Vaughan a Positive Exciting Captain
The commentator just said so. The basis for this was that he declared at 9 for 566. Now before I choke on my XXXX- what the hell is so positive or exciting about this? He is capta...

"Don Bradman would have been proud of me" says convicted murderer
47 years for cricket bat murder By Kylie Williams July 30, 2004 A SYDNEY man has been sentenced to nearly 50 years' jail for beating his neighbour to death with a...

England Versus West Indies
I watched a portion of the game- less than half- but followed the scores with interest. I know England are now rated Number 2- a fair way behind Australia- in Test cricket. But th...

Bics cricket scoring software being sold by auction
My cricket scoring software is now being offered at the New Zealand auction site, Trademe. Don't forget that the currency is in New Zealand dollars. See...

What wins?
What is the best excuse? A free unsolicited sample of growth hormone. My Mum gave it to me. I was born this way.

Triangular series in Netherlands- august 2004.
Does anyone know if Foxsports are going to be showing the Triangular series in the Netherlands between Australia, India and Pakistan, before the ICC Champions Trophy, at the end of August? ...

steve harmison
what do you think of steve harmison? how do you rate him amongst the best bowlers in the world? he has an awesome bowling action. that delivery of his is entertaining. it looks li...

Tests might move from SCG to Homebush??
I just saw this on Cricinfo. Probably just an excuse for a news story, but who kn...

Left Hand Bowlers (Australian)
Relatively recent- who would you think of? Allan Davidson Geoff Dymock Lindsay Kline Bruce Reid. Who else- decent ones.

that's cricket
Some Im sure you have all seen 1. Rod Marsh & Ian Botham: > >When Botham took guard in an Ashes match, Marsh welcomed him to the >wicket with the i...

Wank World of Sports Action Group
Hi all Anyone who'd like to help make some noise regarding Nine's thoughtless and idiotic policy regarding cricket (and other sports) in Australia is welcome to contact me on wank...

channel 9 e mail address
[email protected] This is the email address channel nine told me to send complaints to, they should be marked for the attention of Gary Senton.

Godwin's Law & Stuart's Law
Godwin's Law (also Godwin's Rule of Nazi Analogies) is an adage in Internet culture that was originated by Mike Godwin in 1990. The law states that: As an online discussion grows lon...

Dropped catches
3 in the last session, almost certainly costing us victory. Despite what the commentators say, Oz has dropped an awful lot of catches over the past 5 years or so. If it had cost us more matc...

Channel 9 and the Cricket coverage
Game show fans in a spin as Nine goes in to bat for Warne By Ben Cubby July 14, 2004 Shane Warne equalled the world record for taking Test wickets last night, but crick...

Muttiahs wickets in perspective
Muttiah 90 tests total of which 14 tests are against Zimbabwe and 2 against Bangladesh. Warnie 112 tests total of which 1 test is against Zimbabwe and 0 against Bangladesh. O...

So why wouldn't Ponting give Katich an over or 2? If he's not going to get a bowl on a 5th day wicket, then he shouldn't be in the team, as he's not one of the best 6 batsmen in the country....

Warne MOTM? Why????
He did not deserve MOTM. Hayden did. Warne got 7 So everytime he equals the World record he gets MOTM? Man this could go on forever!

Alvey's Early Slump Alert Stats - 13 July 2004
And if the formatting doesn't come out then bad luck. I just can't get the fucker (Mozilla) to format. Last 6 inn Last 10 inn Last 15 inn Inns since Runs...

Nine!! Let's do something about them...
Hi folks We should do Australia Post a favour and hit those bastards at Nine with the biggest pile of hate mail that they've ever encountered. Get writing to: The Executive...

Cricket back on in Sydney!
They gave us a reprieve!!!!

Cricket history in the making... "QLD viewers will be leaving us now, you can catch the scores in the 6pm news?!?" Oh but wait... Brisbane Extra is on... who'd want to miss that! Fuck...

Reprieve by Nine (or was there??)
I nearly hit the roof when Tony Grieg said that the Eastern states were leaving the telecast. I immediately switched off the TV and rang Channel Bloody Nine in Brisbane to register the stro...

Fuck you 9
Warne needing 1 wicket to equal the world record and Channel 9 go to the fucking Price is Overly Inflated. You'd think just this once they might have stayed with the cricket. If ...

Gilly Gilly Gilly
If Gilchrist had turned his head to protect himself from being hit in the face, Warney would have gotten another wicket closer to the record as the ball lodged into one of Gilly's ears...

LBW's in Cairns
> "Cicero" <[email protected]> wrote in message > news:[email protected] > > Australia seem to have had a few rough LBW decisions wh...

historic cricket print on ebay
A copy of a historic cricket print, perfect for the wall of a clubhouse or pub, is on offer on eBay. Search on item number 5108617497 (if outside the USA, specify "items worldwide").

Is this Nein's Nadir?
We are used to Nein interrupting cricket with Notional Nein News, Wmbldn or some redefining dull-genre & golf tournament, but has there ever been a less important interruption to cricket t...

The Test at Cairns
It's probably escaped most people's attention that there is a Test going on at Cairns. If they've watched, it seems as though they've been more focused on appeals and celebrations than the h...

Bugger, Buggar, Buggur, Buggir, Buggor.
The cricket's on 9 today. -- Stephen Oakes

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