Indian cricket tour tv coverage
Seeing as their is such a mess with the tv rights furore in India, who is going to cover the series as there is a requirement for the ICC to have television cameras for at least the 3rd umpi...

Why Clarke should not play.
In Australia we should have a minimum standard for making the test team as a batsman. 1. You must have a first class average above 40. 2. You must have had a 1,000 run season in D...

Dean Jones (shudder)
I wanted to watch the highlights of the WI versus England one day final- especially the last hour so I could watch England suffer. I switch it on and WI need about 70 runs. Great. Botham m...

WI Beat England
About the only sporting result this week end that has made me happy.

FA: Wisden 2002 Hardback (Mint)
<> -- #8O( Beaker Muppet Labs, Inc.

Last days and I want 1000 hits on each
please :-)

The Ponting Lehman equation
It seems that Clarke has been pre ordained to replace Ponting. If Lehman misses the first Test as well, who should be in his place? Without being a witch hunt- which it probably will ...

Punter out of T1. So who's going to
bat at #3?

Hat Tricks
Who is the only bowler to take a hat-trick in test matches spread over three different overs? Which country was this against, where did it occur and in what year?

Lee is Crud
I thought the days of Brett Lee getting a free ride were over when Steve Waugh left. Now my favourite player, Ricky Ponting is showing blind, unjustified faith in him. ...

Australia Versus England Tonight
A good start by Australia (0/16 as I type), but I wouldn't be devastated if England win. Australia have not played a real lot of cricket, they are on England's home turf, and England have ...

Ebay----and no it is not another Plasma ball -- Dingo My Hobby is sex My wife hates hobbies

Ebay----and no it is not another Plasma ball -- Dingo My Hobby is sex My wife hates hobbies

E-bay second last one -- Dingo I punched Peter Costello in the nose and all I got was this lousy sig ...

Hawk Eye
Can some one help here? How is Hawk Eye calibrated? Does it have a generic setting, or is it calibrated for each pitch including weather settings? I have been watching the one day cri...

ESPN Legends Of Cricket
Watched it tonight and Shane Warne has come in at number 4. Assuming Bradman and Grace are at 1 and 2, who is number 3? Tendulkar and Greg Chappell have gone, as has Bruce Yardley. Alvey a...

From the beanbag: Fox Sports Active review
It's pretty useful. It gives quick and considerable stats, and the highlights option is handy if you stagger in late from drinkin'n' eatin'. And then drinkin' a bit more. The mo...

Who Would Have Thunk It?
I did a clean out today of my old newspaper files. I have retained the cuttings since the early 1970's, and they include articles about the last Australian side to tour RSA prior to ceasin...

Australia's downhill slide begins
Bargearse is now one of the three NSW delegates to the CA Board. alvey in brisbane, suspecting that the NSWCA HQ is now well stocked with air-conditioners and p...

Australia Vs ?
USA or pakistan?

New Doco on Bradman
Just saw that the ABC will be screening a new documentary on Sir Don this Sunday. See the following link for more details

test - ignore
as above

Australian Squad for India
Nathan & Cameron

Boo Hoo Murali
Oh dear. He gets left out of the current (mythical) best side and cracks the sads. I believe Botham and Holding should both be commended for having the balls to campaign actively against h...

New discussion board at: or go: click on cricket debate (middle of the centrepage) also try ...

Into it's last day'----Would look good in ya bar -- Dingo I went to a WWE card and all I got was this lousy sig

test nothing to read...

Cricket Coverage
hubby was telling me that paytv has the rights to the cricket matches (that are normally shown by Channel Nine ) for this summer. Is that right? Bloody pathetic if so!

Someone remind me
Why is Haddin in the side? Is he the second best wicket keeper /batsman Australia has? I am at a loss.

Parochial NSW posters MIA.
Now that Selfish (Roger), Marky ("You don't see that very often") Mark & Selfish (Bevo) have finally gone [fx: cheering off], have you noticed the absence of pro-NSW posters in these here ...

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