Kaspa for the Test team?
Unless Lee takes a bag full of wks in the coming 3 day match, Kaspa has surely cemented a place in the test team. m w AVE econ sr MS Kasprowicz 3...

Kaspro must go!
His bum is too big for international cricket.

Cheering news for Marto fans
Oz batting averages after SL series. Name Mat I NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 Ct St A Symonds 5 5 3 211 53 105.50 0 1 0 0...

Katich Hmmm
All the calls for Katich to be given a chance where well founded.

Two matches
I'm cheering on one team in yellow that are batting and booing the other team in yellow that are batting. Cheers Chris

Pissing myself laughing
At Deano going on about Harvey not been in the side and just imagining the veins in Al's head nearly bursting as he rants and raves and throws things at the TV

Qld v Wa
what's happening? 1st 12 overs 0/100 next 12 overs 2/31 Cheers Cas

Jones dropping mystery solved
Having now had the opportunity to listen to the man live for extended periods it's become crystal clear that he was the third man in Aust history to be "officially" dropped, or not s...

Ranatunga says Warne shud hav been banned for Life!
And they are at it again..! +++++++++++ ..I don't agree with the punishment he got," Ranatunga said. "It should be permanent. If you take drugs, you should be banned for lif...

The Fourth ODI
Yes, Australia won. But in retrospect, it was a game Australia was fortunate to win- Sri Lanka lost it rather than Australia winning it. Australia should have made close to 300. I thou...

SL v Aust: 1st Test team
I wonder if the Fucken & EY Principle will get Roy and Kaspa into the 1st Test team? On precedence, you'd have to think so. Alvey's 1st Test XI 1 Haydos 2 Lang <...

Hooray for Australia. Hip hip.
Congrats to Australia for walloping the Ceylonese Pygmies in their own jungle! Bad luck Ceylon. You were all talk. Now let's bring on the tests. And Warney! ...

Interesting comparisons?
I was poking around on Cricinfo and noticed that 2 players have fairly similar records since the start of the VB series 13 12 2 279 63 42 40 27.90 0 1 3 & ...

What a farking joke
People having a go at Gilly because he walked. Christ, what a poor example you are.

Looks like absolute shit, give Katich a game for fucks sake.

Great knock...

A question for Queenslanders
I intend riding up to Brisbane this year for the A v NZ test match. Anyway is it worth buying tickets in advance or are there usually plenty available at the gate ? Where is the best place ...

Beyond a Joke
Does anyone else think that Gilchrist walking is beyond being fair. I doubt any umpire would have given him out in that last instance, he looked like getting no where near that ball, and he ...

Roy's in...

Well bowled Kasper
Kasper should stay in the side

Just saw Hayden standing waiting to come back on the ground, he was speaking to the other aussies on the side and reading his lips he was saying something about not being able to bat. I...

Murali Second
At the Bulli dogs - race seven. Muralitheran ran second to Super Ding. Hope this helps.

Murali sledging
Sri Lankan bowler Mutiyah Muralitharin has copped plenty from Australian crowds but nothing as inventive as taunting by English spectators on home soil during the recent Test series. <...

Questions for NSW fans
1. Why don't people from NSW clean their teeth regularly? Is this something to do with water quality down there? (having seen the floating turds on NSW beaches, perhaps I can understand it) ...

Gilchrist found guilty of dissent..Symonds cleared
http://news.ninemsn.com.au/Sport/story_52397.asp For the third time in three years Adam Gilchrist has been found guilty of dissent, this time for his protests during the Andrew Symonds' reca...

Ground capacity
I find it funny and would be keen to find other views on the matter. Every state other than Vic or NSW has always claimed that ground size should have nothing to do with games being schedule...

Cricket Videos
does anyone know where i can download video clips of cricket?

Just had a peek on what's been happening in the WC. Scotland 22 Australia 0/23 3.5 With 10 extras, only 12 Scottish runs were scored off the bat But we're out of the c...

The final ball
Can somebody explain to me why with 4 runs to tie the scores Symonds sent Bevan back when he began running back for the 4th.? What difference would it have made if he'd been runout?......

Gilchrist and Symonds facing dissent charges
For the farcical decision in the second game. How sillier can this get?

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