Anyone see the Bradman tribute on tonight on the history channel? A few things stuck out to me: 1. Bodyline 1: the actual footage showing how close the circle of fieldsmen ...

live cricket today online
tune into for live cricket from the IMG cup + pak vs sl 4th day. cheers. marco.

Martyn better than MEW
IMHO Martyn has already proved himself to be better than MEW. 2 series in a row he has dominated attacks in difficult conditions. When did MEW do that? (WA asc'ers can rena...

Pitch deal hurts BCCI
The deal between CA and BCCI in which they would prepare opposition friendly pitches for one another seems to have benefited CA more than BCCI.

Baggygreen Live Scores
They had live commentary of the SA v Vic game today. Have they now come to some sort of agreement with CA? Regards, Jason

Martyn just shy of 1000
For year 2004 (9 tests so far) i Runs ave hs 50/100 1 DR Martyn (AUS) 18 972 54.00 161 3 4 2 ML Hayden (AUS) 18 853 47.39 1...

Almighty Aussies!
Congrats to the Mighty Aussies who have inflicted a comprehensive THRASHING on the Indians on their own territory. They are now 2-0 up in the 4 game series and had it not been for the i...

Clarke to fail in Australia
Clarke is a great player of spin but am not impressed with the way he handles pace. If he comes up against some quality pace/seam/swing bowlers I think he will struggle in Australia and...

cricinfo creative accounting
From cricinfo this afternoon: End of over 19 (2 runs, maiden) India 45/5 (498 more runs req) JN Gillespie 7-3-9-2 - Church End PA Patel 0* (10b) V Sehwag 31* (52b 5x4) ...

Pretty good catch to dismiss Kaif, thats two in this test that have been excellent catches. stick that up your arse gilly knockers. when he stands there sometime today holding up the BG trop...

martyn sux
wot a choker. drop him

Martyn gets his... oh, bugger!
97. How many times have 3 batsmen been out in the 90's in the same Test- and all from the same side?

Yay For Me! Digital!
Input today- isn't it great to be able to watch the game with no commentary, but still to get the background noise such as the crowd?

Wade Seccombe... the finest gloveman Australia has ever produced. Bear in mind I haven't seen many of his predecessors, so does anyone have any comments? Regards, Ben.

far k! i just vomited

live audio of test tours online right now
hi everyone. for live audio of the india vs australia series, please go to and for delayed audio of pak vs sri lanka as well as live...

Trophy Presentation
Assuming Aus win this match which I think they will and further assuming that Ponting returns for the final test will he let Gilchrist go up and receive the B-G trophy? I think he should.

Oh no!! Katich!! :-(
Out for 99. Poor guy - I feel sorry for him. It was a very very good innings, and such a sad thing for him to fall one short of what would have been a well-deserved ton. Cheer...

I don't wish harm on anyone normally...
But Dean Jones has to be the most annoying, self engrossed, up himself clown on this planet.

More pitch tampering The green Glenbrook Oval pitch is likely to be shaved bare before the start of the Round 4 7th Grade game this weekend. The Western Wee...

No wonder they call Dravid "the wall"
19 off 111 balls it's like watching cement between bricks dry

Cor, Glen McGrath is getting sexier as he gets older! Hottie of the year.

Darren Berry on Gilchrist's keeping
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this article: Summary: he thinks that in the 2nd test Gilchrist and Patel put o...

Geezus how embarrassing is this keeper? That second missed chance off happened there? Commentators even implied that he must have poor eyesight Aussies should ...

Drop Martyn
Useless prick, he has triggered another batting collapse

Lehman or Clarke
Looks like problem solved

Whats the matter with Hayden
He has looked pretty much useless on this tour. After the last tour where he dominated we maybe expected to much but at the moment he looks like a player lucky to be in the side.

Hey Rob, do you record the match Live or do you wait for the 5.30am replay the next morning. There are too many ads during the live broadcast, but sometimes they skip parts of the game in th...

Benaud fav commentator
According to the Sunday Mail, before the domestic season began all state cricketers were asked who was their fav commentator. Benaud 49 votes Healy 26 O'Keefe 13 Lawry...

What did happen to Flower?
Nice day at the Gabba yesterday but how bad is SA? Half way thru the innings I realized there was no Flower. What happened to him? Anyway for a spectacle it was pretty much all over at the...

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