grade competition a team was bowled out for 6 runs. This is something amazing, the opening bowler fro...

Benaud signs for three more seasons
from cricinfo ------- The voice of Australian cricket will be heard for at least three more seasons after Richie Benaud accepted a deal to stay in the commentary box. Speculation o...

Lilllee latest NSV victim
Apparently CA offered DK half the dates of his previous contract, the other half going to ft CA employee & former Vic trundler D Fleming. DK got the hump with another CA contract downgrade...

Chappell dumped by Nine??

Warne Banner at SCG Test last summer
Does anyone have the Warne banner from the SCG Test last year? Anthony and myself are trying to remember what it said.

NSV & the LEE MUST PLAY saga
Today's SMA has NSV lickspittles Conn & Ramsay furiously beating a few general words from Dizzy into the shape of a RoPo. And a RoPo for Tests no less. Bung's name is only mentioned about ...

My theory about walking
I don't know if this idea has been mentioned before, but I have my own idea about what should happen with bad umpiring decisions and so forth. I think that umpires should not be able ...

Another GB thread
On the ABC "Cricket in the 80s" doco last nite, Bob Willis referred to Botham as Golden Bollocks. Anyone know the etymology? Has he plagiarised our Golden Buttocks, or was it

How long before 9...
Have a $500 picture for sale of Glenn McGrath getting his 50?

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