Cricket's a foony game, innit?!
++++++== ..Check out a certain Charlie McGahey, picked for the 1901-'02 England side to tour Australia. The reason the selectors gave was that Charlie suffered from the early stag...

Someone should mention the Zimbabwe series.
Its just so dead in here. He look we just played Zimbabwe. Don't all go for your keyboards at once. Oh who am I kidding, I don't give a stuff either.

Ken Piesse on Sam Loxton
pretty good stuff at

John Arlott on Keith Miller
Miller the magnificant John Arlott recalls Keith Miller, Australia's charismatic allrounder of the 1940s and 1950s at

Need a trivia answer...
In Test Cricket, what are the best bowling figures by a bowler who started the Innings as wicket-keeper? AD

The dangers of digital TV
I knew that the Fox digital signal was out of sync with the fta transmission, but what I didn't realise until last night was by how much until I settled down for the SoO. This involves mut...

'How's That,Jeeves?'
Extracted by Sadiq Yusuf ( thunk ooo sadiq) 'How's That,Jeeves?' P. G. WODEHOUSE +++++++++++++= I don't know if you've ever had the same experience, b...

The Southend slaughter
+++++++++== There have been some bloodthirsty battles in southern Essex. In 1016AD a mighty scrap took place at Ashingdon, near Rochford, in which King Canute emerged victorious o...

Watson back to Qld?
That's what today's SMA said. I hadn't heard this before. Great news if true, but has anyone else heard it? alvey

live zim vs aus

5/175 after 44.0 - interesting!
-- Joey ------------------------------- Albert Einstein said: "No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong." ...

It's All Clear Now
I couldn't work out why NZ were the only country to (reportedly) not make a stance against the Test series in Zimbabwe. After the carnage of the last day of the Test against England, it has ...

live zim vs aus

Finally some cricket involving Aus albeit rubbish. Anyway here are some precictions for today's match as I have nothing better to think about atm. If Aus win the toss we will bat and s...

Trying to locate Jason Jacoby
Does anyone have contact details for Jason Jacoby - wicket keeper for St Kilda CC. Nothing sinister - I was a friend of his father's (only just found out he has passed away recently) and wis...

A Bloody Drongo
'The Cyclical Supremacy of Australia in World Cricket' in Summer Days Extracted by Sadiq Yusuf a decade back ++...

O/T As The Cricket Is Boring
1. Great to see the Bronco's get the two points back- they should never have been required to go through this process. 2. Another one bites the dust from the NSW team. When will footballers ...

Murali has 107 test wickets against Zimbabwe & Bangladesh from 16 test matches...
Shane Warne has 6 wickets from 1 test match against may test wickets did Courtney Walsh have from either of the countries? What a joke... ----== Posted ...

live australia vs turkey

my XI - in batting order - includes 3 bowlers
hayden ganguly ul haqq tendulkar kallis lara dravid fleming (capt) akhtar murali warne 12th man: vaughan

Steve Rixon on SRW n more
+++++++++++++ ...."I'd never been more confident of getting a job. I thought my time had come. But Stephen was looking for a more " Heavy sigh. "Er, facilitator-type coach, who ...

Why is Murali saying he might not tour AUS?
Because of the Prime Ministers statements? Because the PM said that based on the results of the doosra tests that he has chucked? Murali can't argue that he is bowling illegal deliveries acc...

Cool, foxsports is showing 2 hour highlights of Lara's 200 right now! I bought the dvd off cricinfo last week, DOH!!!!

The I.C.C. is very much the whore of sport. They would have played Himmler's eleven if the price was right. and the Oz team has no morality. this crap about only playing sport should re...

Vale Alf Valentine
The former very good West Indian spinner died this week at the age of 74.

Have a go, Hal, the bowling's easy
Kippax and Hooker's last-wicket stand ++++++++++ After the New South Wales No. 11, Halford Hooker, had taken centre, Victorian chatterbox wicketkeeper Jack Ellis made...

Doosra Banned?
Saw something on the Foxtel Sports Update where Murali has been told not to bowl the doosra or face a 12 month ban. Any further news?

An Unforgettable Summer
An Unforgettable Summer 1960-61 Australia- WestIndies series Lots of pics as well in this tribute publication at

Full Text of Murali Bowling n Remediation rpt
++++++++ Murali under the microscope The Sri Lankan off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan underwent tests on his action while delivering the 'doosra', the one that spins aw...

Cricket is BORING !
Real men participate in gladiator fights in the colloseum in Rome.

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