+++++++++++ The tests were conducted with the most up-to-date technology at the Biomechanics Laboratory of the School of Human Movement and Exercise Science at the University of Western...

Zimbabwe: A simple case of appeasement
The Zimbabwe crisis A simple case of appeasement Martin Williamson April 28, 2004 Four months ago, Des Wilson's 17-page blueprint for a new approach to tour...

watson returns to QLD 4_AAP_28APR2004.html

Zimbabwe out for 35
I find it strange that this hasn't drawn a comment. We're going to play a country that makes 35 in a home game against Sri Lanka, who rested three top players? Never mind the crap...

Watson to return to Queensland --------- Strapping Tasmanian cricket all-rounder Shane Watson is set to return to his home state of Queensland to play, it was reporte...

WTB: NTSC Cricket matches on dvd or vhs
I need cricket matches. I live in Canada and we SUCK someone hook me up with some good cricket.

foxtel and cricket
The current Australian Cricket Team's tours of Sri-Lanka and Zimbabwe are covered by the anti-siphoning list. So were the Australian Cricket Team's tours of the West Indies earlier in 1999, ...

re-what is a cheat?
In cricket terms someone that goes against the laws of cricket. Taking drugs on the prohibited list being one such case. Therefor Warnie is a cheat and it will always be on his record. Put t...

OT - Deep purple tickets
I have 4 Deep Purple tickets in the 2nd row for tonight's Melbourne concert that I cant use. Bloody amazing seats - face value of $150 each but open to offer due to late notice to...

What is a cheat?
Here is a dictionary definition "To violate rules deliberately" As Murali continues to bowl his doosra I will now say he is a cheat. Up to now I have considered that h...

Michael Roberts : About Technology, Bruce Elliott & the doosra
+++++++++++++++ ....This secrecy, this lack of transparency, must not be permitted and must not continue. The video footage and UWA report on Muraliís doosra-action must ent...

MacGill pulls out of Zimbabwe tour
A moral stand MacGill pulls out of Zimbabwe tour Wisden Cricinfo staff Stuart MacGill has pulled out of Australia's tour of Zimbabwe next month citing mora...

Botham vs Chappelli
Extracted from 'BOTHAM My Autobiography' - Don't tell Kath... +++++++++++++++ .... by the time I returned to England after the centenary Test, I had managed ...

Let 'em chuck
The WA Uni says the laws of the game are stupid. Let them stand at the 'bowlers' end and just chuck it.

It's all the umpire's fault says SL
Suggestion to SL: 1. Play within the rules. 2. Stop blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings. Slippery Sri Lank...

Make no mistake: Murali was found guilty of chucking
Let's hope they do the right thing and suspend him, instead of talking about changing the rules retrospectively. He has clearly profited by breaking the rules. He deserves to be punish...

It's official: Murali chucks
From "Tolerance levels were recently introduced by the ICC - although not into the...

Hi Aussies, Just wondering what the reaction has been, if any, on Harmison's performance against the Windies in the Aussie press. One-hit-wonder, or something special? ...

Blaming the messenger
SUNDAY APRIL 18, 2004 Sri Lanka's Broad complaint Sportal Sri Lanka has asked the International Cricket Council to ...

Has he or hasn't he been cleared?
SL is saying MM has been cleared by Elliot in Perth... Gilly was on 110% on Monday night and said that what he saw from footage of MM's bowling action during the testing it was nothing...

just testing to see if hadn't been overtaken by complete idiots & spam lately Muddy

need cricket help
i would like to know what are the most famous grounds in all the test playing nations. I know Lords is england's. Sabina Park for WI? not sure. can someone help m...

Lara gets the record
189.3 Batty to Lara, FOUR, outside leg, sweeps, and races away to fine leg, Lara is leaping, fisting the air, means so much to him Runs down the pitch, punching the air, jumps...

Lara to ReclaimThe Batting Record?
Although distasteful to me, he seems poised to do it. Appropriately against England, where he set the record earlier on, on a flat pitch with no result. It seems unlikely again that there wi...

Revealing the Eastern Perspective
Revealing the Eastern Perspective Dear Readers Are you all aware that All Europeans except for Finns and Hungarians, are the same race as Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis and N...

Murali Tests - Like a Poker Game
While playing poker one night I caught someone dealing from the bottom of the deck. I didn't say anything at the time but during a break in the game I pulled him aside and told him th...

Refotang AVI file
Large Refotang file about 1 meg...

Bravo Ricky Ponting!
For being Wisden's first ever Cricketer of the year! Was anyone else even in the running? Sultan

Wisden Cricketers of the Year - surely they jest?
What in the 'eck is 'arvey doing in there? Chris Adams Andrew Flintoff Ian Harvey Gary Kirsten Graeme Smith.

Ponting gets it wrong on Murali?
According to Baggy Green, Australia's playing 2 tests against Zimbabwe next month. Funny thing is, no-one seems to have told the captain.

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